October 12, 2010

Like the Terminator


Hello there friends, sorry I've been so MIA! There have been many times I've wanted to come back to the blogging world but never got around to it. However, after some new blog stalking I have decided to try and jump back on the wagon.

Below please find my list of excuse for the lack of blogging:

1) I've been busy
2) Work is crazy now = less time for blogging
3) I got distracted by my new interest C
4) Happy to tell you C and I are doing well, been together for 3ish months
5) I realize this isn't a reason for being MIA but figured it was newsworthy
6) I have been super lazy about my home Internet and have gotten too frustrated when trying to blog at home
7) TV season is here so have been catching up on my shows at work instead of blogging (shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell my boss)
8) My life hasn't been too interesting so I haven't had much to report
9) Okay that's a semi-lie
10) I don't like my blog layout and have been lazy about fixing it

But, I'm back now kids so I hope you are ready to 'grab your gear' (heartNCIS) and jump back along for the ride.


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