October 27, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Many of the blogs I’ve been readingSLASHstalking participate in this awesome occurrence called “What I wore Wednesdays” (WIWW). Started by the talented author of the “Pleated Poppy” as a way to be ‘held accountable’ for her fashion choices, it has become a really interesting tool for finding new fashion statements for me.

One day soon, I will be brave enough to actually join. However I am still, for the sake of privacy, trying to keep this blog anonymous. BUT, I am tagging up and joining with a mini-post this week. This is only for one day; however there are two different outfits.

TWO OUTFITS in one work day, you ask? What are you a fashionista? Are you that vain? Do you work in NYC as a model? Oh, you humble me with such questions, but no, nothing so glamorous.

Actually, my two outfits are the product of something OPPOSITE of glamorous.

Behold Outfit #1:
Skirt: Victoria’s Secret
Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Nine West
Tape: Anderson Physical Therapy
Yep, you read and see correctly, TAPE! My ankles are taped circa college soccer 2004. This past summer I was having trouble with my calves and IT band because of overuse. After weeks of pain I finally went to the doctor who promptly told me “You need to SLOW DOWN and stop OVERUSING your body”! What?!?! I’m not 21 anymore, surely you jest Doc! Anyway, long story short I have been going to a Physical Therapist (WHO TOTALLY ROCKS MY SOCKS…or SHOES) and have finally been diagnosed with weak ankles. REALLY…weak ankles, how pathetic does that sound? But, in all fairness I have sprained both ankles more times than I can count playing soccer, especially in high school and college. These weak ankles have cause my calves to work double time and BOOM, super tight calves!
So, my treatment has become getting my ankles taped once a week before any athletic events, along with ankle exercises to strengthen my muscles. I have been doing this the past 3 weeks or so and have never had a problem. Cue yesterday. With the random NICE weather we have had here on the East coast, I was super excited to break my skirts back out and enjoy showing off my gams (hahah jk). Got ready in the morning, headed to PT in my shorts&Tshirt, packed my bag with said outfit to change into and BOOM!

---HELLOOOOOOOOOO taped ankles----
Despite the fact that my work is pretty casual there was NO WAY I was going to show up to work with tape on my ankles (My coworker K would have KILLED ME).

Behold Outfit #2:

Pants: Express
Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Nine West

NO TAPE, YAYSKI!!! I will now be paying more attention to the weather and will make sure to have at least ONE cup of coffee before I pack my bag for PT.

So, there is my WIWW mini-first edition. Please don’t laugh too much!


  1. Welcome! Cute outfits! I can relate to the taped ankles!

  2. Welcome to WIWW! It's funny that you said you were keeping your blog anonymous. Most of my family and friends don't know that I blog. It's not really a secret, I just don't advertise it. Hope your injury heals quickly!

  3. haha love this what i wore wednesday...might just have to steal it from ya! :)

    can i just say Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft is the BEST..awesome clothes that we (20 something year olds) can also wear when we are like 50!

    awesome blog! xoxo

  4. hee :) you have such a sharp wit, I love it! and nothing beats ankle tape for an accessory. so glad you are getting to enjoy some lovely weather in your neck of the woods, it is disastrously cold here, and in typical Idaho fashion crept up over night, no more showing off my gams ;) Hope to see more outfits next week, you're adorable!


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