May 14, 2019

She's Here! She's Here!

Yes, y'all, we have a baby. A GIRL as a matter of fact. YES, GIRL can you believe it?

Sweet babygirl was born on 4/18/19 and is just over three weeks old today. Crazy! If you had told me I wouldn't have blogged about her birth until now I would have laughed. I fully expected to have an announcemnt up the week she was born. 


- then the unexpected c-section happened.

- the brutal week one of recovery happened. 

- the hazing of newborn sleeping/eating happened.

- the very little milk happened. 

- the supplemental tube happened. 

- the tears over formula happened.

- the extra hands of family and friends that let me take naps happened. 

- the unsure of every new thing happened.

- the helping hands left happeneed. 

- the living every day by 2-3 hours at a time happened. 

- the sleeping while the baby sleeps happened. 

- the unexpected four hour car ride to Ohio with a 18 day old happened. 

- the multiple days in hospice and at Le Husband's grandmother's house happened. 

- the staying with family happened. 

- the drive home happened. 

And finally, the first weekend alone with baby happened. We celebrated Mother's Day very low key, beucase this mama couldn't really be far from baby right now. I am still able to breast feed with a supplemental tube and can pump, too. I don't have a lot of milk, which hurts my heart but that's where we are right now. Lil girl is growing and has started to look like a baby, not a newborn. 

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have read my birth story and gotten more of an idea regarding how life with baby started. It was 100% opposite of what I expected and has been tough to mentally deal with, but I'm slowly getting through. I hope to find a rhythm soon and thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and love. 


  1. oh my god! she looks adorable honey! congrts! aww i'm so happy for you!
    TheNotSoGirlyGirl // Instagram // Facebook

  2. You got this!! So happy for you - she is one lucky little girl having you for a Mama!!!! Enjoy this time she is little - don't waste any time stressing over what you expected things to be like - everything will be perfect since she has the Mama that was hand picked for her!!! It will go by at the blink of an eye. ..HUGS

  3. Sending all the hugs and love your way sweet friend. I'm so excited she's here even if it's been a bumpy road, and don't stress yourself out over the milk supply. The most important thing is she is getting some of your milk and what she needs to grow <3

    Green Fashionista

  4. I think its more common that births go exactly OPPOSITE of how you think it'll go... but glad your little sweetheart is here in your arms. Congrats momma!!

  5. one thing I learned - do not beat yourself up because of your milk supply. Or if you end up formula feeding. Or if you just don't want to BF. In the end, it makes no difference as long as baby is healthy, happy, fed and safe. Does K even know (or care) that she was formula fed? nope. So do what you can and if things don't work out, it is what it is.


  6. Congratulations mama! You're doing great! Sending love your way!

  7. Much love to you. Just a reminder - breastfeeding doesn't define the mother you are. (I feel like I have to say that because I've watched so many friends struggle through that journey.) You're amazing and so is little miss. Hugs.


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