The GIRL in P!NK

Hi!!! My name's Pinky and I'd like to welcome you
to the wonderful world of PINK PERSISTENCE!

Don't worry, I'm not usually a very serious person.

My family is MY LIFE and I am so blessed to have the
BEST family in the world.
[Known on my blog as the Brady Bunch]

 Mama B and Daddy raised us right
and they are my heroes in life.

Mama B


If you ever want to be entertained just sit back and watch the ridiculousness that is the 3 B sisters.
Me, SportySpice and Baby Spice
Learn the names, love the ladies.
We are ridiculous and love to have a good time
no matter what the occasion.

Are we too loud?
But, we ALWAYS have fun!

Family dinner in a restaurant? Gotta have crazy hats!

Even though I am the shortest, I am the oldest and am amazed at how gorgeous my sisters have become. They truly are my bestest friends in the world and I would be lost without them.
[Sorry I tried to get y'all adopted when we were younger]
Yes, we are crazy!
Babyspice, Sportyspice, Pinky
I've been a soccer player all of my life and was lucky enough to play in college at the Wood. I learned so much about myself in college and despite heartaches, hangovers and missed classes I wouldn't trade those 4 years for anything.

After college I moved back home, got a job, moved into an apartment with one of my best friends and partied like a rockstar. Those days were fun, but I'm old [big 3-0] now and can't hang with the crazy kids anymore. I enjoyed my days/nights of too little clothing, too much drinking and TOO MUCH FUN. While partying like a rock star I continued to play like an allstar on different indoor/outdoor soccer teams and renewed my love of the gym.

My circle of friends has expanded and changed throughout the past few years, but I can say with FULL confidence that I have some of the best friends in the world.

A few that I have known for years,
but many that I have met through my new sport of competitive kickball!
If you learn anything new from this blog, you will learn that
YES adults play competitive kickball
and we LOVE IT!

In 2010, I joined a new kickball team
 and met the LOVE of my LIFE, C!

He is everything I could ever want in a guy
and I am so happy I found my Mr. Right.

On September 7, 2013 we were married in a perfect ceremony
and enjoyed the perfect day celebrating with our family and friends.

I love:
Pink, sparkles, food [especially dessert], sports, soccer, kickball, going to the gym, reading a good book, movies, my friends and family, my boyfriend, having fun, my Dallas Cowboys, being loud, cooking/baking, Disney, blogging, making new friends and my Lord and Savior.

I loathe:
Feet, snakes, bugs, bumpy flights, spicy food, pepperoni, mean people, gossip mags, the deadskins, being in pain, rudeness, entiteld people, terrorists, fakeness, hypocrites and the devil.

I hope you enjoy my lil pink slice of the Internet.
 Please don't be shy, if you have any questions
shoot me an email at