December 15, 2017

Weekly Wins {Ten Days Until CHRISTMAS}

Are you ready? I think I am, mostly. I'm sure I've forgotten something though, it always happens. But, then that person gets extra because I buy something after sales, so kind of winning right? It was a long, busy week here, with not a lot of sleep, but it was also a good one too. On to the wins for the week, yay!

.:. SportySpice is on the East Coast aka HOME! YAY, wheeee! WAHOOOOOOOO!

.;. Today I'm flying up to DC to see family and cohost her baby shower. It is Santa Baby themed and we are oh so excited to celebrate Sportyspice and our lil baby niece. Some of my friends are coming up early to help and it will be a lovely afternoon for sure.

.:. Extreme gratefulness is the them of my heart even during the stress and bustle of everything this month. When I started writing my yearly recap I realized how far we have come since last year. A year in our home almost, wow! It's funny when you think about time, how short 365 days can seem when life moves at a happy clip. But when life is ever so hard, when days feel like years due to arduous work and stress it is easy to sink into the 'stuck in the weeds forever' feeling. Broken record, I know, but those of you dealing with tough times keep your chin up, okay? It will get better, I am living, breathing proof.

.:. Multiple glasses of hot cocoa were consumed this week. Glorious indulgence during the festive season. January with come soon enough, but for now, I'm enjoying delicious cocoa when I want.

.:. Management sided with me regarding the stolen class situation and I'm so thankful to be so supported. I honestly try to do my best to get along with everyone, support the team, while being someone people can count on all the time, so having someone go behind my back [again] totally through me for a loop. Knowing where I stand at my gym and being valued is amazing.

.:.Today is double payday, WOOOOOOP

.:. Le Husband finished making my Christmas card holder and I'm so stoked. Pictures to come next week because I still need my little clothespins. Any ideas, friends?

Wishing you an awesome weekend before Christmas. Catch you Monday, lovelies! < 3

December 14, 2017

Year in Review { Jan, Feb, March }

Through the course of this blog's history, December has been used to quarterly recap the previous year. Last year was a bit of a wash in blogland after our move, which didn't leave much to recap. Our 2016 was basically PREP for the move, VISIT Europe, MOVE, freak out when things didn't happen the way we expected and SCENE!

This year has been tough, but better. Blogging still took a major backseat to life at the beginning of the year, so not too many posts to recap. However, there were quite a lot of THINGS that happened at the beginning of 2017.

J  A N U A R Y

I adapted a new mantra after months of things not working out.

We BOUGHT A HOUSE! Following months of losing out on rentals and weeks of dealing with banks [ugh, why?] we signed off on our fabulous home and began the process of home ownership. #itallworksout
Welcome to OUR HOUSE! [gosh I look so tired from work!]

House renovations + financial worries + a job I hated + no sleep = a dark pinky

I attended an advanced training for BODYPUMP and started to find a rhythm with life.


I interviewed for, was offered and ACCEPTED A NEW JOB. It was an answer to so many nights of prayers. 


My body gave me a WAKE UP moment and I had to practice some self care.

The beginning of 2017 was great [HOUSE] yet still dark [job] and I'm so thankful to be SO HAPPY in December. I know I've said it a lot, but looking back has me realizing how hard it was last year and how grateful I am to be here now.

December 13, 2017

What I'm Listening To {December}

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Christmas music. We all have the songs we love this time of year and below are some I listen to over and over whenever I'm needing some extra Christmas cheer. 

Nutcracker {Snowflakes, Waltz of the Flowers, Arabian Dance}

What are your favorite Christmas tunes?

December 11, 2017

10 Things I'm Doing In December

1. Decking the halls and breathing in the Christmas cheer. After our tough December last year I'm finding this season so much brighter and delightful. My goal is to reach out to those who might have less of a lovely month because I know how tough it is to feel lost at Christmas.

2. Walking outside in the snow and feeling grateful I'm no longer in a job where SNOW is a bad thing.

3. Being brave and taping FOUR auditions to send to LMUS. #fingerscrossedforme

4. Coaching/demoing multiple BOOTCAMP classes a week, on top of my regular class schedule. Soft launch is in January so we have to be ready for members ASAP. Lots to learn, but I'm optimistic.

5. Trying out a 'Dip Manicure' to have pretty nails, that last, this holiday season.

6. Staying up way later than normal to help Le Husband finish up painting and organizing the upstairs. He decided he needed to use up vacation and even though it makes me exhausted I know it will be amazing in the long run.

7. Indulging in extra sweets, hot cocoa, savory bites and lots of adult beverages. Tis the season.

8. Attempting to stay on track with food during the week, because January.

9. Heading home for the weekend to throw Sportyspice a baby shower. I am super excited, it's going to be so cute, and I can't wait to celebrate my little niece. Oh, and also do an early Christmas with my family.

10. Spending Christmas with Le Husband's family in Ohio. I can't wait to relax, eat yummy food, drink delicious beverages, snuggle little nephews and hang out with family. Holly JOLLY and ho ho ho!

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December 8, 2017

Weekly Wins {Fa La La La La Edition}

Fa la la la la, Friday's here! You with me, friends? Only two more Fridays until Christmas, weeeee and whoa. The days have been slow recently, but the weeks are just flying bye in a blink. Might be all the things I have on my plate right now, ha. Honestly, all of the hustle bustle has me quite joyous and seeing things from an even more optimistic perspective this week.

Weekly wins for the first week of December include:

|| Y'alls kind words on my post yesterday. I put a lot of heart and time into writing it, for you, but, mostly for me. I remember the heartache of last year so vividly and I try to be 100% transparent in the good and the bad. To those who mentioned they were in a dark place, know I'm praying for you and sending you so much love this season.

|| I dropped our Christmas cards off in the mail on Tuesday, woohoo. Still waiting on a few addresses and getting to the post office for Canadian postage, however I feel I can say cards are sent. Now begins the fun of the daily mail call.  

|| This week is a demo launch of BOOTCAMP and my first BOOTCAMP DEMO went extremely well.  I co-coached with a fellow fitness instructor and our energy was contagious. All of our participants worked hard, made it through the workout and had such kind words to say at the end. BOOTCAMP has been a lot of work and I'm grateful to be reaping a bit of reward this early. Fingers crossed for Saturday. 

|| Thursday night Le Husband and I took T-Bone out to dinner and he actually let us pay for it, shocker. He's big on treating us so it was rewarding to pay the bill. We also did a few chores around his house and finally set his email up correctly. Oh and he taught me the coolest way to bring water to a boil without electricity. #science

|| I thwarted someone trying to steal my class on Thursday and felt very smug the manager of the gym backed me instead of the other person. I do my best to stay away from drama but this dude keeps bringing it on himself and I'm tired of it. Vindication for the win!

|| Our house is 90% put back together after a week of disaster mess. Le Husband had to use up some vacation time so he decided he would paint the upstairs and depopcorn ceiling our bedroom. Yes, two weeks before Christmas. Yes four days before I'm having people over. YES, I KNOW! But now it is done and the house feels so much more complete. 

|| During the upstairs purge I found my candle warmer and have been using it with our Christmas tree scented candle. Our house smells sooooo delicious and festive it makes me smile every time I walk in the door. And so does all of our decor, it's just so cozy!

Hope your week went well and you enjoy a lovely weekend. Mine is filled to the brim with BOOTCAMP classes, subbing BODYATTACK, organizing the house and hosting a small casual get together with some fitness friends. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, see you on MONDAY!

December 7, 2017

We Found Our Christmas This Year {What's New With You}


If I had to change my blog tag line it would be "what a difference a year makes". Seems every time I come here to write something deep about my life that phrase shows up. Right now, I find myself thinking it over and over, multiple times a day. I'm so grateful to be 365 days away from the end of 2016.

Last year, oh man, what a perfectly awful December. My life was day in day out 'Where Are You Christmas?' on repeat. It was dark. And sad. And lonely. And just gosh darn horrible. Both Le Husband and I were stuck in jobs we couldn't stand and we still hadn't found a place to live. My aunt and uncle gave us NO grief, nor made us feel in the way, but celebrating the holidays in someone else's home is super tough. Our timeline of three months [HAAHAHAHA] had extended to six. I cried multiple nights going to sleep because it wasn't supposed to be THIS WAY.

My job was a month old, yet I found myself drowning daily. Changes in policy, changes in merchandise, changes in memberships, changes in pricing, changing in personal, all happening in a single day frayed my nerves to nothing. My first December weekend I received a call at 0300 because someone didn't show up for their next shift and the buck stopped with me. So I had to drive to the gym to cover the 0300 - 0600 shift. I cried driving out there. I cried sitting in the office. I also vowed to never have the experience again. It was terrible and the weekend was lost. And then my friend was killed in a car accident, bringing a tidal wave of emotions and more darkness.

Our marriage was at it's lowest point last year, too. We were tired of nothing working. Le Husband was tired of his job's drama, while also being tired of me complaining and crying all the time. He's an amazing man, though comforting is not his forte. He also was experiencing what I call 'the man's worth crisis' because we were still in someone else's home. Which made him angry about circumstances and when I didn't want to look at homes online or drive around when I got home from work he'd get so annoyed with me, causing arguments. Christmas cheer was so hard to find, there was a lot of faking. So much time spent pretending to be happy to people while silently feeling like a failure and feeling so incredibly lost.

Then came the house. Then came the new job. Then came more sleep. More joy. More time. Most importantly MORE LIFE!

What's new with us this December? So much goodness. I know longer work a job I can't stand because it makes me cry with unpredictability. Call me a baby, but those six months were some of the toughest, darkest months of my life. My current job is not where I see myself much longer than a year, but it gives me stability. It gives me peace of mind [usually]. I am allowed to walk out the door and not think about work until the next day. I sleep. I take vacation. I am actually bored, YES!

We are in our home. OUR.HOME. Something we'd wanted for years but waited to buy in Virginia. Something so close, yet so unattainable in 2016. Then came the one visit and the moment we knew. This was it, this is our home. Which is decorated for Christmas, making it so cozy. Not everything is done or put away, Le Husband is currently painting our upstairs, but it is livable and lovely. Pictures below are snapshots taken last night. Nothing fancy, just moments. Christmas cheer is everywhere and I'm basking in the glow of our Christmas tree lights and candles.

Just typing OUR Christmas tree has me tearing up a bit. You might call me a bit dramatic or emotional but this month is bringing out all the feels. That's what's new with me. My joy of the season is back. My love of the holidays has returned. I can feel the jolly. I can say without faking "Merry Christmas"! I can read posts on blogs, Facebook and Instagram without feeling hollow inside. We have finally reached A YEAR LATER and it has never felt soooooo good to be on the other side of a year. If you are struggling, I get it. All my love and hugs to you. If you're on the other side with me, I cheers you, we did it. 

Thank you so much, friends for supporting me. To each and everyone of you reading, I appreciate you sticking with me and reaching out when it was dark. Your friendships mean more than you know and sometimes just a 'hang in there' got me through the day. So much love and lots of Christmas cheer to you!

December 6, 2017



lighting christmas tree scented candles and the tree every evening.
spending money on a few extra presents and time with those I love.
choosing to be in the moment and cherish our first Christmas in our first home.
sending Christmas cards and happy wishes.
singing carols upon Christmas songs upon carols.
loving the hustle and bustle and happiness.
hoping those who have lost loved ones still find joy through their grief.
wishing everyone a fantastically wonderful Christmas.
anticipating seeing family for the Christmas season and enjoying a few days of relaxation.

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