October 31, 2014

All Hallows Eve Fun

Helllllllllooooooooooooo, Friday. Thank you so much for showing up, this week as been insanely busy with multiple things each night, so now I'm ready for the weekend. Today is the last #Blogtober14 prompt so, you know I'm linking up. But, you also know that I can't go without linking up with my standard Friday linkups, so today is a bit of a mish mash. Since I'm not going out for Halloween this year, I thought I would share my five favorite Halloween costumes.


1] Mario & Luigi: My roommate & created these costumes, the year before they became popular. We bought the fabric, sewed the jumpers, made the buttons, hats and question mark box for our purses and then bought the rest. I loved how they turned out and the fact I could still use the shoes and shirt. All night long we said 'POWER UP' and everyone thought it was awesome!

2] Three Wise-men Shot [Johnny Walker Black]: This was my first foray into intensely homemade costumes and while it was a lot of work the results were completely worth the effort. All night we were complimented on our creativity and I enjoyed being a walking billboard for an alcoholic beverage. I also got a free shot, woohoo. Thankfully the weather was nice that night, otherwise I would have been a drink on the rocks.

3] Baseball player: The first Halloween Le Husband and I spent together we had only been dating three+ months, so no way were we buying a couples costume. But, our kickball team was going out so we decided to try and throw something together, in the eleventh hour. Somehow we landed on me being a college baseball player [since he was an assistant coach] and he would go as the morning after girl. It was HILARIOUS, but I'm not going to post a picture of Le Husband in a skirt here, because he'd kill me for sure. Not only did we pull of a fun costume, I was the most comfortable I'd ever been on Halloween. #baseballpantsforthewin

4] Mackenzie from Toddlers and Tiaras: This was hands down one of the most fun costumes to wear and one that every girl knew upon sight. I was able to repurpose a birthday dress as my 'beauty' dress and the rest came together quite nicely. Sportyspice did an amazing job as my mother and the tan line streak was a huge hit. Of course, that Halloween it decided to snow so it was a bit chilly in the beginning but we made it work. BTW, posing, doing cupcake arms and making beauty faces all night is a lot of fun!

5] Despicable Me [Agnes]: Our first FAMILY costume project was the year before Le Husband proposed, but I knew he was the one when he let me dress him as Gru. Despicable Me is a family favorite and so naturally the three sisters wanted to dress up as the cute lil girls, but we knew no one would recognize us without our Gru. Enter Le Husband. We threw this costume together in a week and I think it turned out pretty nicely don't you?!?

What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes? Which costume of mine do you think was the best? Which do you think I could pull off again?

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I can't sign off today without wishing my beautiful friend, JANNA, a happy, happy birthday! Wishing you a day just as fabulous and wonderful as you. I loved our blate, way back when and hope to see you soon soon soon! Love you sweet friend! xoxo

psdotcom: Stay safe tonight, friends. Dress up, act dumb and enjoy your drinks but make sure you have a buddy and look out for your friends. I want everyone to get home safe, okay?!?! xoxo

October 30, 2014

Who Do You Think I Am?

Yesterday I posted my 'Lovely Blog' answers but forgot to include, "I'm not very good at looking ahead and planning", because today's #Blogtober14 prompt is "Facts About Me"! So, I hope you don't mind learning more about me, even though I'm not that interesting ;)!

:: I crack my neck, back and fingers multiple times a day.

:: I didn't break 100 pounds until I was a sophomore in college.

:: I hate having dirty hands. If I'm eating ANYTHING messy [burger, fried/roasted chicken, wings] I'll wipe my hands every time I set the food down. You can imagine HOW many napkins I go through because of this issue.

:: The sound of people clearing their throat or sniffling heavily makes me literally gag.

:: My right pirouette turns are much better than my left turns.

:: While I can follow the most complicated of recipes, I can't boil rice correctly.

:: I weigh 5-10 more pounds than you think I do.

:: I can quote 90% of Disney movies from heart.

:: My spicy food tolerance is that of a toddler aka non existent.

:: I am a fiercely loyal individual. Once I deem you part of my tier one group, I'll protect you with the tenacity of a pit bull. There may be arguments and fights along the way, but once your in my circle of trust, you're stuck with me for life :)!

:: The chicken pox scars on my forehead make me extremely self conscious as the most random times.

:: I can't touch paper after I wash my hands unless I put lotion on them.

:: Dishes can't be left in the sink overnight, I have to clean them before bed.

:: My lucky numbers are 3, 9, and 21.

October 29, 2014

One {Lovely} Blog

I was nominated by Carly from Musings of a Wanderer and Dorie from Bear Den Plantation, for the One Lovely Blog award, last week, so I'm answering the questions today. Thanks, ladies!

Here  are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Add the Lovely blog award logo onto your post/blog.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire/read and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

*Seven facts about Pinky*

[1] I didn't drink my freshman year of college. I was too scared of being that good girl who drank one drink and did something stupid and got in trouble so I decided not to try any alcohol. It made for interesting initiations on the the soccer team, but I enjoyed being the team mom or group mom to my friends. I finally decided to drink my sophomore year, once I felt comfortable at my school.

[2] Everyone thinks I'm the youngest sister, even though I'm the oldest.

[3] I hate the taste and smell of curry and will omit it from any recipe.

[4] One of my superstitions is touching the outside of the airplane before I board.

[5] I can't sleep without socks on my feet.

[6] I've never broken a bone, but have scars from stitches on my right ankle and chin.

[7] Before Lasik, my eye sight was -8.0 in each eye. Yes, blind as a bat, incredibly thankful for Lasik.

I know the rules say to nominate 15 bloggers, but I have so many amazing blogs I want to nominate that I don't want to choose just 15. So, you, yes you, reading this post now, I NOMINATE YOU for the Lovely Blog Award! Can't wait to read all of the fun facts about y'all!

October 28, 2014

A Doozy

Oh man, was yesterday a doozy. It involved a two a day workout that crushed me, but I'm finally back in the saddle again, thank goodness. The newest release for body pump is INSANE, good but insane and I then got after it with Le Husband at the gym after work.

Then it was off to a fun, sister, DUCK dinner with our regular crew. I've been craving duck for the past few months and we finally got the dinner on the calendar. It was so fun catching up with our friends, who we've know for the past 22 years. We're all busy girls, but we were finally able to make dinner work. #delish #sogood #wanttogobacknow.

Dinner after the gym was late enough, but I didn't stop there. Once dinner was over it was off to the bar to meet friends for MNF. Normally I don't partake in drinking during games, but last night I needed some wine to take the edge off.

WOOF, that was a tough loss. A doozy of a loss, I might add. I don't know what happened to our team, but I do know that I didn't go in cocky, like other fans. Cowboys/Redskin games are always a toss up and last night we took our turn for the worst. While it sucks, we'll dust ourselves off and move on and hopefully get a win next week against the Cardinals.

I enjoyed the evening, despite the rude, vulgar comments from bandwagon skins fans. I do love the banter that comes along with being a Cowboys fan in DC [Jessie, our email chain last night was awesome], because usually it's all in fun and with fans that know their stuff. Last night, freaks came out though. People who hadn't posted all week about the game had statuses claiming they KNEW their team would win and celebrating the injury of Tony Romo. I don't care who you are, but if you rejoice seeing someone get hurt on an athletic field, your mama and daddy didn't raise you right.

I will still continue to rock my jersey with pride, just as I did at work yesterday. I'm a Cowboys fan, through and through and will stick with my team through the wins and the losses. We still have the overall series record of 64-45 agaisnt the Skins, so I'll take it with a smile.

#Blogtober's prompt is all about superstitions. I don't have many, but I do have a few. Most of them have to do with sports, either being a fan or actually playing the game. I only have a few real life superstitions.

Before any athletic event, I put my right shoe on first.

Breath in and out three times before start of game.

Close eyes at 'Rockets Red Glare' of national anthem.

Hands up in basketball for a free throw.

I don't step on grates or cracks on the sidewalks.

I throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.

I make people take back bad things [death threats, sick jokes]. Literally, they have to say "I take it back".

I knock on wood.

October 27, 2014

I Give A Donkey

This weekend was made up of…

… a four hour kickball practice.

… Saturday afternoon nap time, my new favorite tradition.

… two books finished on my kindle.

… Consecration Sunday, where I was reminded of how blessed I am and how grateful I should be today. #Igivefreely #Igiveadonkey

… Finding new, FREE coffee mugs.

… Gym time.

… A soccer championship game…where we lost…#dagger

… Watching the Eagles lose. #cheersforbeingtheonly5and1teamleftinthenfceast

… Prepping for the week and finding my Cowboys jersey to wear at work today! Sorry, I'm not sorry Jessie! ;)

LET'S GO COWBOYS! Beat the deadskins!

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#Blogtober says "write a letter to your younger self", so today, I am doing just what I'mm told.
Two year old Pinky, via home movie. #soyoungsocutesoscared
Dear young Pinky,

You don't know me, but I'm you, in the future. I'm writing you a note for my blog. Yes, I said blog, and yes it's cool, don't judge. You'll make some amazing friends, learn about yourself, deal with drama and feel creative because of this blog, so don't knock it till you try it, okay?

Right now I'm 31, married, crazy in love and traveling the country playing kickball. Yes, kickball, but that's another story for another day. Life is good, it's really, really good and there are so many things going for you right now.

If I were to write this letter five years ago, I would tell you to change so many things. To try different jobs, to move away just because and to party more and sleep less. But, now I realize if you had changed ONE THING, you might not be where you are today. You may be married later in life than expected, but you're happy, so stinking happy and your wedding day was absolutely perfect.

While you won't be thrilled with your job, you will be so grateful that you make really good money and have amazing benefits and vacation plan. You'll be able to take seven mission trips with your vacation and you'll be able to travel across the USA, with your husband, to play kickball for money.

Dear Pinky, enjoy your fast metabolism while you still have it. Come age 25, it's dunzo. Gone. You'll start dealing with weight gain drama most college students deal with, which is nice that it's later in life, but it's still a tough pill to swallow. While you're enjoying your genes, learn to like whole, unprocessed foods earlier in life, because it will make a ton of difference as you age. Mama B was right, the stinker.

Speaking of Mama, the bond that your family forms when you grow older is amazing. Cut you parents slack when they stress you out, because they will be there for you time and time again. To move you, to and from college and to and from different apartments and they will just be there with an extra $20 when you need it or they'll find you that new car you've been wanting. Remember all the things they've taught you about money, it will come in handy. When your Dad asks you to think about investing, tell him "I WANT TO DO IT NOW", because he really is on to something.

You won't believe me, reading this now, but your sisters will turn into your best friends. They will become your maids of honor and will be the first people you want to talk to when things go right/wrong. Just remember to let them grow at their own pace. You're three+ years older than they are, so allow them time to experience life, their way. Just be there to pick up the pieces when they choose wrong.

Wrong, that's a heavy word. You'll encounter a lot of wrong in your life, but don't stress too much. There will be horrible stories in the news, mean boys, mean girls, rude bosses and coworkers, and work situations that just make you want to cry. Go ahead and cry, but keep moving forward. It will take you longer than I'd like to admit, but you'll soon learn that sometimes people are just wrong for you and that it's okay to remove them from you're life. Be ready to deal with some ridiculous bs from extremely petty people, but know that you're doing what's right for you and those that matter will know the truth.

Don't let the world turn you cynical before you're ready. Keep that warm, smiling heart of yours open and always keep your engaging smile. People will look to your energy, positive attitude and joy more than you know, so don't let a grumpy world break you down.

Have fun! Enjoy kissing silly boys, but keep more kisses than you give, because one day your husband will be the only one you want to kiss. Indulge in too much drinking, but always be safe. Look out for your friends, even if they say 'they're fine'. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for enjoying your nights in at home. Waking up not hungover is such a great feeling. Trust your gut and say YES to that kickball team in DC. Call your grandparents more often than you really think you should. One day, your amazing Mo will be gone and it will be way too soon. It's something you'll never get over, so take the extra time to make the calls and write the letters.

Your life is what you make it, sweet lady, so rock it out! Keep it happy and of course, keep it pink!

Love, sparkles and pink glitter,

October 24, 2014

Pug-skin, Nuts and Mounds

HI, FRIDAY! I'm so glad you're here. Lead us into the weekend with a smile, won't you? Even if you won't, I'm going to do my best to make my friends [hi y'all] laugh or smile in this post, you ready?!?

Favorite tweet of the week: A PUG-SKIN latte, I can't even!
Favorite are you kidding moment this week: This is a stall in the restroom at my work. In case the plastic covering wasn't enough, the sign CLEARY states "DO NOT USE"! Ummmmm…am I missing something?!?

Favorite quote of the week: It's easy to hate the world and everyone on a bad day, we've all been there. But, I'm going to strive to be kinder to everyone on my next bad day, because the world deserves kindness.
Favorite pin of the week: I love yoga, but sometimes my wrists get sore with all the down dogging and planks. I'm so thankful to have found this pin, to help me figure out the correct hand pressure points to prevent wrist strain. #morehappyyoga
Favorite funny of the week: Almond boys have nuts…Mounds girls don't ;)! #wellplayedparents
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Have a fabulous day and a kicking weekend friends!

October 23, 2014

Happy Life {Advice}


Since yesterday was spent talking about things that grind my gears, I thought today I'd reverse {reverse} [chachaslideanyone]. Today is all about things that make for happy moments, creating happy days, creating a happier life. Here's some happy life advice!

Slip into bed with FRESH, clean sheets, right out of the dryer.

Curl up with your favorite blanket and a good book on a rainy, s t o r m y day.

Write a letter to a friend/family member, just because.

Buy yourself the flowers.

Plan an impromptu picnic, inside our outside. Don't forget the napkins!

Schedule a weekly DANCE[it]OUT party for yourself. Shake your groove thing and smile.

Take a long, after dinner walk on a warm summer's eve.

Set an alarm five minutes earlier than normal and use that time to cuddle with your main squeeze.

List out five things that were great about your day.

Turn off the phone, shut the computer and get lost in your favorite TV show.

Make the change today, that you always say you are going to make. No time like the present.

Sit outside and just watch the clouds roll by and change.

I   N   D   U   L   D   G   E in the nap.

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