December 17, 2014

Year in Review {April, May, June}

Hello and happy seven days until Christmas. Golly goodness, it's truly right around the corner. One measly week away, I can hardly stand the excitement. Today I'm sharing round two of my year end recaps. The middle of the year lots of things were happening and we continued our multiple trips a month for kickball and family fun.

Re-posted my engagement pictures as a throw back.

Shared a heartbreaking post about my grandmother's death anniversary.

After years of patiently waiting, I finally met my BOFF! She flew in from Dallas for the weekend and it was EPIC! We celebrated my bday, had dinners, went to church and had a blast together. It was so wonderful meeting her and it solidified our soul-mate status.The weekend was too short, but it was AMAZING and one for the books!!!


Rejoiced in the rising of our Savior, on Easter weekend.

Finally dropped a huge stressful and negative weight in my life. #neverfeltbetter #youcantryandspinit #buteveryoneknowsthetruth #copycatsthattalksmackmakemelaugh

Flew to Austin for our third kickball tournament of the year. This time the sissys joined us and we had a blast in the city. Unfortunately, the tournament ended badly and started a big of a spiral on our team. However, the trip was fantastic!


Started the month feeling inferior about my body and weight. #dumbIknow

Was saddened to learn that Super Teddy lost his fight with Menkes and went to be with God. Even though I never knew him or his family, I bawled when I heard the news. Fly HIGH, Super Teddy!
Traveled to Kent State for Le Husband's baseball reunion weekend. It was super cold, even the native Ohioans thought it was chilly for May. I bought two sweatshirts from the book store to stay warm and a hat to support the flashes. We toured the campus, saw the May 4th shooting memorial, watched a lot of baseball and had a great time with his teammates.

There was a huge shake-up at work that left me a lil nervous. It was something I kind of felt was coming, but when it happened it was a shock. Things are okay now, but it was a bit nerve racking at the time.

I confessed my thoughts on marriage and it was hilarious.

We traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate Memorial weekend with Le Husband's family.

Posted about lifting, because I saw too many women just doing cardio! WEIGHTS ARE YOUR FRIENDS!


Played in and WON our first Women's tournament as a team. It was an eye opening weekend, for sure.

Traveled to PA for a kickball tournament. It went realy poorly and there was a lot of drama because of people's lack of drive. Le Husband and I almost walked away from the team. 

Got GEEKED about the World CUP!
Seven days after our horrific defeat, the team traveled to VA Beach and stomped the competition. We managed to get back to our roots and WON the tournament. #anythingcanchangeinsevendays

Watched the USA BEAT GHANA IN THE WORLD CUP! It was one of the greatest sports moments of my life when we scored both goals and then celebrated at the end of the game. EPIC BAR MOMENT!

Ventured down to SOMD to play in a kickball tournament with my BFFER and watched the USA play again.

Posted my first coffee date.

Secretly started our Alaskan vacation, without giving blog land the heads up!

Come back next week for July, August and September!!!!


    My lil bit of cheer was finally watching The Holiday this season. It's become one of my favorite movies and I fall in love with the cast every time I watch it. Jude Law is perfection, isn't he?

December 16, 2014


Morning, y'all! Today I'm linking op for the last installment of the holiday linkup! Come play, won't you?

Like most, Christmas is my favorite holiday to celebrate. I love all celebrations, but I adore Advent and Christmas. Everything twinkles a lil more, sparkles a lil brighter and people are kinder than normal. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas truly is the best time of year :)! Below are some of my FAVORITES of the Christmas season!

{ T h e  F e s t i v e  D e c or }
Homes are so pretty when they are decorated for Christmas. I'm obsessed with Christmas trees, sparkly lights and beautiful, rustic touches. I can't wait to have a big home to decorated. Below are some of my favorite decorations.

*Wooden Signs*
*Sparkly Entryway Tables*

*The ornaments*

*The lights*

{ T h e T r a d i t i o n s }
Our family is big on traditions. We have special things for each holiday and growing up I remember all the fun that Christmas brought to our home. Le Husband and I have started a few of our own, since we began dating, but they are all the more special now that we are married.I can't wait to start my own family traditions when we have kids. What are some of your favorite traditions? I LOVE MY TRADITIONS OF:

{Family Photo-shoots}


{ Binge Watching of A Muppet's Christmas Carol }

{ Children's Pageant at Church}

{ Wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery}

{ The Nutcracker }

{ Yearly Date Night at the National Tree }

{ T h e M u s i c }
Christmas music is the best music of the year. Whether it's Christmas Carols at church or Christmas music on the radio, everything sounds so beautiful. I love listening to the classical station, along with the secular radio station for all the fun music. What are some of your favorite songs? MY FAVORITES OF THE SEASON ARE:

{ T H E C O O K I E S }
Who doesn't love to eat cookies? If you don't, I'm sorry, because you're missing out this time of year. I can't pick a favorite, they all are soooooo tasty. I'm a big fan of sugar cookies and of course, anything chocolate too.
Sugar cookies with caramel kisses and hugs!

{T h e C h r i s t m a s C a r d s}

I love Christmas cards. They are one of the bestest things about the season. I love mail in December, because every day I'm getting a new card. I sent cards out, before I was married, but man I love designing our cards, as a wife.

I adored our card last year, as it was our first card together and included the Married Christmas tagline. We have it framed now, and will display it each Christmas as part of our decor.

2014 was our year of travel and I really wanted to highlight the different trips we took. I included pictures form our Alaskan adventure, our honeymoon in Canada, various kickball tournaments, Easter here at home and of course our one year anniversary in DC. I loved how the mountains and majestic views still came across in the card and the silly kickball pictures are soooooo us! Without further adieu, here is our 2014 Christmas card!
Front. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and a Happy New Year! < 3 Pinky & Le Husband!

Back. Each card included a hand written message about the places we traveled and a blessed Christmas wish.
WOW! This time of year is packed, isn't it? Thanks for hosting such a fun linkup, ladies! Nine days, who's ready?!



My lil bit of cheer today, is an impromtu dinner date I had last night with my daddy. Mama B was out of town this weekend, so the three sisters made sure Papa Bear was taken care of when we could. ;)! We had a great dinner full of yummy food and good conversation. I'm a lucky girl, indeed!

December 15, 2014

Weekend and Year in Review {January, February, March}

Morning and happy ten days until CHRISTMAS! Sorry if I freaked you out, but I'm pretty stinking excited we're so CLOSE to Christmas day. December has been flying by, but I've been making a big attempt at making each day intentional, so the season doesn't just pass by in a frenzy. 

This weekend I

::: Went on a dinner double date with fun friends. We had a groupon for 16 oz of steak each, plus a salad and wine. It was a wonderful evening, that ended with four bottles of wine consumed. #oops #onebottleperperson #latecollegeesquenight.

::: Woke up early to lay wreaths on the graves of Arlington Cemetery with the sissys. This movement has grown a ton in the past few years and there were so many people helping this year. People were incredibly generous, so every grave had a wreath. #generosity #america #wreathsacrossamerica.

::: Witnessed the most amazingly, beautiful sight. #thankyou #sleepinheavenlypeace

::: Whispered thank you to every grave I met. 

::: Visited Shane's grave, to say thank you. I've blogged about this before, but in case you hadn't read, one of my college friends was killed in Iraq in 2006. We weren't super close, but he was an incredible man and made an impact on my life. #nevermetastranger #kia #americanhero

::: Met Shane's family at his grave. They had come to visit hime and decorate his stone and was still there when I went to pay my respects. I was incredibly moved talking to them and almost lost it when his father cried talking about the last time he saw his son. #heartbreaking 

::: Thanked his family for raising such an incredible, American hero. I told them that I visited his grave every year and they were touched, which made me happy. I want them to know that their son is not forgotten. Speaking to them was an extremely poignant moment, one that I will remember forever.

::: After wreaths, I went home, took a nap and then watched the Army-Navy game. I really thought Army was going to get it done this year, but sadly, we lost again. One day we will SING SECOND! #goarmybeatnavy!

::: Rocked my new fur vest, TWICE this weekend. No judgement, please. I was just super stoked to have two occasions to wear my new favorite piece of my wardrobe. I dressed it up on Saturday night with a black top and sparkly pearls and dressed it down with a long sleeved pink shirt with a simple, long necklace on Friday night. Both times I wore my hair 'up', with soft eyes and a bright lip. #notafashionblogger #fauxfurisfun

::: Played soccer, prepped lunches, cleaned the apartment and watched Christmas movies.

Linking up with these beautiful ladies today < 3


My lil bit of cheer today is this can of Coke. I'm not a soda drinker, but will indulge in a Coke every now and then for a special occasion. Santa makes the extra sugar worth it this time of year, right?


Today I'm also joining in the RECAP fun. I saw this on Oyla's blog and immediately jumped on the bandwagon. Fun new link up, posts about my year aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand prizes? Sign me up! This post is a week late, but oh well. I'll just be posting two, this week!

J a n u a r y

Celebrated the New Year with my HUSBAND!!!!

Finished recapping my wedding on the blog with the OOOPS files!

Celebrated Le Husband's birthday.

Learned about sweet, lil Teddy Fish and his battle with Menkes. Prayed for his family and shared the message as much as I could. Sent in a picture to be included in his video. #FUMENKES
F e b r u a r y

Celebrated and obsessed about the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. #USA #redwithandblue
Worked from home on a few snow days, woop!

Enjoyed the year anniversary of our engagement.

Opened the kickball season with our first tournament of the year in Ft. Lauderdale.

Showered Sportyspice in love for her birthday! 

M a r c h

Celebrated six months of married bliss.

Spent a [wasted] weekend with one of my best friends trying to save the party for another friend. We made the fun, just a shame our efforts weren't appreciated.

Shared a bit about why Kickball means so much to me and Le Husband.

Flew to Atlanta for our second kickball tournament of the year and my first women's tournament.

Wrote a post about living a better life.

Come back later this week for my April, May, June recaps! :)

December 12, 2014

I'm So Not Ready for the Weekend…#saidnooneever

Hello and happy Friday. You know I'm ready for the weekend and I'm excited for everything on the agenda. Gym, double date, wreaths at Arlington cemetery, Christmas parties, good food and a soccer game. FUN times bazillion! Let's get into some faves, yeah?! #lego!

Favorite Recipe of the Week: I saw this hot cocoa recipe on another blog and I can't wait to try it this weekend. Who wants to try it with me?!?! #nutellamakeseverythingmoredelicious
Favorite Realization of the Week: Macaulay Culkin was in the Nutcracker! NO LIE! I was watching one of the hundred versions out there and about fell out of my chair when I saw Macaulay's lil face. He is sooo cute, despite the fact he wasn't a dancer and the whole ballet was beautiful. #homealonetoballet

Favorite link of the Week: MSN posted a link that highlighted hilarious children's notes. Below is my favorite, but you need to check out the link because there are some HYSTERICAL NOTES! #fromthemouthsofbabes.
[smart girl]
Favorite Pin of the Week: Sometimes the hustle & bustle becomes too loud and we lose the true meaning of the holiday season. I pinned this last week and have been mindful ever since I read it. So far, I think I've done pretty well not letting stress get the best of me. This season I want to  s e n d PEACE and be the light.
Favorite video of The Week: The Grinch. Doing yoga. You're welcome. [keep the volume low]

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, ladies.

**linking up here, here herehere, and here this week**

My lil bit of cheer today is good news I received yesterday. After 2+ weeks of no workouts, per a doctor, I FINALLY am cleared to workout again! HALLELUJAH! I went on a 3 mile run yesterday and it felt amazing. It wasn't the fastest, or easiest run, but it was still incredible. HOOORAY for workouts, whoop whoop!