April 18, 2014

It May Be Friday...

...but Sunday's coming. 

But, before we can celebrate the Ressurection. 

Before we see the joy of the empty tomb, 
we must experience the death. 
Today we journey to the cross. 

The day turns to night at 3pm. 

Today, our world is filled with darkness. 

 Today we do not celebrate. 

Today we remember. 

We remember the sacrifice made,
so that we may have eternal life. 


Craig Courtney
"My Father, let this cup pass from me.
My Father let this cup pass from me.
Yet not my will oh Lord,
yet not my will oh Lord
 But Thine be done"
"Then they took my Savior,
and nailed him to a tree.
And then they broke his body.
Poured out his life, put him to death

Whatever your beliefs, I wish you and yours
a blessed Good Friday.

Fellow Christians...Today's Friday...

April 17, 2014

Five Four Three Two One

Sometimes, when I'm feeling low on creativity, I'll troll my drafts.

Looking for random posts I started, but never finished.

I'll randomly find posts that make no sense, that are just rants
or actually have a point but were never quite complete. 

Today I'm sharing one that's been in drafts for awhile. 

Regrettably I can't remember where I found the prompt
[apologies], so understand I am NOT taking credit
for the idea behind this post. 

I hope you enjoy some random nuggets.  

And Carlton.

Five things I'm looking forward to.
1] Kickball tournament in Austin, Texas. I can't wait to play in our first tournament as OSC, visit a new city and have a blasty with my sissys and Le Husband.
2] Seeing my BOFF in Austin. Twice in one month, pinch me please. #noreallydon't.
3] SUMMER!!! [bringtheheatandgoodbyeallergies]
4] Family Vacation
5] Finding a new place to live.

Four things you  might not know about me.
1] I was a tour guide at my college and I LOVED IT.
2] I've never seen the movies The Patriot, The Godfather or The Matrix
3] I wanted to be a marine biologist until high school.
4] Even though I love pink, I am NOT a fan of pink sports paraphanalia. Gimme a jersey in the team's colors, not a pink one please. The only time I enjoy pink sports is when it's for a cause. Otherwise, EWW!

Three shows enjoy watching.
1] Downton Abbey
3] Elementary

Two things that frustrate me.
1] Allergies. #canigetawitness
2] Getting older, #boocard

One of my favorite words:
1] Fetch. Yes, I know it's not a real word, but I love it and I say it often. It's totally going to happen, no matter what Regina George thinks.

April 16, 2014

The End of My 30th Trip

Another trip around the sun starts today.

WOW! This will be my thirty first trip, cahrazy!

My first FULL year as a wife. WOOP!
all you lovely ladies that left me sweet messages.
Y'all are so fabulous and I'm so LUCKY
to have this lil space of the internet. 
So thankful I've 'met' such amazing women!*

 Speaking of amazing, this was an amazing birthday. 
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Delicious hibachi family birthday dinner, with a lovely Mai Tai.
We celebrated a day early, as people had lots going on yesterday.
Just gives me a chance to have TWO bday dinners, YUM!

I enjoyed a delicious breakfast treat from Starbucks. 
Got to love their FREE DRINK on your birthday perk. 
The one and only time I order a Venti.

Special love and prayers from my sweet Fresh Prince.

Yummy birthday cake from my wonderful coworkers.

Beautiful flowers and fun balloon from Sportyspice. Since she's on spring break, the lil muffin came and took me out to lunch too.

Birthday dinner cooked by Le Husband. Triple YUMMY!

Carvel ice cream birthday cake, enjoyed on my special Red Plate!

A warm cup of cocoa since it dropped to freezing temperatures last night.
Really Mother Nature?!?!
I know I say it every year, but man am I blessed. 
My husband, family and friends ALWAYS
make me feel so special on my birthday.

The texts, calls, messages, gifts, food and just 
well wishes always make me smile.

All is well in my world and I'm so grateful.

I hope y'all have a great day today.

***Today we live for 32***

April 15, 2014



birthday animated GIF

party animated GIF

Three tier white birthday cake with pink trim and five candles burning on top


 birthday animated GIF


****Sending love, prayers, hope and good vibes to the city of BOSTON today.
We all are BOSTRONG****

*all GIFS found here*

April 14, 2014


That is the only word to describe this past weekend.

I finally, after 2+ years of friendship, emails, texts and calls, met my BOFF.

In person.

YES! This is real life!

Friday night was my birthday party, which entailed dinner and drinks
with some amazing friends and family. 

We ate at one of my favorite tapas restaurants
and enjoyed fabulous sangria with our delicious food. 

All day Friday I was texting with Lynn. 

Anxiously awaiting our meet cute ;)!

Yes, I'm a nerd, but ummm hello, she's my BOFF!

We had just been seated at dinner and I got the text
she was at the restaurant, so I ran down the stairs
and proceeded to be that girl that squealed 
and hugged her friend. 

Lynn was here!
Girlfriend fit RIGHT in with my friends and family. 
We had so much fun chatting and catching up. 
She is JUST how I imagined.
Sweet as sugar and twice as nice. 
It was sooooooooo wonderful having her there
to celebrate my birthday. 

After dinner, Lynn headed back to her hotel and the party moved to bar right down the street. A bunch of my kickball friends were waiting there to celebrate with me. And boy did we celebrate. 

The band was really good and it was fun to hang with my friends
and of course, the sissy boos.
Such a lucky big sister! 

Soon it was time for bed, and man was I tired. 
Sadly, we were up pretty early for kickball practice,
which was needed, but woof I was hurting. 

I grabbed Lynn after practice for a quick lunch
and then we finished getting ready at my apartment. 

Then it was off to the church to watch Miss Jenn say her vows
and get herself hitched. 
The wedding was 100% her and she looked beautiful, of course.

It was kind of surreal being on the other side, for my first wedding
since becoming a Mrs. 
I have to admit, a bit of nostalgia washed over me when the vows 
were said. Yes, I'm a mush ball, but hey, that's me. 

After the beautiful ceremony, we all headed over to a friend's place,
to have some drinks and snacks while we waited
for the cocktail hour to start. 
Then it was time to head to the reception
and get ready to celebrate the new couple.

Mr and Mrs MG!
 We were all seated together at the best table, lucky 13. 
It was fun talking to the other peeps at the table 
and celebrating the night away. 

I even got Le Husband out on the dance floor,
Someone didn't want his picture taken ;)
So much fun together!
Lovely ladies :)!
 Sunday morning I woke up, got ready for church and drove to pick up Lynn. We were a bit early so we enjoyed a latte before the service started. 

Palm Sunday is always a fun and celebratory one at my church and it was great sharing the service 
Lynn. #palmwavingchamps

When service was over, we went to brunch with my parents. After some delicious food and great conversation it was time for me to take her to the airport, WAH! It just felt waaaaay too soon. 

Once Lynn was at the airport, I drove home and finally took the nap I'd been craving all weekend. It was glorious, if not a tad too short. Next it was weekend prep for the week…[BIRTHDAY WEEK]…and errand running before soccer. 

Normally I'd be all, wah it's Monday, but tonight is my
BIRTHDAY DINNER celebration, since family is
busy on my actual birthday [tomorrow].

Bring me allll the HIBACHI!!!!

LYNN! It was so fabulous to meet you, finally! I had a great time celebrating my birthday with you and celebrating the marriage of Jenn. I can't wait to see you again soon. You are an amazing lady and I love y'all to pieces. #BOFF 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too. Make today awesome.


 Linking up with these beautiful ladies today.

April 11, 2014

These are my Confeeeeeeeeeesssions

Morning ladies and a happy Friday to you. 
I hope your week has gone well,
 just one more day and then it's the weekend, woohoo.

I haven't done a confessions post in awhile, 
so today I'm bringing back a favorite linkup of mine. 


I confess... I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather this week. After a ridiculously cold and dreary winter, it's so nice to see the sun and feel it's warmth. Soon it will be warm enough to bust out the spring/summer wardrobe. While I HATE the work involved with a closet change over, I'm so ready for my cute clothes I doubt I'll mind as much as normal.

I confess... I am super excited for my birthday party tonight. Sangria, tapas, friends, family and dancing, the makings of a truly fabulous party. Yes, I'm almost 31 and I have birthday parties. #birthdayaholicoverhere.

I confess... I am so happy and excited to watch Miss Jenn become Mrs. MG this weekend. I love, LOVE and love weddings. It's so wonderful watching two people promise their lives to each other and embark on the journey of life together. I know how hard she's been working on everything and how excited she is to be a wife. It's going to be lovely and I'm happy her day is finally here.
 I confess... Le Husband and I will be at kickball practice Saturday morning before getting ready for the wedding. Austin is in two weekends, so every practice is important. Fingers crossed no injuries so I can rock high heels to the wedding ceremony and reception.

I confess... that I finally watched Disney's Frozen this week. Which is kind of weird for a self proclaimed Disneyaholic. I wasn't able to veiw it when it was in theatres and after all the hubbub I kind of lost interest, if that makes sense? We have it here at work, so Tuesday I finally saw what all the fuss was about. Kind of, I think. I mean, it was a really good movie and I loved the strong female characters [kristenbellisamazing] and lil Olaf [toocuteforwords], but I wouldn't put it up there with UP, Monsters Inc or Toy Story. Maybe it's because I don't have a lil girl, who wants to watch it all the time. I guess we'll find out in the [distant] future huh? ;)

I confess... I am thrilled that I FINALLY get to meet Lynn aka my BOFF today. THHHHHHARRRRIILLLED! This blate is 2+ years in the making and I'm already sad for Sunday when she has to leave. It's going to be a full weekend of hugs, squeals, talking and girl time. I can't wait!
I confess... Le Husband has no idea what's about to hit him. #sorrylove ;)

That's it for me, what are you confessions this week?

April 10, 2014

That Time I was Random....


Hahaha I'm just kidding, all y'all are TEEEENZ!

I just thought the gif was funny!

Too funny not to share.

And a great Thursday pick me up yeah?

So, how are y'all doing?

I hope well. Yes, I'm rambling,
but I haven't had a rambling post in awhile.

Or have I?

Keep me honest here muffins.

Because honestly is the best policy.
Unless I ask you if I look fat...
then you lie to me and say 'guuurrrl no'!

Okay, moving on...

It's a tad bit crazy that my bday 'party' is tomorrow.


And I'm turning 31 on Tuesday.



I don't know why, but I'm just in awe
it's my birthday already.
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my birthday.
But, I honestly can't believe it's APRIL already.

Easter is in a week,
and then we are oh so close to summer!

Is just me or is this year moving at

Okay, back to the topic at hand.

Or lack of topic at hand. 

I can't wait to drink and party with my friends.

"Purdy lady go on DO THAT DANCE,
Purdy lady go on do that dance"

It's gonna be a blasty for sure.

Speaking of blast, someone pinned something this week
that was a total blast from the past.

Do y'all remember these?
We had one in our home and oh em goodness was it a favorite.

I loved those bad boys.

Or girls.

The Brady sisters DEFINITELY argued over the patterns.
I always won [oldestwhathaha],
or at least mostly won.

Speaking of Le Sissys, we're heading to Austin
later this month
[with Le Husband of course! le duh]
 for our first kickball tourney of the year

I love me some TEXAS and I've heard
so many wonderful things about Austin.

What are the must sees?

Must eats?

Must drinks?

Man, I can't wait to drink sangria tomorrow.

Oops, on that note, peace out cub scouts.

oh yeah, I get to meet my BOFF this weekend!!


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