September 19, 2014

Five Birthday Favorites About BabySpice

Morning ladies, happy FRIDAY!!! I'm soooooooooo ready for the weekend, are you? For some reason this week has been exhausting and I'm looking forward to some fun time and some down time, so hurry up Saturday!

Before I begin my faves, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone that suggested hair styles on Wednesday. Y'all rock my world and I went with the consensus of dark brown with some discreet auburn highlights. I.LOVE.IT! Definitely different than the blonde, but in a fun way. What do y'all think?

Don't mind the sassy face...I was texting my BOFF ;)
Moving on...

Today is my lovely baby sister's birthday so I thought "Why not center today's five favorites around her"?  I know, I know, I'm such a kind big sissy! Please continue on and read my five favorite things about beautiful lil sis, Babyspice.

1] Her voices: Chica can legit do any accent you ask. It might take her a few tries, but she'll eventually get it. Scottish? Easy! Australian? Good day mate [hi kristen]! Russian? Bring me the vodka! Sid the Sloth from Ice Age? You're on. During our drive to Virginia Beach, she kept us all entertained by reading the fifth Harry Potter novel, out loud in different accents. Hagrid ended up as a pirate, which was weird, but highly hilarious too. Point being, you need an accent, ask Babyspice.

2] Her humor: Girlfriend is funny. Sometimes, I don't always understand the joke, but she still makes me laugh with her laugh. She reminds me of Lucille Ball with her physical comedic genius and the ability to imitate others is uncanny [see #1]. The three of us laugh entirely too much and she is often at the center of the laughter. I'm so lucky that my sister gives me laugh lines instead of frowny face lines.

3] Her willingness to always listen to me....mostly ;): As most babies of the family know, you often get overlooked or used as the family guinea pig and Babyspice always did it with a smile on her face. Cold day at the pool...Babyspice you have to go in first. Time to jump off the roof of the house boat...Babyspice you're up first. Need a glass of water while watching TV...Babyspice go get me a glass of water....please. Once she out grew me in size and reached college, her willingness to take my word as law dissipated, but sometimes, with a lil big of cajoling I can still get that glass of water.

4] Her Brain: Home-girl is pretty much a genius in my book [unless i'm losing the argument]. She's always been a fast learner and I'm constantly amazed and how well she can retain information after hearing/reading it only once. She wrecked her SATs, kicked butt in college and  rocked it out in law school all while keeping her beautiful attitude and hair. Got a question about China or the Russian political scene circa 1962, she's your girl!

5] Her heart: As far as hearts go, she's got one of the biggest hearts on earth. Babyspice is such a kind and caring soul and she just wants to make the world a better place. She strives to better herself, to help better the world and looks out for the lost, the least and the less fortunate whenever she can. While she might not have the answer to your problem, she's willing to listen, to comfort and to just be there when needed. I pray that the world doesn't make her cynical as we need those golden hearts to make the world go round.

Dearest Babyspice,

Happy birthday, sweet lady! I hope that you have a wonderful day! I'm so excited to celebrate this weekend with you and look forward to another fabulous year. You are such a joy and I'm so thankful you are my sister. Even though you make me listen to weird music. Thanks for teaching me about myself and about the world. I know you're going to light it on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire! Happy birthday, pants!

xoxo, Pinky

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September 18, 2014

Real Talk: Relationships


That's a fun word, huh? Whether they are romantic, familial or a friendship, relationships are what make the world go round and what can make the world stop spinning when they end. I've seen many a post about all relationships around the blog world recently and thought, for once, I'd add in my two cents.

Sometimes people come into our lives forever, and sometimes, just for a page. You can either accept the changes gracefully or sulk, stress and flip out. We've all had that relationship that didn't pan out. That one guy who broke our heart and 'ruined' us for a bit. But, then we grew up, we moved on and we had our own life. Which, is great and wonderful, so don't look back. Cyber stalking an ex isn't healthy, especially when you wish 'bad' for them. Obviously, we want to be doing better than that 'awful' person, but harboring ill thoughts and bad wishes only hurts YOU...not them.

And I'd bet we've all had that friendship that ended, for whatever reason as well. The college best friend that chooses her sorority of you. The girl you've known since elementary school that one day just decided to stop calling you back. Or you've been caught in the cross-roads of deciding whether or not a friendship is too much work or too stressful to be in anymore. Personally, as I've gotten older I've become a lot less tolerant of petty drama and BS. I used to be the constant over-looker, forgiver and 'hey don't worry about it' friend. But then I realized, I only get one life to live and people that don't make me a better person really doesn't need to be involved in my day to day. So, I've become the dropitlikeitshot kinda of girl and am a huge advocate for everyone else to do the same. [sidenote: I get that family is it's own beast and sadly, sometimes we have to keep toxic relationships, purely because they are blood. #stinksIgetit].

Obviously, if there are ways to work things out, then by all means, do what you need to do to make it right and get life back on track. But, sometimes things aren't worth mending and then it's just time to move on and let go. Will you have one less friend [or maybe more]? Yes, but you also won't be surrounding yourself with people you don't care for, or that honestly don't care for you. As I've grown up, the phrase 'quality over quantity' has become my mantra and I'm quite happy with the close-knit group of friends I have around me. Now, I'm not saying that big groups of GOOD friends aren't quality. I know many people that have large groups of incredibly close friends that uplift each other and support each other no matter what and I think that's wonderful. However, I've chosen NOT to force the LARGE group, just for the sake of having a bunch of people to call my 'friends'. People that constantly cut me down are not the kind of people I would want to be around, even if losing them meant losing people I've known for awhile. To me, the heartache and the drama just isn't worth it anymore, so I've removed what I don't need and moved on. Sometimes it takes longer than expected to move on, but trust me, letting it go and getting on with life is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Being upset with someone is fine and human nature. Continuing to talk badly about them, not to their face is a bit hypocritical if that's your issue with them...a lil pot, kettle and black no? #whatsusiesaysaboutsally
Bottom line, live your life happy and drop what doesn't make you happy. Things might be weird at first, but I'd bet a gobzillon dollars, once the stress is gone you'll feel a ton better. As you read in my bio "life's too short to be anything but happy".

What are your thoughts on relationships and ending? Are you the constant forgiver, or the one that just walks away? Do you actually walk away or still mull it over long after it's over? What advice do you give friends when they are in a tricky relationship situations?

September 17, 2014

Confessions of a First Time Ballerina

And I use the term ballerina very loosely. If you stopped by here last week, you read that I started taking adult ballet classes and that I was super nervous about them. Turns out my nerves were extremely warranted because well...I am NOT a graceful ballerina.

Our instructor was great, she just was extremely no nonsense and moved the class at an extremely fast pace for beginners. I've spent this week studying some videos and practice for my class today, in hopes that I look less like a four year old. #yeahright

I thought it would be fun focus my confessions on my first ballet experience, because well, it was pretty ridiculous. As always, I'm linking up with the hilarious Kathy, for some amazing confessions.

I confess...

// Plies are hard... especially when you normally do squats.
// If I had a nickel for every time she said 'booty in' I wouldn't be at work today. 
be careful when you google girls and squats....there be sooome BIIG bootys out there.

// I expected to feel somewhat graceful during the class. I mean I watch Dance Moms.
// Every time I looked in the mirror it was spas 101.
// I can't turn without falling. My instructor kept saying "smaller steps, smaller steps"

// I did the step into a fall...all class.

// I kept asking the teacher to repeat things because I didn't understand the language.
// Dressing like a dancer is fun and fabulous.

// Even though my first ballet class was an extremely humbling experience, I'm super stoked to go back again today. The instructor moves super quick, but I've been practicing at home, so hopefully I'll look a lil more fluid this week. Fingers crossed I don't fall, please!


Okay, so I have one more confession and I NEED YOUR HELP! I have a hair appointment today after work and I have no idea what I want to do, which is so unlike me. I've been growing my hair out for a year now and LOVE that it's long and healthy, but I've had the same ombre look for awhile. Do I keep it long through the holidays and then get a fresh look for 2015? Do I go back to brunette with some auburn highlights? Do I get bangs [even though Le Husband is not a fan]? Do I get small side bangs? Should I go super dark and fun? 

Any suggestions and thoughts would be mega appreciated. But no, I will not shave my head, dye it black/bleach blonde or get a mohawk, so please keep that in mind with your suggestions ;)


September 16, 2014

A New Day, A New Perspective

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you, sweet, wonderful, lovely friends. You all truly were my sunshine on an extremely grey day. Your sweet comments and advice really helped put things into perspective and made me feel so much better. I was still pretty blue yesterday, but having y'all care enough to comment on a silly kickball post really made me feel loved. Funny that I knew turning to y'all was the way to go, instead of pretending everything was okay. Thank you for being so fabulous.
I was able to sweat things out at the gym with a good work out with Le Husband, last night. He helped put some things into perspective and gave me his vote of confidence, which means more than I can explain. I felt strong lifting and the endorphins really kicked in and reminded me it was just a bad weekend, not a bad life. That along with some delicious Mexican at our favorite restaurant brought me back to pinkville and I'm ready to get after it today.
People, including some close friends and at times, Le Husband, really don't understand my love of blogging and this community on the Internet. But, that's okay, because I do understand it and am constantly amazing by the wonderfully kind and beautiful women I have encountered. I hope that if any of you have a bad day, I can help turn it around with a kind word, funny story or just a listening ear.

Thank you again, amazing women. I'm giving y'all the biggest virtual hug ever!!!

Have a fabulous TUESDAY!

September 15, 2014

When the Bough Breaks

The kickball bough. This weekend we had a tournament in VA Beach and it sucked. Don't believe me?!?!

This weekend I...

::: dropped three catches at 2nd base.

::: missed two plays at 3rd base.

::: popped up twice.

::: one led into a double play.

::: had a home run kicked over mine and another girl's head.

::: fought with Le Husband because of my struggles.

::: lost in the semi's.

::: played three games in our women's league, but only played in five innings total.

::: won the playoffs, but didn't contribute so the win felt hollow.

Not my normal fun weekend post huh? I thought about phoning it in, but I'd rather look back and be real about everything. But, I totally understand if you click the red X now and move on to another, happier recap. No hard feelings, just come back tomorrow, okay??!!?

It's been a bit of a struggle this year with kickball. Our coed team has been struggling since last year, and only won two tournaments this year. We had a come to Jesus meeting and things got better, but there has been a bit of a divide. I was super amped to play on an all women's team, because I was super confident in our two captions and felt I could really make a difference on the team.

Unfortunately there are politics to deal with, both in coed and on the women's team and things have not be going well. I understand not playing when I don't play well, but watching people play, that aren't better than me, really grinds my gears, on both teams. I honestly thought I left politics and sports behind in college, but apparently I didn't.

Politics suck, but playing poorly sucks even more. This tournament was LEGIT my worst tournament to date, since 2010. Since working with Le Husband to get better, I average about a dropped catch a year, maybe two and that's something that makes me proud. I don't miss plays at second base, and I'd been making awesome catches at first and third all year until this tournament. Having multiple misses is unacceptable, in my opinion, and if we had brought fifth girl, I would have pulled myself from the line up for eliminations games because I felt I was hurting the team. For whatever reason, I couldn't get myself back into the zone and just couldn't find my groove offensively either. Saturday was a day that really made me question why I play the game.

I'm hopeful, with a lil pracice that I can get back on track and that my 'love' of the game will come back. I can't stand playing poorly and it really messes with my confidence and my weekend when I do. I wish I had a Mulligan for this weekend, but unfortunately today is Monday and there's nothing I can do about the past.

What do you do when something you love gets you down? Or when something that you're passionate about takes a turn for the eh?!!? I could use all the advice you can give today!

How was your weekend? Hopefully better than mine, right!?

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September 12, 2014

Friiiiiiiiday, Friiiiiiiday, got my Five Faves on Friiiiiiiiiiiiday

Morning, you enjoy that Rebecca Black throwback?!? No, well sorry, it just made sense today ;)! Woohoo, we made it to the weekend of another week and golly, I have to admit, this week wasn't that bad at all. I'm looking forward to two days away from work, so let's get down with some five faves!

Favorite outfit of the week: Oh snap...lil ballerina guuuuuuuuuuuurl right there. Wednesday I attended my first ballet class ever and will be recapping everything next week. I will tell you, dressing the part is half the fun! Annnnnnndddddd point!

Favorite video of the week: I did some 'youtube' research this week before my class and found one of my favorite ballet pieces, ever. This quartet dance, in Swan Lake, is so dazzling to watch, I'll never get tired of it. I never thought ballet was easy, but I have a new found RESPECT for each lil movement they make, especially being in tandem. So beautiful, but sooooo difficult.

Favorite funny of the week: it time to go home yet? I'm bored! The ultimate diss, but so cute!
Favorite pin of the week: It's all about attitude, you can whine or you can rejoice!

Favorite moment of the week: I can't share it with you yet, but it was pretty freaking amazing! Yes, I know I'm being annoying, but trust me, when I have the go ahead to share, y'all will be totally in the know. Here's a lil preview.....kinda!

Hope y'all have a rocking weekend. I'm playing lots of kickball and spending time with my fabulous sisters and Le Husband. Hopefully we can bring home another championship :)!

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September 11, 2014

The Day The World Stopped Turning

Today marks the 13th anniversary of September 11th 2001. Today, 11 years ago a heinous man orchestrated a heinous terrorist attack, killing thousands of innocent Americans and people from all over the world. That man is DEAD, and I honestly have no sympathy for him or his family.

September 11th always evokes many emotions for me. Sadness, utter disbelief, empathy, sympathy, hate, anger, distress, fear and TEARS upon TEARS. I cry for those lives lost. I cry for those left behind. I cry for the firefighters who died trying to save others. I cry for the firefighters who live today, without their brothers. I cry for the police. I cry for the military. I cry for the leaders and the decisions they had to make 11 years ago. I cry for America.

I also get ANGRY at Americans. I am ANGRY because so many people have forgotten. I am angry because SO MANY PEOPLE want to forget. I get SOOO SOOO SOOO MAD when I see facebook status or blog posts saying and I quote, "I'm tired of seeing programs about September 11th".

I'm sorry....but WHAT THE F*&^!

Why don't you call up the widow who's husband died in the World Trade center and say that to her face? Oh wait, because that would be wrong. Personally, I think even thinking that statement is wrong, but obviously there are people who don't agree with me. We need to remember, because we need to honor those lost. Everyone writes about how they remember where they were and what was happening, but do you remember on September 15th? November 1st? April 23rd?!? I have a friend who has an alarm that goes off every day at 9:11am and 9:11pm. I think TV stations and radio stations should do the same. Make Americans remember what they have and how quickly life can change.

What baffles me the most is our nation's disinterest in ISIS and what kind of world we are living in today. People care more about the kardashians, celebrity gossip, the newest tv craze and reality tv more than care about the news. I am scared silly for our children, as our world is getting more and more dangerous. Al Qaeda was a KNOWN terrorist group, but it took September 11th before they were taken seriously and hunted. I pray every night that our nation doesn't have to suffer another tragedy, before we, the people take notice of ISIS and demand our government take action. We can't be passive anymore, we need to become aggressive and remove those that would try to harm our nation and our people.

A few years ago, I wrote how September 11th should be a movement and not a day. I hope today, y'all take a moment and remember. Remember those lost, remember America's fighting spirit and remember you ARE ALIVE so do something amazing today in honor of those that can't. Our nation is great and we must continue to learn from our history, to create a powerful and strong future for generations to come. 

LAND OF THE FREE...                                               
                                      BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!