February 8, 2016

The BOFF is Back in Town

Good morning, pretties. How you feeling? I may be a bit tired after the Super Bowl and a 6am class this morning, but I'm still on a high after my fabulous weekend with my favorite girls. 

As I mentioned on Friday, my beautiful BOFF flew up to DC for a girls trip [thanks to her fabulous husband]. It was so amazing seeing her after almost a year and it was nice to spend have her spend some quality time with the sissys. 

This weekend. . . 

… I took Friday off to prep for the weekend. #BODYPUMPatlunch #yayvacation

… Lynn and I had a blast catching up after a delayed flight.

… I made red velvet puppy chow, chocolate covered strawberries and set a delicious cheese board.

… we enjoyed a fabulous girls night full of champs, wine, nail polish, fashion shows and girl talk.

… a special birthday celebration picture was taking for Jacob. #celebratingjacob

… everyone stayed up WAY past our bedtime Friday night.

… we slept in Saturday morning. #glorioussleep

… there was a breakfast trip to Starbucks before bridesmaid dress shopping.

… we picked a design after 15 minutes of looking. #peopletriedtorunusout #suchaprettydress

… another trip to Starbucks was made before we headed to Old Town to take engagement pictures.

… Lynn was head stylist and taught us some hair and posing tricks. #boffisamazing

… we had a blast despite the cold weather. It was fun watching two people in love. #greatjobbabyspice

… Le Husband was a trooper when we came home and took over the living room for nap time.

… dinner time was early because we were both starving. #burgersftw #earlyftw

… Saturday night was spent watching girlie movies and spending time together.

… was a fail whale in terms of pictures but that's okay. This weekend felt like a normal weekend with my best friend so there really wasn't a need to document everything. Glad we grabbed a few good ones though.

… we enjoyed a leisurely Sunday morning before I had to take Lynn to the airport. It was a whirlwind weekend but a fabulous one indeed. I'm so glad everything worked out so well and can't WAIT for our next visit.

… I joined Le Husband at the gym after the airport and then we did some errands.

… we made homemade pizza for dinner with ice cream for dessert. #yum #whole7thisweek

… we made BIG moves towards one of our plans for the year. #willkeepyouposted.

… the Super Bowl was entertaining even though I was cheering for both sides. #yaywinners

… I prepped for Monday and dragged by hiney to bed right after the game because 5am is super early.

All in all it was such a wonderful weekend and I'm so grateful for our blogs which brought us such a special friendship. I truly don't know how I survived life without my BOFF and I am so thankful we've been able to see each other so many times the past two years. People might not understand blogging, but I will forever be a believer in the Internet and friendship.

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February 5, 2016


Happy Friday, party people. Woohoo, the weekend is finally here and my hectic week is behind me in the rear view mirror. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for girl time, drink time and sissy wedding time. Thank y'all so much for your kind words and comments yesterday. I am so blessed to have y'all help me put things in perspective while also supporting me with sweet thoughts. Y'all seriously are the best, like for real for real. #blogbudsarethebestest

Favorite quote of the week: I'm so lucky to have my people and my circle. < 3
Favorite recipe of the week: Can't wait to make some for the weekend!
Favorite secret of the week: My BOFF is coming to visit me! Her wonderful husband contacted me because he wanted to surprise her with a trip and everything has worked out so well. It's been soooooo hard keeping the secret and I'm so glad the cat's out of the bag and guess what, she's gonna be here TODAY, wooooohooooo! #onlinefriendstoreallifefriends #besties
My beautiful BOFF on her wedding day.

OH you know, just checking blogs.
So yeah, I'm too excited for the weekend to think of anymore favorites. We are going to have so much fun and I'm so looking forward to our girls' night with the sissys, bridesmaid dress looking, DC touring and just hanging IRL with one of my bestest friends. I'll check you next week, have a fun SuperBowl weekend.

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February 4, 2016

What's New With You {Linkup}


Work: As mentioned before, a lady at my work went on maternity leave at the end of January and I'm covering half of her work load. Did I mention it's the important crucial part of her load? Have I mentioned the influx of emails in my inbox and the new tracking systems implemented? Or the high profile titles that continue to have issues that I have to stay on top of daily? No?! Oh, that's because more of my day has been eaten up by work and it's draining my blogging and responding time at work. Which honestly sucks, big time. Clearly work time is work time, but I've always been able to balance some blog time at work or on calls. Hopefully things will calm down a bit in the next few weeks and I can find a new balance. I miss chatting with y'all daily and hope none one things I'm ignoring them. #newbalanceinfebruary

Health: Overall it's good which I can't complain about. I know yesterday I wrote about eating clean but this week has been a bit of a mess so my food prep  and clean eating took a bit of a hit. Which means my energy and attitude hit bottom. I was so out of sorts I didn't even eat dinner last night and felt fine which is strange. Normally I'm always hungry at meal times, however I think abundance of crap food has thrown my body for a loop and so I'm suffering. What's crazy is the fact my weight hasn't fluctuated. Usually this week would be a recipe for five extra ell bees yet everything is staying the same. Honestly, I have to thank teaching. All of the classes and practicing has revved up the metabolism and I'm finally feeling happy and good with the number on the scale and the way my clothes fit.

Life: January flew by in a blink and all of a sudden here we are in the first week of February. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite excited for this week {especially this weekend} and am happy to put cold snowy January in the review mirror. However, it suddenly feels like there is NEVER enough time to get anything done. Maybe it has to do with the fact I'm trying to learn three new BODYPUMP releases in two weeks. Or the fact I'm trying to get to bed at a decent time while also getting up to do yoga. Or maybe I feel like future plans are still in the air and I'm grasping at everything to put it all in place. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy and blessed and healthy which is a win/win/win in life, but I still feel stressed and a bit all over the place. I think a weekend of girl time and maybe a few drinks is just the key to figuring it all out and wooosahing back to normal.

So there you go, that's what's new with me. What's new with you?

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February 3, 2016


Hey party people, how you doing? Apologies for the radio silence this week, I'm still recouping from my whirlwind weekend and work has been seriously kicking my rear. Hopefully I can get back to all of your wonderful blogs/comments today and will find myself back into the swing of things soon. #lifeismovingsofast #thanksforbearingwithmeloves

sending: lots of love to all the singles this Valentine's day. You see those hearts up there, those are love and wishes to each and everyone of you. We've all been single on the 14th so don't let it get you discouraged. Have a girls pamper night and know you are loved and cherished by me < 3!#galentinesdayftw

eating: healthy foods 90% with a lil bit of indulgence. I've been chowing down on salads, lean proteins and sweet taters [ohemyum] while allowing a bit of cream in my coffee and some popcorn here and there. I'm excited for all the Valentine's day treats, I plan to make this delicious treat in the next few days for girl time and to share over the Valentine's weekend.

dreaming: about summertime and warm weather. And our b i g summer trip and plans!

smelling: snow/cold weather [boo] & new perfume samples from Sephora [yay]!

hearting: all the pink pretty things. As a pink girl this time of year is one of my favorites because everything is so girlie, whimsy and lovely. I'd love this jacket , blouse or skirt to magically appear in my closet [insert heart eyed emoji].

reading: a daily devotional, the Nightingale and the Cartel.

listening: to lots of BODYPUMP music. Now that 96 is fully launched we get to change up the workouts and that means learning old releases so things don't get stale for the class. It's A LOT in a little time, so I'm practicing all the time in the car [everyone must thing I'm a looney tune], on flights and at home.

anticipating: this weekend. I can't wait and am so excited for the weekend!

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February 2, 2016


Goodbye... last little bit of Christmas. The Wise Men have left and now we journey to Lent.

Goodbye... fresh starts. Yes, I know every day is NEW beginning but there is something magically about the first unsoiled month of the year. ANYTHING and everything is possible in January.

Goodbye... birthday month a la Le Husband.

Goodbye... month of depressing weather. We are one month closer to summer.

Goodbye.. wedding dress shopping with Sportyspice. #wehaveadressandadate

Goodbye... first month of teaching BODYPUMP. Thank you for being kind.

Goodbye... Snowmaggedon. SnowtormJonas. Snowzilla. #goawaypilesuponpilesofsnow

Hello... month of love.

Hello... pinks and reds. Sparkles and glitter. Candy and sweets. #bringiton

Hello... birthday month a la Sportyspice.

Hello... super awesome weekend.

Hello... Valentine's day dinner with a wonderful group of friends.

Hello... bridal shower planning and bridesmaid dress shopping.

Hello... one month closer to our incredible adventure. 

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February 1, 2016

Fast Fun Family Weekend {T-Bone is 90}

Morning, friends, how you doing this Monday morning. I'm a lil on the tired side as we had a whirlwind trip to Tennessee to celebrate T-Bone's 90th birthday [you remember we had a BIG celebration last year for his 89th birthday]. We left late Friday night and arrived home Sunday evening. Thankfully it wasn't too late since I taught this morning at 6am, but our weekend was so packed there was barely anytime to relax. Today's recap is short and to the point because Pinky needed to jump into bed quickly since we all know 5am shows up quite early.

When we arrived on Friday night my aunt and uncle picked us up and we headed out to grab a quick drink and evening snack. It was fun and then we headed home and for some reason we kept drinking and talking until 2am. Yeah, not our smartest decision since we had to be up super early to watch my cousin play in a basketball tournament. Le Husband and I left the tournament early to meet up with a kickball friend for brunch and then we ran some party errands before returning to set up with family. #buyingbirthdaydecorisfun #cheersto90

I decided to get some fabulously large 9 0 balloons but  Le Husband managed to claim best present prize with his fake fart machine. Seriously, it was the hit of the party and my grandfather LOVEEEED it. We had wonderful time celebrating an amazing man and the food/cake was quite delicious. Sadly the two sissys weren't able to come down on such short notice, so we brought some extra party to make up for their absence. I think the birthday boy was quite happy with his 90th party and it was fun catching up with some of his friends. #olderpeoplearesocute #oldcardsarefabulous

After the celebration it was time for a quick cleanup and then early bedtime. Sunday was spent fixing boats, taking walks, looking at properties, reading books, eating one last celebratory dinner and then an evening flight home. Thankfully both flights were quick and I was able to prep lunch and my gym back fast Sunday evening. It was a crazy quick trip but I'm so glad we were able to get down for the celebration. #allaboutfamily 

Happy, happy, happy 90th birthday T-BONE! We love you more than you know. 


Before I go, I have to give a special birthday shou-tout to my awesome Daddy! I < 3 You!

January 29, 2016

Flashback Friday Faves

Happy Friday, friends! Even though most of the week was worked from home, I'm still super excited to see the weekend so close. It won't be nearly as relaxing as our snowed in weekend, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be quite fabulous.

Today's faves are a lil different and you can thank a local radio station. They played one of the songs below for a stunt and I was like holy crap I totally forgot about that song. And thus began the downward spiral of looking up high school songs on Youtube. Sigh, the life I lead I tell you. Judge away or enjoy a dance party, your choice [insert dancing lady emoji here].


 Genie in a Bottle

I know this isn't a flashback and I'm sure it's everywhere in blogland today, but I can't NOT share this adorable video of Kristen and Dax. Their music video to "Africa" is the totally meaning of adrobs. #mustmakeonesomeday

I hope you have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend. I'll see your pretty faces after my Monday class < 3 !
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