March 22, 2017

Right Now {How Is It Almost April?}

Un-freaking-beliavable right? I'm in awe April is RIGHT around the corner and super excited spring to O F F I C I A L L Y has arrived. Can I get a warm weather AMEN? A M E N!

As I write this I realize it has almost been 365 days since Le Husband and I left our jobs and moved. A week from today we bought our storage unit and started packing up our stuff. Our way too much stuff. Our life all of a sudden fit in a storage unit and my parent's house. BUT, that is post for a different day.

Right now. . . I'm looking at the calendar and realizing I have less than TWO WEEKS at my gym job. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS of being an operations manager and less than two weeks of living a hellacious six months. I always try to keep the job of the blog, so I won't SAY much else here [you've read enough], but if you want to really know about my life hit me up in the comments.

Right now. . . We are in the middle of looking for my replacement and I have high goals for some of the candidates. Some good internal candidates who will make the transition much easier, which is a very good thing. I think I've made some good changes and there is a good operational flow to the group.

Right now. . . Word has gotten out that I am leaving and I have sooooo many people asking why and saying they will miss me. Super awesome for the ego, but super tough when I don't want to truly say why I'm leaving. Yes, money is the BIG reason, I'm leaving for a better paying job. However, that is not all. I am also leaving for a better state of mind and more peace in my life, yet I don't feel comfortable sharing that with people. Partially I see it as a failure. Partially I see it as being ungrateful. And partially it's not of their damn business. Eeeep, well that sounds harsh for those who will miss me.

Right now. . . Hearing people will miss me means a lot. Because I've only been here six months. Because I've been a basket case most of those months. Because I've so often felt like I was failing everyone. Because that means I did what I was here to do and that my changes worked. Because knowing you've touched someone's life after so short a time means so much to a people pleaser.

Right now. . . Le Husband and I are knee deep in housing renovations, but we are also slowly getting back to our together life. Meaning, our traveling life and our eating life and our working out life. It's been such a struggle without a routine and with my job being so demanding outside of working hours. We could NEVER truly find time to get away, without me being worried about something at the gym. Now, we can plan. Now we can say YES to weddings and family trips and just taking a weekend away visiting friends. I cannot wait for the freedom.

Right now. . . I'm trying SO HARD not to buy all the cute clothes. My wardrobe has only consisted of black pants, black polo and tennis shoes. Great for the budget but no fun at all to wear. I've actually ruined two pairs of black pants which really pisses me off. Now, I just want to spend the money on cute trends. Now I want to go crazy at the outlets. Now I want to go crazy online shopping. I won't go crazy, but I plan to buy two new fun pieces...any thoughts?

Right now. . . I am swimming in Les Mills new release choreography. First Launch in Tennessee I had one release, BODYPUMP. Second, I had three, BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, & Barre. This time I have four, BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and Barre. Which means lots and lots of new choreography to learn in just a few weeks. I have a better handle on it all this round than last time and have already made some great progress.

Right now. . . I am slated to start teaching FOUR classes a week, WOOHOO! So excited to teach at multiple gyms and have some extra cash flow coming in, even with a raise. I really am excited for the growth I'm going to experience teaching so many classes.

What's going on in your life right now?

March 16, 2017

Messy, Busy & Ever Changing

First, THANK YOU for all your kind wishes and words. Seriously, y'all are the BESTEST! I can't tell you how much it means each of you still read and care, insert smiley face. I miss conversations here and I miss the supportive community. Y'all make me really wanna come back. Here's hoping, right? RIGHT?!

While I'm here, I guess I'll share a bit more about what we've been up to since February. My life has been consumed by work, teaching/practicing Les Mills classes and remodeling our townhouse. Le Husband has gone all Chipper Jones on me and I'm doing my best to jump in when [and where] I can. I HOPE to chronicle in a more DIY post, especially with the popcorn ceiling, but for now I thought it would be fun to share a summary of all the work going down.

We've been... 

Removing popcorn ceilings...

Repainting the faaaaabulous yellow walls...

We went with a dark accent wall and a light grey all around
Completely redoing the fireplace...

Picking out new flooring, new counter tops, master bath tiles and fixtures...

Oh yeah, and spending tons of time online looking for the best deals and decor ideas. We are still bring a whole 'feel' to the house but have decided on a color scheme and theme. Probably not at all on trend, but that's okay. I must say I'm in LOVE with subway tile, chandeliers, copper fixtures, deep hardwoods, clean whites and of course a few pops of colors. The hardest part right now is still living in chaos, but once the floors are done downstairs everything will finally come together and feel more like home. If you have any DIY tips or shopping for decor tips, PLEASE share! I'm all about a bargain and saving some time. Fingers crossed for us this week, we're hoping to lay down the hardwood floors.

March 15, 2017

What's Happening... I HAVE A NEW JOB!

Yes, y'all, YES! I have a NEW JOB!!!! A NEW FREAKING JOB! P.T.L. times a billion! Throw the Glitter!
My life is changing the first week of April. For the better and I couldn't be more grateful for a new opportunity. I have been hoping and praying for this change for the past four months and finally, F I N A L L Y there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thankful for my current job. It finally brought me to full time work after months of part time. It allowed me to dabble in the fitness field. It brought me to some incredible people. It QUALIFIED us for our townhouse. It taught me how to manage people. It threw me in the fire time after time and tested me over and over. I learned to be stronger than I ever knew I could be and I learned to let things go, which has been a struggle for many years.

Honest truth, finances motivated this move. Well, this opportunity fell into my lap, thanks to an incredible friend, but actually considering a move was all about the dollar dollar bills. My current job pays very little and with a new townhouse and renovations needed, the pay just wasn't cutting it anymore.

I'd be lying if I didn't mention how excited I am for a set schedule again. My life since November has been so topsy-turvy and not being able to make plans has been a real struggle. This OM life is 100% not for me. I need to be able to make plans for the weekend and know when I plan to go home and take a day off I will be able to actually enjoy the time away. Too many times in the past six months I've been burned and I'm so ready to be able to turn my phone off at night without worrying about an overnight crisis. My job has made me cry more times than I can count and moving on is the best thing for everyone involved. I know Le Husband is more than ready for me to be somewhere more settled.

I will still be connect to the gym though, as I now have two classes on the spring schedule and since my new job is close it is set to work out really well. I'm glad I'll still get to see my friends, my coworkers and some of the members. This lil gym has become a sort of family and there is a part of me sad to be leaving. I'll also miss the lunchtime workouts and access to the gym when it's quiet.

BUT. I'M.SO.READY.FOR.CHANGE! SO, I N C R E D I B L Y ready! I can't think of a better ONE MONTH TILL YOUR BIRTHDAY present. This new schedule will mean more time here, to record the renovations [ so many to share, eeek], our new life, and actually catch up with all of y'all. Cause I've missed blogland like whoa. Hope you have a fantastic day, loves!

February 17, 2017



The best day of the week is here, woop woop! Today I'm focusing on the YAY of Friday.

YAY... I taught four BODYPUMP classes and felt shifts happening in my teaching.

YAY... I'm super excited for my BODYATTACK class tonight. 

YAY... Le Husband was home all week. 

YAY... We did Mexican and Margaritas for Valentine's day with a friend which was a blast.

YAY... My staff at work is showing up, being consistent and people are willing to always help out.

YAY... A short weekend trip is planned and I'm excited to feel like I have a life again.


YAY... Le Husband picked up major slack when I felt HORRIBLE on Wednesday. 

YAY... The weather seems to be consistently warmish and not freezing.

YAY... I'm finding time to blog.

YAY... Les Mills released all the new formats for each program yesterday!

YAY... You guys make me smile, constantly. THANK YOU!

February 15, 2017

What's Happening in My World

1] Work is still annoying but not as stressful. I've gotten scheduling down pretty well and can get things taken care of, I just hate working the front desk every day. I also hate dealing with ungrateful people. I thought I was more of a people person, but this job reminds me too much of retail and I think something more steady without so much facility responsibility will make me happier.

2] Speaking of happier, my fitness journey is continuing and I'm loving all the growth. I'm stronger, fitter and leaner than I have been in awhile and beyond grateful for the changes in my physical body. Bringing BODYCOMBAT into my regimen has given me another awesome tool for leaning up and the cardio is out of this world. I do miss lifting heavy and need to add that back into my training, especially since I need to finish up my PT cert.

3] Speaking of that, have NOT made nearly enough progress with the program and book. I have to pass my exam by May and holy cow here we are in the middle of February. I need to get my act together, however it seems like new choreography keeps popping up and I'm not able to spend time with the text book. Need to work on planning PT time into my day.

4] Studying LES MILLS has been my life. This past weekend I attended a second Advanced Training and came out an Advanced Instructor in BodyPump. My next goal is to become ELITE and then hopefully become a trainer if everything falls into place. It's  BIG BIG GOAL and I have quite a few things to work on first.

5] Those being talking LESS in my classes when instructing and SMILING more. Yeah, this girl RIGHT HERE was told she needed to smile more when teaching because I come off much too dominant and need to be able to reach the more social people in the class. Very strange, but actually makes sense when you really dive deep into who I am and how I want to be perceived on stage.

6] Life has kept me from really being present in many things and I'm still not sleeping the greatest. I'm not sure if there is a happy medium with my job and being present and happy, but I'm doing my best to find it. Maybe it will take a new job and that's okay. I know this isn't forever, I just might need to find something sooner rather than later.

7] I still miss my family and friends back home like whoa. My tribe here is amazing, but things still aren't the same. I miss my regular dinners with friends, my church, my soccer team [ oh i miss soccer], my other gym friends, casual and quick dining places and just the ease I had living. It will come, I know, sometimes I just wish it were sooner.

What's happening in your world?

February 9, 2017

Loving Lately {The JUST HANDLE IT Edition}

What, a post without whining? Is this a different blog? Nope, friends, nope! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and TRYING not to be so negative. I've heard from quite a few of you that you like how REAL I've been about my struggles and you have no idea how much I appreciate those words. I NEVER want to be fake and I'll NEVER pretend things are roses if they aren't. I know people like that and KNEW people like that and it drove me bananas how FAKE their blog was compared to their REAL LIFE personality and situation. However, that's another post for another day. 

Life has been nothing SHORT of bananas for me, so my faves and loves have come in QUITE handy. None of these are new, well one is, the facial mask [oh em gee love] was recently discovered at Target, they are just my tried and true steady eddies. 

Or, old pieces I totally forgot about and now use like crazy. I'm looking at you Oakley Kitchen Sink. Le Husband and I bought Oakley bags back in the day for traveling and kickball and since we've moved I haven't touched my bag. Well, I barely used it last year now that I think about it, haha. My gym back was NOT cutting it for work, it didn't have enough pockets and all of a sudden I went, wait a minute, I have a solution. This bad boy is super comfortable and holds a ton of crap! I carry my laptop, binder with teaching materials, planner, keys, makeup bag, workout outfits and BCAA cup easily. The only bummer is if I want to change out shoes, but I just keep those in my car, no sweat. HIGHLY recommend this bag, totally worth the price.

Being so involved with Les Mills I basically live in workout pants outside of work. Zellas are my favorite because they are SUPER comfy, wear well without thinning and if you take care of them last forever. Normally I'm in black pants at work and very now and then will throw on my Zellas and they feel great all day. 

Reebok sponsors Les Mills, so I've slowly started building my Reebok wardrobe. The shoes have been pretty incredible and I'm so glad I snapped a few up during Black Friday. The pumps are my favorite, perfect for cross training and magic when teaching BODYPUMP. I need to find a more active shoe for ATTACK and COMBAT, though. Any suggestions?

November and December I was just about survival at work, so my hair and makeup routine was pretty horrid. I did not take care of myself and I hated how scruffy and blah I looked. I've started to take care of my appearance more now, hello fresh new hair cut and products, but still need things to be quick and easy. No fuss, because after all, it is a gym, right? Still loving my ELF primer and the mineral eyeshadow is pretty fantastic for all day wear. Garnier makes the best undereye concealer, I look like I'm carrying shopping bags under my eyes if I forget to swipe it on in the morning. 

Lastly, I have to send out some love to a group, not a thing. This move has been hard and stressful and I've wanted to throw in the towel more times than I can count. But, it has brought me to my people. My tribe. Those who will never leave me and who support me unconditionally. I'm talking about my group fitness peeps. My peers, my members and now, my squad. I have created fast and secure friendships all because of group fitness. Some of my closets friends I've met at trainings and my Facebook group keeps growing because of people I've connect to through new formats and new classes. I am beyond grateful for finding my niche and for finding those people who will always be there because they GET IT! I love fitness, I love results and I love my squad.

February 7, 2017

Trying to Find My Light

And holy Sh*t has my pink ass been kicked. Every time I wanted to come here and write, decompress and veg out I couldn't because I didn't have the energy. Why? Because I'm not sleeping. Why? Because I'm constantly practicing or teaching classes. Why? Because my job is bananas and barely gives me time to breathe. Why? Because we just bought a town house and there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done. 

I have been a tired soul. The toll of life hurt my heart and my brain and I have been so emotionally, physically and mentally fatigued. It was all I could do to get out of bed and roll into work. The only, O N L Y piece of joy came teaching group fitness. The hour I could zone out with the music and my members gave me a piece of my soul back, but it was never, ever enough. Class ended too soon and suddenly it was back to horrible, stressful, awful reality.

When I say I'm not sleeping, I'm talking newborn parents not sleeping. I'm up EVERY HOUR, like clockwork. Through new hires I've managed to put together a pretty great team and my overnight guy is money now. So, you'd think I'd be okay to sleep knowing he'd be there...nope. Every night, for weeks, no sleep. I finally made a doctors appointment and have been using different plans to combat symptoms but have yet to find an actual cure. When I sleep for five hours I feel like a million bucks and have thankfully had a few of those nights recently. But the normal three hours of collective sleep is slowly crushing me.

I had no idea the toll no sleep and all this stress was taking until my boss at work asked me if I was okay. A dude, y'all, a dude. He point blank asked me if my quality of life was okay because I looked awful. I answered him truthfully and said no, I'm not okay. Because, y'all, I wasn't. 

I am so stressed about money. I have made friends but don't do anything because I don't want to spend money.  I am so over my job. I hate the stress, even though I've now created a stellar team. I'm over the bullshit, the new initiatives and slogans. They legit don't pay me enough and it's hard to have buy-in when you're not getting compensated for your work. I want to be in the fitness world, but operations is NOT for me. All of this stress doesn't just stay with me at work, I bring it home. 

Want to put stress on your marriage? Try quitting your jobs, moving to a new state without jobs, live in someone else's home for six months [four months longer than anticipated], get a new stressful job, buy a home on a teeny salary and then try to move in during the winter and busiest time of the year for said job. Yeah, it's been super peachy here. We are learning together and growing together, which is good, just so the opposite of easy.

Life has been dark, so dark and I've struggled to find the light at the end of my tunnel. I know there has to be one, but it's so dim and far away I wonder if it exists or is just a figment of my imagination. Last week brought me some extra light from friends in response to an Instagram post. My faithful cheerleaders showed up and helped me realize it is achievable and it can be done, I just have to faith and continue to work hard. So that is what I will do. I will continue to show up to the arena and get my ass kicked. I will continue to bring my light into the darkness and look ahead. I will continue to try and achieve my goals and find the finish line ahead. One step forward, one day at a time.