June 24, 2014

You Will Never Catch Me

Inspiration from *here*.
Saying no to a glass of wine.

 Without a hair thing on my wrist or in my purse.

Continually dealing with petty bs.

Looking for confrontation, unless we're on the athletic field.

Not supporting my family [bloodisthickerthanwater].

Without something pink on...I promise.

Using any form of social media/internet on my honeymoon.

Standing still when music is playing.

Holding on to a relationship that doesn't make me better.

Without a water bottle.

Wishing for the next phase in life.

Swiping the first bite of your dessert.

Sharing the first bite of my dessert.

 Wearing clothing that's too tight or too short...gotta grow up someday.

Enjoying a beer...blech!

Spending over $40 for workout clothing...notcountingshoes.

Watching RHOA...too much yelling.

Without coffee, first thing in the morning.

NOT writing a thank you note after a gift [of any kind] is received.

Organizing a night out until 3am.

Consuming alcoholic beverages just to get hammered.

Choosing a fruit tart over a chocolate dessert.

Complaining that it's too hot/humid.

Wishing for cold weather.

Not in the Christmas spirit.

Say "no thanks, I have enough friends."


Jamie said...

Hahaha. I will never say no to a glass of wine either :)

Illegally Blonde said...

Ah dessert... my nemesis

BLovedBoston said...

I'm totally the same way with beer - just don't really like the taste of it!! Also the same way with BS - not time for it - too old to deal with that at this point lol! I've recently developed a sweet tooth...not good lol!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Haha, love this list!

Dana said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the wine and the hair tie :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Haha loved this. Yes to the hair tie, water bottle and chocolate desserts especially!

Alisha said...

What a great post! Always fun to find out little things about you!

brooke lyn said...

seriously though real house wives of anything i just can't watch. too much confrontation for me.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

I pretty much can't say no to a glass of wine especially with good company!

Carolyn said...

Love love love! :) we're like the same person! :)

Ashley said...

Really cute list idea! So many of these would be on my list too... starting and ending with wine. :)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

LOVE this idea... prooobably gonna have to steal it for future use!
"Holding on to a relationship that doesn't make me better." My fave! Well, that and the one about organizing a late night out... bitches be too old for that, amiright?! haha

The Rachael Way said...

I'm glad we are friends :)

Janna Renee said...

Did you know "blood is thicker than water" has nothing to do with family? It means that the blood spilled on the battlefield is thicker than water. However, you could say your family are your 'Battle buddies', so you can still make it apply ;)