July 22, 2011


So these posts are super-way late, but oh well. This blog is first and foremost a journal of my life and I don't want to forget things from the end of June and beginning of July.

NO, don't freak out, C does not have a child. This adorable little boy is Nate and the son of S's (C's buddy) girlfriend.....you got that ;)? S came up to visit for a week or so and brought V (his gf) and her son Nate to tour the DC area. C was super sweet and let them stay at his place, which meant he stayed at mine (Shhh don't tell Mama B). I didn't get to hang out with them too much but it was nice to get to know them when we chilled. I actually had to entertain them when they arrived cause C was coaching a baseball camp. Good think I'm SUPER OUT-GOING huh?!?!?
This pictures was taken when we were in Gtown for dinner, which was DELISH! We ate at a mafia style Italian restaurant....authentic and the wine-o was divine-o. Heehee! I always forget how good C is with kids, since we aren't around them a lot together. I ADORE them and he wants to have kids but isn't around them all the time. I am glad he likes them :)

Holy Moly the 4th of July has already come and gone?!?! Can I just say how **Lucky** I am to live where I live, ESPECIALLY around the 4th of the July. I don't care who you are or where you live, you ain't got nuttin on DC 4th of July fireworks. Celebrating our nation's birthday in our nation's Capitol is AMAZING!!! You should really come and see for yourself.

Hanging out on base with the fam, C and my friend J. We played BS and I WON!

Fireworks over the monument = Amazing!!!

Oh hey hippy chick

Oh hey goober head.

iPhone pic to keep us busy while we sit in traffic.

Later that week C and I went the Nats vs Cubs game. This was not just ANY bball game though, C actually coached one of the relief pitchers for the Cubs so we went to see him play.

It also happened to be the game Mama Obama decided to show up in support of military families (which I find a little bit of an oxymoron, but won't get preachy). We could see all of the sniper teams sitting on different parts of the roofs which was pretty cool.

Here's a picture of C's boy. We tried to meet up with him after the game at the player's exit, but boys being boys didn't plan it very well. Luckily we went to another game later in the week and they were able to meet up. It is INSANE how long baseball boy friendships last. I was glad he was able to catch up with his friend.

It was a fun filled but super busy few weeks. It is so nice to have someone to do things with and I am glad we are both flexible (that's what she said ha) in planning. I think if I were more Type A I would have gotten annoyed because things changed constantly. But, with boys, really, what can you do?

ps.com I have never watched so much baseball in one week EVER! I forgot to mention we HAD to watch the baseball college world series the week before. Lawd have mercy!

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