March 26, 2012

FFFM: Bauble Bar Review

Hello ladies, happy Fun Fashion Find Monday!

Yes, I realized FRIDAY would be better alliteration but alas, Fridays are reserved for my favorite link up ever
Confession Fridays!

Anyhoodle, I have a FABULOUS fashion find for you ladies. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I can't remember where I first heard about BaubleBar, but once I perused their jewelry I was HOOKED!

What is BaubleBar you ask?

BaubleBar is the Ultimate destination for designer jewelry without the middleman markup.

Know what that means? Designer looking jewels without the designer PRICE!!!
Fabulous right?

Their website is incredibly user friendly. You can shop by New Arrivals, As Seen On, Jewelry Type, Collection etc. Pieces are available until they sell out, but don't worry about having STALE choices. OH NO, BaubleBar updates their merchandised FASHION boutiques every four weeks to keep with the fun new trends.

Worried about trying a new fashion piece but then hating it? Fear NOT friends. BaubleBar is 100% supportive of experimenting with styles and will accept refunds within 30 days and GET THIS....

If that doesn't pull you in, check this.
Every Friday they mark down 1 SPECIAL bauble to $10!
YES, $10 smackaroos for a pretty pretty bauble.

Every Friday they send a 'clue' regarding the location of this fabulous piece and you have to search their website to find it. Not only inexpensive but also FUN TO FIND!

After perusing their gorgeous selections I made my FIRST purchases and sat back to count the days until it arrived. Seriously, they couldn't get here fast enough. Thank goodness for online tracking.

Finally they appeared and man I was excited.

Isn't this sweet? Hand written and everything

LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE their packaging, so fun!

I mean, seriously what do you think?
Maybe these pieces aren't your style, but dearies, there is SOMETHING for EVERYONE on their website!

Here's a close up to see the detailing on the earrings.
Clearly y'all shouldn't be reading this anymore, but should be hightailing your classy selves to

Let me know your thoughts and your finds! <3


JMB said...

I have been seeing Bauble Bar pop up on the net quite a bit and I am ashamed to say that at first I thought it was a new beauty soap bahaha. I need to crawl out from my eastern KY rock a little more haha. LOVING all your amazing pieces and I KNOW you are pumped to sport your new preeeettty pink bracelets!!!! Maybe wear it with NAVY!? Read your email hahahaha

Page Twenty-Two said...

I keep hearing about this!! Glad to know someone has tried it and liked it! Great post:) I will be checking them out!

Carolyn said...

SO CUTE!!!!! I need to go check this out! :)

Holly said...

I've never seen this site before but I must have those earrings! Love how they included a handwritten note and the packaging is so pretty too (I save pretty boxes & things like that, Hoarder? Yes, yes I am). Anyway, headed to their site now. Thanks for sharing :)

Megan said...

I am LOOOVVVVINNGG those bracelets! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Trish said...

uh oh. another site for me to be addicted to. thanks :)

btw - love your nailpolish in these pics!

MessyDirtyHair said...

i have never heard of this site before but seems super cool, def will go check it out! love everything you got!

xx Kelly

Ashley said...

oooh i love all your picks! that pink bracelet is the bomb! um and your green nails?! amaze!! haha