July 3, 2014

Sorry, So Shallow

Nothing groundbreaking here today folks. I'm just talking fashion. And things I want, but don't want to pay the dolladolla bills to buy. Soooooooooo...who wants to help a sistah out ;) ?!?!

I've heard miraculous things about this foundation and am seriously considering biting the bullet. I do very much enjoy my foundation, but kind of want to see what the fuss is about Armani. Anyone use this brand and have any thoughts they want to share?
[found here]
Le Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh, this will hopefully be my next purse....someday. I hope. Now that I'm part of the LV family, I need to grow my collection. Guess I better start saving now right?!?!
I've had this necklace on my Pinterest board forever [follow me here], but everywhere I look it's sold out. Even the cheaper copy cats are gone, le wah. I'm a sucker for cornrowsandmanicuretoes pearls and bows and would rock the ish out of this necklace. If I could only find it...and not have to pay katespade prices :)!
I've only recently started my maxidress obsession [thanksamanda] and you can find me typing "maxi dress" into most of the online shops I visit. I love the shape and color [duh] and think the top would be super flattering for a smallbustedsistah. This dress might be making it into my closet...soon.
[found here]
Polka dots have become my new favorite pattern and any skirt or dress I come across I want, want, want. I don't really need a new dress, but wouldn't this be cute for a wedding? And then a fun date night dress? Wish I had a birthday coming up...this would be forwarded to Le Husband ASAP.
[found here]
I was a nawdy girl a few weeks back and indulged in the surprise Kate Spade 70% off sale. I mean, I honestly can't help it, the prices they had were pretty incredible for KS products. I snapped up this gorgeous tote bag, because I needed a new carryalltote and well, I still don't want to pull the trigger on the LV bag. I'm super excited, love the color and know it will be getting a ton of use very, very soon ;)!

I also snapped up this super colorful dress too. I have nothing like it in my closet and I'm trying to add good, quality dresses that can be dressed up or down for different events. I can't wait to rock it :)!

What are some of your latest obsessions or buys?


BLovedBoston said...

I have that foundation on my lust list too!! And the Neverfull - trust me you won't regret it - best investment!

Jessica said...

I have never tried that foundation, but have definitely heard good things! And I am LOVING your KS steals. 70% off? Amazing. How do I sign up to get news on sales like that!?! I think even my super frugal husband could agree that Kate Spade at those steals is a good deal:)

Alisha said...

I have not tried that foundation yet... I have heard good things if you have oily skin. Mine is super dry, so I have not pulled the trigger.

LOVE anything KS. So glad you were able to snatch that purse up! Adorable.

That polka dot dress is swoon worthy. Love it!

Janna Renee said...

I've been buying dresses too! You can always use more versatile dresses!

Illegally Blonde said...

That is the foundation I was using and took it back. Call me about it. Its great, but its very wet. so my oily skin could not use it. It just felt like I was constantly slick or shiny. but girl in my office loves it and is perfect for her. just not for me.

brooke lyn said...

that last dress, i need it in my life!

Georgina Castellucci said...

Love the polka dotted dress (and curious to see how the Armani foundation works, let us know!) xo

The Rachael Way said...

I'm obsessed with that KS bag! You did well, friend ;)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

yes!!!! I love that I made your post especially when it comes to my love....maxi dresses xoxoxoxo

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

That necklace is GORGEOUS! Get it. Get TWO and give ME one! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

The foundation is definitely worth the money! I use it in the winter when I need more coverage and L-O-V-E. So great!