April 17, 2012

Fashion Fun Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Friends! Thanks again for the birthday love, y'all make me feel oh so special!

Moving on, let's talk jewelry shall we? I may be a teeeeny tiny bit late to this party, but I must say I'm fashionably late (seewhatididthere?) What party you ask?!?!?!

The bracelet and jewelry stacking party!

I ADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE this look 100%+ some. I wish I had the budget for all of the high end pieces picture below, but I've been making due with what I have in my collection. Saturday night I dabbled in a little bracelet stacking to complete the BIRTHDAY OUTFIT, but sadly, again forgot a close up shot. DOUBLE DOUBLE DRAT! I MUST remember to be better about documenting my outfits and hair. 

Since I don't have any of my own pictures to share, I found some drool-worthy pictures on the Internet. Please enjoy, napkin NOT provided! ;)
What is your take on this trend?!?! Stack it or leave it?!!?


Jenn said...

Me likey!!!

Monica said...

I am just as late! I just finally started to stack my bracelets like a week ago!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I love this new "arm candy" trend...love love love!!! Great post!

Lisa said...

I love this trend!! My only problem is which order to stack everything in around my watch. These pictures definitely gave me some more ideas though, very excited to try them out!!

Sailing with bare feet said...

Love your Blog
I have a May photo a day challenge coming up!! I hope you join in the fun!!!!

Laura Darling said...

I tried to do this today (on a slightly smaller scale!) but by the end of the work day the bracelets were all over my desk. I couldn't type with all of them on my wrist! I love the way it looks though!

Janna Bogert said...

I DIE over those stackable Chevron rings...seriously lust over them.....