June 8, 2012

Confession Friday's Letters: Linkitup

These are my
I confess. . . I SPIT out my coffee when I read *THIS* post by Raven...I mean her son, Gunner. If you want a laugh check it out, but MAKE SURE you aren't drinking anything!

I confess. . . I almost screamed and ran the other way when I walked up to my car from the store yesterday. The driver's seat was pulled farther forward than usual and at first glance I thought someone was IN MY CAR. Luckily, I did a double take and saved myself from embarrassment.

I confess. . . there is a slight case of baby fever going on in my head. It's NOT MY FAULT, I've just been around too many adorable little children recently. I saw my Fresh Prince and Princess Kate last weekend and then Wednesday I visited a sweet one week old baby. SO PRECIOUS!
My Fresh Prince
Princess Kate is SOOO BIG!
Meet lil MAYMAY! One week old Tuesday!
  I confess. . . I haven't deleted the Facebook app on my iPhone #fail

I confess. . . The blog world makes me so happy! I heart you all <3!

I'm also linking up for Friday's Letters
Dear Friday: You took way too long this week, don't let it happen again THANKS! Dear Kickballers: This weekend is a big tournament, I expect NOTHING less than coming home as champs! WE GOT THIS! Dear Sissys: So excited all three of us will be on the field together Saturday. We are gonna have a blast, but we need to remember it's not ALL about us [psh who am I kidding, it totally is] Dear Le Beau: Thank you in advance for driving and for sharing a room with the three B ladies, I LOVE YOU! Dear Janna and Jaime: I am 2304830284 kinds of excited for our blate! Dear Brain: Stop thinking about cute cuddley babies! Yes, they are adorable, but let's try the whole engaged/married/living with a hubby deal first...FOR REAL! Dear Bishes: Kickball is the ISH! Get on board mmmmkkkkay!?!?


Page Twenty-Two said...

Those babies are so freaking cute!! No wonder u have baby fever:) Happy Friday, love!

Jenn said...

Babies babies babies....they're cute when they're not yours and you can give them back haha jk (kinda) :)
I jumped 3 times on my walk to work this morning cuz of weird noises or people behind me. So, I feel you on the being scared/car front!

Holly said...

OMG the babies are a-dorable! Too cute. And that's so funny about your car. When I first got the Equinox I almost had a heart attack after coming out of work not being able to find the old Cavalier. I seriously started to sweat when I realized I have my new car Blond moment :)

Erin said...

My kickball league starts in July! Can't wait to biff it everytime I'm up to the plate.

Carolyn said...

OMG! Raven's post had me laughing so hard! SO FUNNY! :)

It's ok that you have baby fever. Admission - I do too. :S

Love you! Happy weekend friend!!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

enjoyed your confessions! the blog world makes me happy, too :) found you via the link up xo

Janna Bogert said...

I keep randomly getting baby fever, but luckily it's over other peoples children. Still not ready for my own. Haha.