July 16, 2012

Quick Weekend Recap

Jelllo and happy Monday kitkat kids!

Not gonna lie, I can't believe today is Monday
where did the weekend go?

Oh wait, I know!

YUP YUP, a kickerball FILLED weekend.
but you already figured that out right?!?!

Instead of writing out my weekend I'm gonna list it. 
Don't have time to write much

In no particular or chronological order,


+I woke up early for the 5th weekend in a row.

+I did not update my Twitter account as much as I wanted.

+I was a proud big sister

+My team played in a kickball tournament

+We did NOT win.

+I dropped two hard catches.

+I made two awesome plays as a first baseman.

+I scored a run.

+ I was on a TV segment

+ I didn't go to church.

+ I slept in and had brunch with C.

+I watched 2 movies (U-571 and Basic).

+I now have a new movie to enjoy (Basic)

+My cousin did his first triathlon. SO precious!

+I was lazy and spent too much time on the couch.

+I told myself to enjoy the bliss of being lazy.

+I played my first indoor soccer game in basically 2 months.

+I kicked major @$$.

+I scored 2 goals.

+I almost got in a fight with a b!atch.

+I owned her in a tackle.

+I went to bed early, WHOOP!

*****************If you could spare a second, please say a quick prayer for Mama B. She went to the ER this morning because of nagging pain. NOT SUPER SERIOUS, but prayers are ALWAYS ALWAYS appreciated. Thank you lovies***********************
At least she has a sense of humor right?!!?

Linking up with Sami for her Weekend Update linkup.


Sami said...

Omgosh you were a busy bee this weekend! Your hair looked gorg on your TV segment you little celebrity you ;) Thanks for linking up doll!

Carolyn said...

Love that paparazzi pic of you on TV. :) Such a hottie.

I'm sending good wishes for your mama!!

Jenn said...

Sorry you didn't win this weekend. Glad you didn't have to cut a B (but still kicked her hiney). Love that I saw you on tv and was able to snap a pic! And I hope Mama B is ok!!! Sending happy thoughts!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Oh wow - congrats on the TV segment. Never heard of kickerball - seems cool!

Alisa Marie said...

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! You have such a cute blog, I'm now following :)


Janna Renee said...

Definitely positive thoughts for Mama B!!! Hope she's doing well!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Now that's an eventful weekend! On TV? Awesome!

Hope the heath issues have been resolved!

Thanks for linking up with us!