September 19, 2012

Happy 25th Birthday Babyspice

Today is a wonderful day.

Today marks a special day in the Brady Bunch household. 

Today, sweet, beautiful BabySpice turns 25 years old!





When did she get so big?


And GROWN UP!?!?!

Big sissy really can't believe it at all. 

But today, she turns 25, so celebrate her we will.

So this year enjoy some new and old pictures,

as I raise up at toast to my baby baby sissy.


Haaaaaaaaaaappppy 25th Babyspice! I love you baby sissy, even though you are worse than bird poop.  You make me laugh and smile and you give super fantastic hugs. Thanks for telling me when I'm being bossy, but for loving me anyway. I adore your heart and your funny humor, even if I don't get it all the time. You are amazing, end of story, that's all. I wuv ewe lots and lots!
Happy happy birthday happy birthday PANTS!
xoxo, Big sissy!


Jenn said...

Happy birthday to BabySpice!! Hope she has a FAB birthday!!

Nikki said...

Happy birthday baby spice! She looks so much like you!

Shannon Page said...

Happy Birthday to your little sis!!:)

Carolyn said...

So sweet! :) Happy birthday to your sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Babyspice!!!

The pictures are fun! I can tell you two are most definitely sisters :)

Jamie said...

Happy birthday to your sister!

Kate said...

Found you through the Walkabout!

Hope your little sister had a wonderful birthday! (:

Katelyn @ Livin' Our Love Song

Bitzy said...

Thanks everyone for the Birthday Love! It was indeed fantastic!!!