June 19, 2015

Bang, Bang Middle of Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune

WOOOOHOOO, Friday, you're here! While this week wasn't nearly as cuckoo bird as last week, I'm still excited to see your pretty Friday face :)! I'm pretty stoked for this weekend because it's our BIG DC kickball tournament and I'm playing on Saturday[coed] and Sunday [women's]. If anyone's in the area you should stop by and check out what competitive kickball is all about, it's much more intense than you imagine, trust me. I'm also excited to celebrate my fabulous daddy on Sunday, he's just such an amazing man!

Alright, let's get into some favorites, shall we?

Favorite quote of the week: Wouldn't it be wonderful to throw confetti when you were being kind? More people would be kind, right?!?! Do your part and be confetti kind this weekend :)!

Favorite picture of the week: How amazing is this picture? I love the concept and the story behind it, too. Basically the mothers wanted their girls to know they didn't have to choose between being a princess and getting dirty. From one of the girliest tomboys in world, I applaud their effort and hope this idea catches on like wildfire. #girlpower
Favorite video of the week: I'm a bit late to this video but I randomly found it on YouTube this week. I've always been a huge LC fan and learned a lot about her success and failures and how hard she's worked to get where she is today. The video is a bit long but well worth the watch. Check out some of her philanthropic efforts *here* and *here*.

Favorite links of the week:

+ When was the last time you just JUMPED IN?!?!

+ The nervous fliers guide to mid air bumps and glitches was such an informational read. If you're like me and don't like flying I highly suggest you check it out, STAT!

+ It's time to BREAK the influence of Consumerism!

+ A new theory on the missing Malaysian plane. Crazy it's still missing, right?

+ How amazing is this new budget friendly line at Whole Foods?!?!?

+ This post was an eye opener into the disease of being busy and how we are all losing our life to doing instead of loving our life and just simply living.

+ A great post that made me so happy I didn't have to deal with these 10 things in college.

Favorite funnies of the week: Babyspice sent me the beer one because I don't drink beer, I think it tastes horrible. Trust me, I've tried every kind and think it all tastes like fart, haha. Am I the only beer hater? #yucko


Shout out to all my fabulous TEACHER FRIENDS! CONGRATS, you made it to the end of the year! Thanks for all the hard work you put in all year and for all those that spend extra time at home working for their students. Y'all are amazing and I < 3 y'all!
Favorite Daddy shout out: I can't leave today without giving Daddy B a big I LOVE YOU, shout out. He's such an amazing man and I'm so grateful to him for everything in my life. We have do many fun memories together, but my wedding created some of my favorites ever. Especially our dance off! Thanks, Daddy for being the best guy in the world and for helping me keep my standards high. You are an incredible man and I love you dearly! All my love, POOKIE BEAR!


Hope y'all have a rocking Friday and a fabulous weekend!!!!! < 3

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The Rachael Way said...

Thank you for the teacher shout out! You are one of the sweetest ladies I know! Hope you have an awesome weekend :)

BLovedBoston said...

Bahaha that is so funny with the auto correct - sometimes I spell something and I know it's wrong but I just figure auto correct will get me and when it doesn't I'm like how far off was I lol! Hope you kick some butt at the tournament this weekend and happy father's day to your dad!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Cat W said...

I don't like the taste of beer. I also don't like the taste of coffee, which I know, between the two makes me kind of a freak of nature. I do like water and soda and tea :)

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Haha the dog cone wine thing was hilarious and the auto correct. I hate when it doesn't correct me, wtf?! And LOVE LC, could she be any more flawless? So jealous haha! Have an amazing weekend and good luck at your tournament!

<3, Pamela
Sequins & Sea Breezes

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

I always love your funnies! And I saw that frozen themed pic earlier too - so great!
And especially love those wedding pics of you and your daddy!
have the best wknd!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Awwwwww those pictures with your dad. Those just made my morning! So incredibly sweet! Yes girl for you to jump in ;-) LC is the best she is quite the mini mogul right? I can't tell you how many times autocorrect doesn't work for me and then I have to google the word. I hope you have a fabulous weekend love! xoxoxoxoxo

Amy Coose said...

Such great pics of you and your daddy! Love the funny captions, too.

Kathy@RealTalk said...

awww that pic of you and your pops!! so adorable. there's such a magical relationship/bond between a father and daughter <3

Liz Joiner said...

i'm a beer hater too! I thought I was the only one. Kyle looooovess it though. my drink of choice is a jack and coke. It looks like piss to me (sorry!) Everyone loves beer around us though, it must be a thing down here. And your dad looks awesome!

liz @ sundays with sophie

Mree said...

Beautiful pictures of you and your dad. So wonderful. Autocorrect is always autofail for me. When ever I write sec it always changes it to sex. I'm trying to write secretary. haha. have a great weekend.

The Southerndoe said...

Well I know what I'm going to be watching this morning with my coffee! We're such huge LC fans as well... and now I'm nostalgic for some old MTV reality-ness! Happy Friday!

The Southerndoe

Courtney B said...

I can't believe we are already over halfway through June! Yay for your tournament this weekend! I totally wish I could come watch! I think that's something I would definitely want to be apart of if I had the opportunity! Enjoy your weekend, girlfriend!!

MakeMeUpMia said...

Love that quote and that pic too, so cute :) Going to watch that LC video now. Happy weekend girl!

Brittany Watson said...

I love Lauren Conrad, and I guess I'm a little late to that video as well! I'm going to have to watch that soon.

I am definitely not a fan of beer, cider maybe...but does that even count as a beer? I love the picture of the giraffes though!

Have a great weekend!

Kelsey Mann Peacock said...

LOVE Lauren Conrad! I definitely need to check out that video. Those pictures of you and your dad from your wedding are so sweet!

christina @ the new mrs said...

That wine funny with the cone - perfect!!

Erin LFF said...

LOVING your funnies today hehe- so many good ones, I can't pick a favorite ;) I love the story behind the Frozen girlies too. I was equally into barbies and tea parties as I was playing in the woods and making mudpies as a kid- so I LOVE LOVE LOVE it :)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Loving those sweet pics of you and your dad, especially the one where he saw you in your wedding dress! And loving all your funnies - hilarious! Yay for a much better week, and cheers to the weekend :-D

Emily said...

Love your funnies and the daddy photos! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Lauren English said...

Oh my goodness I am laughing out loud at work at all those memes! That giraffe one just made me giggle for some reason. And thanks for the teacher shoutout...you can bet that this teacher is feeling pretty happy to be done with summer school one day from today!

Jen said...

I absolutely love that quote about happiness! :) It's so perfect. Have an amazing weekend.

courtney jones said...

You are definitely not the only beer hater! I dislike beer so much it smells gone off! Give me a cocktail or a glass of wine any day.

Carolyn said...

OMG. Lauren Conrad. OBSESSED with her!!! That video was so cool - thanks for sharing! :)

sayyestohappy said...

I LOVE the sweet little girls in their baseballs uniforms. How awesome and what a great message to send!

I also love Lauren Conrad, what an inspiration. I'll have to watch that video.

And lastly I LOVE the pictures of you and your dad what a sweet bond you obviously share!

Nadine Lynn said...

Kindness confetti sounds perfect! And those uniforms are awesome!!! I love LC and I haven't heard about this video. I will have to check it out at home when I can listen to it :)

That theory about the nose dive is quite interesting. And I really hope my area gets one of these 365 stores!!! That would be fabulous! Our produce selection isn't that great unless you want to drive 45 minutes. Ugh! Have a great weekend!

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

LOVE Freeze!!! And that Kindness confetti!! How cute. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Pink and Fabulous said...

I can't stop laughing at the lady in the pet cone trying to drink wine. AMAZING!

Cole said...

I thought I was the only beer hater! I'm glad I'm not alone. That FREEZE team is awesome. The giraffe meme had me laughing out loud. Ha!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That Freeze pictures is precious!!

Brianne said...

I love all the funnies! I can't even pick a favorite. I really dig the Freeze picture & the lesson that those parents are teaching their little girls.

Laura Marie Keenan said...

The title...LOVE! And I think beer is awful too! I don't even pretend to drink it, and it didn't in college either!