June 27, 2011

I'm in LOVE I'm in LOVE


That's right ya'll, this post is a mushy-gushy I'm so happy with Le Beau and I am completely 100% certain THIS is how I want to feel the rest of my life.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, NO I am not engaged. Not ready for that step yet. C and I will mark a year of dating next month, and I am happy where we are in life. We are content, we are in love, we are in sync, we are soooo coupley right now.

Get IT


All the LOVE songs make sense right now. Every time a sweet love song comes onto the radio I smile to myself and think of C. I finally have THAT person that makes the words come to life. They have meaning, they have life, they have US!
Oh me oh my, I'm an "US"!!! I am no longer just a ME! Biggest shocker in the world, I'M OKAY WITH IT!!!!
I LIKE having someone to consider and think about before I do something. I adore having someone to hold my hand when we walk to the grocery store. I get swept away every time we share a kiss, be it peck or longer. I want to be around C as MUCH as I can, even if we are just running errands or doing chores.

I'm usually not one to put down in writing to the world how I feel about someone. If we were facebook friends you wouldn't see much about how I feel about C. I mean, we have pictures together, but they aren't "Me and my boo who I love and adore so much! xoxo" (If that's you, I'm not judging, that's sweet. It's just not how I roll) My big thing about talking about my love is, WHAT DO I DO IF IT ALL GOES AWAY! I don't want some mushy post coming back to haunt me ya know?!?! And maybe it will here, but you know what? That's 2394803% A-OK with me.

Because no matter WHAT the future brings regarding C, I want to remember this feeling I have RIGHT NOW! This "Everything is alright in the world feeling". This "Now I understand what people mean when they say you know" feeling. This "Wow, I really COULD wake up next to this person every morning and feel like the luckiest girl in the world". THIS right here, RIGHT NOW is WHY it didn't work out with all those OTHER guys. THIS is the Love of your life. THIS is that happy feeling you hold onto when the grey days come around.

Le Beau has no idea I have a blog so he will probably never see this. But that's okay, this blog is mostly for me, but on the off chance I tell him here's a quick letter to my honey.
Dearest C,
Thank you for loving me. For choosing me and for showing me what REAL LOVE IS. You have changed my life forever and I want to thank you for all you do and all you are to me. I TRULY LOVE you with all of my PINK heart!
Miss P!nky

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