August 1, 2012

Quick DIY Post

I'm not a double poster normally.

Def not a double dipper...ewwww

I TOTALLY am a double ice cream scooper....yummy!

However, since I HAD to post about the awesome gymnastics this morning,
I decided to double up with this quick vlog.

YUP, another one, get excited...hahaha!

Just a quick video regarding 2 DIY's I did Monday while home sick.

Super fun and super easy!

My purdy new KEYS!!!

Here is the link for the Blogilates tutorial.

Again, super easy and fun. 

Let me know what you think!


Erin said...

I legit just made one of those shirts last week! Superdy duperdy easy, I love it. No sewing equals Erin can totally do it.

Holly said...

I've seen this tutorial on Pinterest before. Glad to see it works. Your keys look so pretty now :)

Alisa Marie said...

I've been wanting to do that to my keys for a long time now! Maybe I should just break down and do it!

Carolyn said...

First - feel better friend!! :(

Second - look at you go! I love all the crafts! Can you make me a shirt? BAHAHAHAHA JK. Not really though. Make me a shirt!

Third - Love the boyfriend key. Raar! :)

Sami said...

Um you look gorg even when home sick! I am home sick today and I do not look cute haha. I love both of those ideas, I will have to try them soon :)

Sarah said...

I made one of those keys for my old apartment. I got compliments all the time!

I just started following you and wanted to drop in and say hello :)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Janna Renee said...

I need to check this Blogilates out...that sounds fun! I actually want to get back to yoga too. I would kill for some hot yoga!

Jenn said...

I've wanted to do the keys for a while! Super cute! The t-shirt to tank looks real cute too!