August 14, 2012

The Olympics and my life are over.

Ok, that's a little dramatic.

But, I'm depressed.

As in Christmas is over depressed.

Okay that's a smidgen of an exaggeration, but I'm close.


I have lived, breathed, and slept LONDON 2012 this year.

My athletic US pride is MONUMENTAL and I have enjoyed, cringed, smiled, cried and revealed in the magic of the Olympics since they started in July.

And now, they are over.

Now I am sad.

I miss hearing the Olympic theme song every morning, afternoon and evening.

I miss cheering for my teams

I miss posting updates on Facebook.

I MISS THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!
Most decorated Olympian in history, mad props!

Could there be a better example for women!?!?!?

America's newest sweetheart is adorable and talented!
Take notice LiLo.

YES, I want to relieve it all over again.
Sadly I was unable to view the closing ceremonies
because I had a soccer game.
If we weren't short on girl subs, I would have bailed to watch.

But, now because I haven't seen the torch extinguished and the exchange for Rio, I'm in this limbo. I feel as though I missed the going away party for a best friend and now they are gone. 
Once I view the fun on DVR I think I'll be okay. 

My days will be spent rewatching Olympic videos until they stop appearing.

 CH-CH-CHECK out that medal count.
Peace out Russia and China, y'all can't handle the US of A!

What?!?!? I'm uber competitive with other countries. USA all the WAY

I told C I was going to be depressed once the games were over and he'd have to cheer me up. Well, that amazing man bought me pink flowers at the grocery store yesterday. Le sigh.

Football and shark week are fun to watch
but, I'm missing the Olympics like whoa.

Countdown to Rio starts NOW!

{disclaimer: yes, I know there are a 023480238402380423840 gobzillion kinds of worse things happening to everyone right now. This is a pityparty to the fullest. Life is good, but I'm bummed out}


Carolyn said...

I love how into the Olympics you are!! :) You're so cute. Also cute? The man buying you pink flowers. SO SWEET. Keeper alert.

Jenn said...

OH EM Geeee he got you flowers to cheer you up from your olympic depression??? SO sweet! Can he give MG some lessons in romance please?? :)

Courtney @ The Wags Daily said...

I feel the exact same way! I LOVED the Olympics this year.. My coworkers were like "Seriously, why do you care so much about when the Opening Ceremonies are?" ... Because its a big deal!