April 4, 2013

Failing Hard

I'm failing.

Flat out failing.

I failed at my three mile run yesterday.

I failed to pay my credit card bill on time.

I've failed at eating the way I should.

I've failed to get up and work out because I was tired.

My apartment is an homage of failing to be organized.

I've failed to be a good friend.

I failed to clean up my dishes after eating.

I've failed to read the WORD.

My Lent resolution...yep I failed there too.

I've failed to send a courtesy card to C's grandparents.

I've failed to return emails to wedding vendors.

I failed to meal plan the past two weeks.

I've failed to grant others grace when they needed it.

I fail to turn the TV off everyday.

My patience....yeah failed.

I have failed to be a stand up employee at work.

I've failed to help make dinner for hungry children with my church.

I have failed to complete many a blog post.

Grammar, yeah CONSTANT FAIL!!!!

I'm currently failing to keep my emotions in check.

I've failed to be a good fiancee, sister, and daughter.




And you know what....
failing blows.


And I'm so not buying the
Failing helps you get better, or you learn from your failures crap.*

Whoever said 'Fall down 7 times stand up 8'
forgot to mention falling down after the 8th stand up.
(yes, this is a pity party, but it's my pity party and I'll pity if I want to)

*choosing to turn off comments, because I'm not asking for sympathy. Just needed to vent. 

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