April 8, 2013

Shining Down on Me From Heaven

Easter  or the week after, always carries an extra promise and heartache for my family.

We lost my beautiful maternal grandmother in 2008 and sadly, five years [minus two days] later, her older sister was called to Heaven to join her.

My family is grieving and it hurts. She was the salt of the Earth, a true saint in human form

We received the sad news of failing health a few weeks ago, and I've been religiously praying for healing and no pain. There wasn't news this past week and I was hopeful things had taken an upswing and I would be addressing a wedding invitation to my sweet great aunt.

Sadly, Sunday morning we received the call she had passed on and is now with Jesus.

I'm sad I NEVER had the chance to make her special and delicious caramel cake. She was going to send me the recipe and I had hoped to SEND her my first attempt.

 You better believe that recipe will be mastered this month.


I'm a bit angry the invitation can't be sent anymore. Actually I'm very angry.

I KNEW even if I sent the invitation, the journey would be too far, and I NEVER expected her to make the trip. But, knowing that she would still be here on earth when I wed was enough for me.

But now, that's gone.

Today is April 8th and my heart is still broken from losing my grandmother.

Her not being able to attend my wedding in human form already hurts my heart. It hurt my heart the day she passed away.

I still remember my Mom holding the phone to my grandmother's ear, while I was back home in DC and crying while talking. I told her how much we would miss her and how much we loved her. And how much I was going to miss her on my wedding day.

And now that day is five months away and I'm already crying because she isn't here.

Now they are both gone and I'm sad.

And mad.

And just a bit drained.

Life is hard.

I'm clinging to the promise made just one week ago.

DEATH is not the end.

JESUS conquered the grave.

But, the loss of a loved one on earth is a hard burden to bear.

I will be turning to this hymn and many quotes this week.

Please pray for peace and grace for my family if you pray.

It will be appreciated more than you know.




Aleshea said...

Hey girl hey. I'm your Cara box partner. I figured I'd post a blog comment sent I don't think you got my email. Love all the pink on the blog and can't wait to stalk more. I also love that Carmel cake. Sad to hear about those family members but yay that their in a better place.

Jenn said...

I'm so sorry, Kaela! I know that she meant the world to you--we just talked about this the other day! I know it will be difficult without her there on your special day, too, but she WILL be there, with you and the rest of your family.
Sending you lots of love and hugs today!

Carolyn said...

Having good angels in heaven watching over you is pretty important. :) It sounds like you have two amazing ones!

Holly said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers for you and your family <3

Steve Finnell said...

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Nikki said...

I'm sorry girl! I feel your pain though. xoxo

shay said...

so sorry for your loss... hugs!

Ashley said...

thinking of you friend...and sending you lots of hugs. so sorry to hear about your grandma. BIG hugs.

Victoria // Oh So Pretty said...

Sending you many hugs, thoughts and prayers. May the Lord comfort and bless you and your family with peace and grace - allow you to feel His love and presence as you go through this time of pain and loss.