April 21, 2015

Tone It Up Tuesday

Morning, friends. I thought I'd take some time and talk about fitness today, cool? Awesome. As you all know I'm kind of a fitness addict and have really been working hard this year to accomplish my goals. Last year Le Husband and I were all about getting SWOLL and strong. I packed on a few pounds of muscle and saw a huge jump in the weight I was able to lift [60 pound jump with squats and 30 pound jump with chest]. Most women are scared to 'bulk up' [whole other post] but I was stoked to see my muscles come in and to see definition in my arms.

However, 2015 is a new year and so we've be trying a new workout together [for those interested we are doing the 5 by 5 via ARNOLD]. Well, we were until the middle of February when Le Husband was injured due to lifting. He's okay now, but he had to take a month and a half off of everything so our gym dates were on the nay-no list. Which meant I had to find a new routine, because with the weight I'm lifting I need a spotter at the gym and I hate asking randos to help me #snottygymgirl. It took me a week but I created an awesome workout plan and I figured I should document what I've been doing to see how it's working out for me.
[Full disclosure: This post was written and saved at the beginning of the month,when I was rocking it out. I started editing it last week and it was the same week I was a bit off my game. I know it probably doesn't matter whether I admit that here or not, but I want to be honest about my routines and share that I"m not perfect and do skip days/weeks]
6am yoga session at home - I love yogadownload.com and a 20 minute sessions is great in the mornings.
12pm Body Pump during lunchtime - I love this instructor and class! She really pushes us to work hard and it's a great way to start my week. I've gotten so much stronger in the class and it's fun seeing my friends every week.
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and how my legs feel. - I need to start hitting the pavement more often, at least 10 miles a week if not more. Still tyring to figure out where running will fit into all of my workouts.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner. - When I'm extremely active I get hurt if I don't stretch so I've been ADAMANT about getting some stretching in every day. My splits and pigeon are getting better, woohoo!

6am yoga session at home.
5pm Sports Conditioning class at Golds -This class kicks my @$$ every time but I love it. Sports conditioning is an extremely intense class full of sprints, plyo work, cardio work and weight work. I'm always drenched in sweat when class is over but I still feel great.
15-20 minute evening stretching before dinner.

Possible 6am yoga session at home. - Sometimes I skip Weds because Weds is my long day, I just listen to my body in the morning and take it day by day.
Either 10:30am yoga class or 12pm CXWORX core class. - I used to go to yoga but my gym added the CXWORX class at the beginning of April and I am now in love with CXWORX. The instructor is fantastic and even though it's only a 30 minute class I leave the gym shaking.
15-20 minute evening stretching before dinner.
745pm ballet class - I am so in love with ballet class and even though it's late in the evening, I get my hiney to class to do my plies and jetes. I really enjoy the barre stretch, too. #stretchthosehammies

6am yoga session at home.
12:30pm Yoga class - This yoga class is awesome but it's the one day that I often miss because of work. And it makes me mad when I miss it because I love how noodley and relaxed I feel after class. Our instructor is amazing and every class is unique. She even brings some essential oils for us to try in class and I'm *this* close to placing an order of oils. Anyone have suggestions?
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and my legs.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner.

6am yoga session at home.
12pm Body Pump during lunchtime. - Different instructor but still an awesome class. I like knowing that I've gotten in my workout on a Friday in case fun plans randomly pop up with friends.
Possible short run after work, depending on weather and how my legs feel.
15-20 minute evening stretching after dinner. 

Yes, I know that looks like a lot. And some days it is too much and I'll take the morning yoga session off my plate. But, this routine is one that has helped me feel fitter than I've ever felt and I'm able to measure how much I've improved in each class. I also realize how LUCKY I am to be able to work out on my lunch break and I never take that for granted. I know many of you would love to get your workout done in the middle of the day but are unable to because of your job. My work is always changing and who knows how long I'll be able to keep up my lunchtime workouts, so for now I'm hitting the gym every chance I can.

I used to do the same thing every day for my workouts but love how different each day is now. Your body needs change to produce change so make sure you are switching up your workouts every few months or so okay? I'm actually going to have to change up this schedule now because Le Husband is back to being healthy so we are starting up our gym dates again. I'll probably have to drop weight in my BP classes so I have enough fuel in the take for my evening workouts but other than that I think I'll be able to keep everything the same. One can hope right?

Since we're on the topic of fitness, I thought I'd share a quick plank video with y'all. It's almost bikini season and planks are one of my favorite ways to tone my midsection and strengthen my core. Let me know what you think of the video and please let me know if you have any questions. :)
 [I am not a certified trainer and as always honor your body and check with a doctor before you try any new fitness moves.]
Have a fabulous day, friends!


BLovedBoston said...

I think having a low impact workout and high impact in one day is great!! I just finished a HIIT workout as I type this - I was hoping to make it to the gym but the rain derailed that...maybe I'll still go at lunch LOL!! I love your weekday plan!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

Kathy@RealTalk said...

yessss! werk it, girl. all the different things you're doing works all the different muscles in your body so keep at it! i noticed that when i switched things up, i got stronger, bigger and more defined. love this!!

Myra said...

I love how you add in stretching after dinner! With all the weight training and cardio I've been doing lately, my body could use a good stretch. Thanks for the idea, lovely! xo

Julia said...

Love it, thanks for sharing! I've been doing more or less the same workouts (21 day fix) for a while now, and although each day is a little different so it does change it up within the program, I'm wondering if I should change to a different program for a while. I know it's important to keep your body guessing! I love/hate planks, haha! They are so challenging but you can totally feel them working!

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

Dang girl! I wish I had enough time to do all of that! I really do miss my Les Mills classes. CX Worx used to be one of my favorites. I took Body Pump but not regularly, Body Combat was my all time fav!!

<3, Pamela
Sequins & Sea Breezes

Amanda {Kids and Cabernet} said...

Look at you - work it girl!! You make it look so easy!

Andrea Nine said...

You GO girl! It's all about what makes you feel good!! Plus, you look amazing!!


Tori G said...

You are awesome! Work it gurl!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Seriously impressed with your 6:00am workouts. I am NOT a morning person, and sleep until the last possible second. That means I work out at lunch or after work *womp womp*. I used to be scared of bulking up too, but love seeing the definition in my arms and legs now. Get it gurlie :)

The Pink Growl said...

I love these kinds of fitness posts! You are kicking booty sister! Love seeing you on the video and hearing your voice too :) I'm curious about your 6am yoga - is this a video you have or what do you follow for that? Thanks girl!

carissajade said...

Awesome! Good for you for sticking to your goals, it really pays off. You should be proud of yourself. You're certainly an inspiration to me!

Jen said...

How awesome! You are for sure an inspiration! :)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

This is the best motivation for workout accountability girl! I am finally getting back into a regular routine and it has made such difference all around in my life! You are totally rocking it!!!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

you are absolutely amazing! get it girl. i am jealous of your ability to work out at lunch, and of course do body pump! it is literally not offered anywhere around here, so lame!! i miss that class so much it was SO fun. and yes to planks! they are the best aren't they?!

Meg Taylor said...

Seriously, you rock! I've been looking into some different things with yoga, and really want to give it a try. I admire your ability to go workout on your lunch break. I've always wanted to try that but am afraid of coming back to work all sweaty. Also, thanks for that plank video. I love doing planks but sometimes feel like I'm doing it wrong.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Obsessed with your flower crown!! So pretty! Glad you had a good birthday weekend - now I want to go bowling :)

Maddie said...

I love a good work out and this looks amazing! I will totally be trying this one, thanks for the share!!!

Candace Shiflet said...

yesss I am starting a new workout plan this week and so seeing this post is even more inspiring me to keep it up! I LOVE body pump, seriously such an awesome class, especially when the instructor is super into it!

Lovely Little Rants

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

You are hard core, girlie!! Love it (PS. I'm kinda hard core too but I get it all done at once)!

Emily said...

Love the video! Mainly cause I like doing my workouts at home so I will use all your plank tips to tone up (especially stomach) for the summer months! Great to hear your husband is recovered from the injury!

Jess said...

You go girl! I wish I had your dedication! I'm impressed.