November 8, 2011

Le Tuesday and iz Le Random

Ugh ya'll just major UGH! I can't seem to get my blogging act together and get actual POSTS out there. It's always lists and catch ups!
Yes, I KNOW I still haven't recapped Vegas! Patience loves patience! I am out of town next week for work and will have PLENTY of time to catch up and get things grooving on le Blog!
Sooooooooooo without further adieu iz "Le Tuesday and it's Le Random"

{Le One}Daylight savings time is a curse and awesome all in the same. I ADORE the extra hour of sleep, but now my day is all screwy because it's lighter in the morning and darker in the evening. I was exhausted last night and lo and behold it was only 830pm. Slap me silly and call me grandma!

{Le Two}Dark almond milk with peppermint tea steeped in it is my NEW FAVORITE pick me up drink! I first read about the combo on the Fitnessista's blog and LOVE IT! SO much healthier and cheaper than a Starbucks latte.

{Le Three}When did I become french....roll wiz it zokay?

{Le Four}Guess who gets to spend COMPANY time to Quality Check the newest Harry Potter's meeeeeeeeeeee it's meeeeeeeeee!!!!

{Le Five}Yesterday was Sportyspice and Blackops 3 year anniversary!!! YIPPEE and YIPES! They are doing well and he sent her 2 dozen roses! I am also helping him carry out an awesome present this Saturday....SO EXCITED!

{Le Six} I AM SUPER STOKED at the new friendships the blogging world has led me too. It truly is AMAZING what the world wide web can do (I'm looking at you JESSJESS and JENN!!!). I am going to the DC Blogger meet up in December and although alil nervous I can't WAIT!!!

{Le Seven}I am so glad I don't have a roommate! I don't miss it/living with her at all. I just read other people's horror stories and it made me relive my own. SO THANKFUL it's over!

{Le Eight} I want my leg to get better so I can wear my new shoes again.... :/

That's all! I know it's all text and random/boring but it's all I got!
Have a great one ya'll! Blessings and lurve to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


JMB said...

I love french Mik - wee, wee!
How come I have not heard of the roomie horror stories!??? SPILL

Holly said...

OMG I cannot adjust to Daylight Savings Time either. I keep falling asleep on the couch at 8 haha. And that is so cool about a blogger meet up... I'm not that far from DC! And having a roommate totally blows. Ugh, I have no idea how I was able to live the 10 months I had one. Anyway, hope you're having a good Tuesday :)

Jenn said...

1) I am SO over daylight savings time. I have one late work meeting and Im leaving when it's dark out. No bueno!
2) YAY for new bloggie friends and the meet up!
3) Boo for another reminder of my crappy roomie situation lol. You lucky lady!!

Clara Turbay said...

Love it all. Please take some time to check out