November 4, 2011

The time I cried at a Soccer Game

Yes, CAH-RIED!!!! I'm not talking tears because we won, tears because we loss or tears of frustration about my play. Nope, these were HOLY SH*ZZA WTFRICK just happened to me and WHY am I in so much pain????!?!?!?

All I know is one minute I was going up for a header the next I was landing on the turf and crying out and falling because my left calf was a HUMUNGO ball of pain. Pain that I couldn't put any weight on and was tightening by the second. I was face down in the turf, with those stupid pellets and turf grass pieces in my face crying.

Now, I'm NOT a crier while playing sports. Sure I'll shed tears watching heart warming videos, stories, sad stories, commercials, movies and so on...there is nothing wrong with crying. But, when it comes to athletic events I'm pretty poker face.

Yeah, not last night. We are talking ALL OUT BAWLING HEAVING SHOUTING having trouble breathing kind of crying.

I am so blessed to have great guy teammates because they immediately surrounded to help figure out what was wrong. One guy F figured out that I was majorly cramping and since that is common for him he knew exactly what to do. Which was stretch and massage it out, which


Seriously, I yelled at him and tried to pull my leg away several times. This was more pain than straining my quad, groin and compartment syndrome combined. After what felt like an eternity the pain subsided and I was able to stand halfway up. Since we only had one other girl on the field I couldn't come off so I just stood near the sideline out of the way.

Not being able to help your team is one of the worst feelings in the world. Luckily they were able to keep everything together playing 6 vs 10 and pull out a tie.

The kicker....the other team seemed to think I was FAKING to waste time so we would tie the game! Can you believe their audacity?!?! Not to mention cynicism! Sorry Charlie, it's not MY fault ya'll were losing 1-0 to a team of 8 vs 11. Oh wait, I mean 7 vs 10 since our guy got hurt and YOUR DA of a player got a red card.

Yes, you are correct, I FAKE CRIED SOBBED to waste the last 5 minutes of the game so it would end in a 1-1 tie. I have no pride, because this coed league game means more to me than my word and health.

GET A FRICKIN LIFE PRICKS! I'm NOT A FAKER! I hate that nonsense, I play until I physically can't!
YOU DON'T KNOW ME, so don't pretend to know me.

I WAS PISSED beyond belief and said some choice words to their team's coach who was a d*ck. I will confess I was unsportsmanlike and didn't even try to shake their hands because I was pissed. One of their girls did come over and see if I was ok which I appreciated, but holy frijoles have some class people.

It took me 5 minutes to walk to my car and showering, yeah that was an experience. C came over and tried to massage my calf before bed, but it was swollen and he didn't want to irritate it. I iced and took some meds and was able to drift off to sleep for a bit.

I am doing okay today, but my leg is still pretty tender and I am walking with the slightest of a limp. I HATE BEING HURT! Hopefully my leg will heal, which it should with all of the Powerade, bananas, sunflower seeds and almonds I am stuffing my face with. Potassium is apparently my best friend today.

I'm kind of bummed though because I was supposed to go out dancing with Sportyspice and her roomies for a bday party but there is NO WAY I can make it. Oh well, I'll still have fun at the pregame party at mi casa.

Please pray for a speedy/healthy recovery and have a blessed weekend friends!!!!

But now the pityparty stops! Caroline shared this video on her blog and when I watched it this morning I just started crying. What an amazing young man! Do yourself a favor and check it out, I promise you will feel inspired!


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Sarah D. said...

Hope you got some rest this weekend and your leg is feeling better!!