November 17, 2011

They wanna make me a striiipppperrr

{sung to the glorious tune of "I'm in LOVE with a STRIPPER"}
if that tune is now stuck in your head, you're welcome

Moving on…

I've been in NJ for more strike training for the past week. It's actually supereasyandfun not as bad as expected and I  really enjoy the people I am in class with. Ok, ok, maybe I'm the class baby sweetheart and everyone has been helpful and fun. It could be because I FINALLY got my corporate card situation squared away despite my own company dragging it's feet, but that's another story.

Yesterday I found out I have to do pole climbing training in 2 weeks. I was a little flabbergasted because I already danced trained on a pole 3 years ago. Normally I wouldn't mind taking the class again as I had a BLAST last pole climbing class and was pretty much the class rock-star. SERIOUSLY, I had Directors talking to me in halls about my prowess on the poles (cue laughter here). I am a little annoyed we are training now because have you been outside?!?!? It's FAHREEEZIN'!!!
Training outside at night in the cold, yeah Mama ain't pleased in the least.

I told C I had to practice on the poles again and he just chuckled. He is cool as long as I'm not really dancing on a pole in a club. I have heard his displeasure about that idea so drat, no making extra money for fun during these hard times (I kid I kid mom don't kill me).

Well, wouldn't you know...I received THIS special from a Social Deals website today....


Is the universe trying to tell me I belong on a pole?!?!?!

OH haaaaaaaaaaaaay <3


Amanda said...

Omg lol! I always wondered how those pole dancing classes were! I seriously have no coordination!

Melu103 said...

lol =) everyone actually says

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Jenn said...

I will totally go to the pole dancing class with you!!! hahah