November 28, 2011

ThankFUN holiday recap

Hey ya'll, how was your Thanksgiving?!?! Mine was Fabulous, FUN, crazy, UK fanatical, Family&travel filled, $$$ bleeding, BlackFrizzlewak...yeah it was FETCH {bringin'itbackbaby}

You can see my Thanksgiving day quick recap here! Despite my normal DISDAIN for Black Friday shopping, I was dragggggggged encouraged to join everyone in some LATE morning shopping. And I probably spent the MOST $$$ of anyone. But don't you worry, most of my gifts are awesome DUNZO. And I may or may not have bought some MORE Christmas decorations and fun toys...

Saturday the whole family ventured to watch the University of Kentucky vs the University of Tennesse football game. This was a hard one, because MAMA is from Tennessee and I've alwasys liked dem Wildcats. My appreciation has only grown from knowing Miss LouLou and Miss Kentucky Priss.

The game was fun, UK beat UT and it was CAHRAZY! The weather was awesome and I think everyone (but the Tennessee fans had fun). That night I was lucky enough to get my Aunt&Uncle's tickets for the Bball game and I was STOKED! UK BBALL is my FAAAAAAV!!!! I had a blasty, ya'll the atmosphere in that arena is AWESOME.

The drive home Sunday wasn't too bad, I was able to get unpacked eat dinner and then head to a late night soccer game. And of course meet up with my loverlover Cbaby <3 . I sure did miss him!

Pictures from the weekend!

{such an adorable model}
{Wedged in the back}
{Meeeeeet SNAPSSS!!!}

{Homemade Wreaths! So fun}

{Bipartisan for the Kentucky vs Tennessee football game}

{Everyone storming the field after UK beat UT for the first time in 6 years}
{Dream come true being able to watch the UK Men's Basketball team at RUPP arena}


These are ALL iphizzle pictures because I haven't downloaded others from my camera. But, history has shown if I don't post a recap within the first two days I'll never do it coughcoughVegascoughcough.
YA'LL are in for a TREAT this week. My first GUEST POSTS ever are coming your way. Be prepared to be amazed by these two goobers:

Make Monday Fantastical mmmkkkkay?!?!?


Jenn said...

I thought you just got the macbook, but you have the pro like me!!! Twins, we are! haha
So glad you had an awesome weekend! :)

Jessie said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I love UK football and basketball games. Rupp arena is the too! Glad you had fun and showed off your wildcat spirit!!!

Ashley said...

wow you seriously did do some crazy black friday shopping!

love all your pics! i so wish i was done with all my Christmas shopping!

and thank you so much for your email - you MADE my day! you are so sweet :)

Courtney B said...

What a fun and perfect weekend!! Actually... I am thinking it would've been perfect if your babe was with you!? ;)