November 10, 2011

Viva vino y Mexico

Meant to post this earlier today, but well life just got busy. So today was a get up late day which means a no washy el hairo dayo (too much spanglish, ooops). That means hair is up, and thanks to the blog world I have new fun twisty, braidy, hair up ideas.

I was half asleep doing my hair and picking out my outfit of choice today and when I quickly looked in the mirror I immediately thought "Yo, I'm looking alil mexicana today." Now BEFORE you jump to random conclusions, let splain somesing to you. I am 1/4 Mexican on my father's side. FOR RIZZLE! I'm also 1/16 American Indian, but that's another story. When I get tan, you can see my Mexican roots AND if you ever lay eyes on my Grandmama, you will 100% believe me.

Check Mexicana Pinky:

Not the best self picture taker but whatevs, ya'll get the gist right?

Anyway, today was the commute from hell and I was pretty sure I was gonna be pissy all evening. Cue, the ever awesome C and he made it all better. Boyfriend, Vino and a hug all make it better!

Hope ya'll less weather dreary day than we's nastywasty ovah herrrr!


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