February 2, 2012

Cancun Recap: Day 1

Morning lovies! I hope you are well. Get excited because today begins the Cancun Recap series. Yes, I know you have been waiting with baited breath (ok who am I kidding, this is just a great place to document my trip). I must warn you, some of these pictures are AWESOME but I am in NO WAY trying to make anyone jealous or shout out LOOK AT ME LOOK AT WHAT I DID! That's really not my style (shut your mouth babyspice), but I truly had an amazing time in Cancun and want to be able to remember everything later on in life. So, without further ADIEU......CANCUN 2012!

Day 1: Travel Day
Our travel day started off early...I'm talking 5:00 in the morning early. EEESH and eesh! Luckily this girl go to bed at a decent hour because she was already packed (cough cough, looking at you Le Beau). My daddy was super sweet and offered to take us to the airport, which was oh so sweet since it was early. We got there, checked in, got some breakfast and chilled until plane time. For some rando reason, we flew from DC to PHILLY (blech) to then connect to Cancun. Yeah, makes on sense to me but whatever, it's a free flight.

I was alil nervous about the flights, because to be 100% honest C and I are not the best travelers. I don't know WHAT the deal is, but we always have bad luck flying, crying kids on the plane, turbulent rides and often one of us isn't feeling well. However, the FLYING gods were looking out for us because both of our flights were easy and no screaming kids. The flight to Fo-PHILLY was not even an hour so we barely reached cruising altitude. And our second flight was pretty easy as well, we were one of the last people on the plane, because of our connection, but there wasn't ANYONE sitting with us so we got some extra room. The only boo card was we were stuck at the gate for 20 minutes while they tried to replace a seat in first class because some LUSH spilled all over it....rich people...can't take em anywhere.

My honeybear passed out as soon as we took off and that left lil ol me to brave the flight alone. You see, I'm not the bravest flier. I don't fear terrorists taking over the plane (take that jerks) or anything like that, however I am 100% fearful of something happening on takeoff and in the air due to turbulence. YES, call me a child, but I can't get over it. I know I have a terrified face when we take off, so I just try and close my eyes and pray and wait until cruising altitude. C is usually good, and will hold my hand, but when he's sleeping no dice.

Anyway, the flight to Mexico was fine, customs and passport check in wasn't too bad, maybe a 30 minute wait but again fine. When we exited the airport we were directed to the Apple Vacations van. If you ever use a travel agency I would recommend Apple, they were extremely helpful and very charismatic. The van ride to the resort was quick and easy and we made friends gave us the lay of the land and tips about dealing with cab drivers. We arrived at our hotel, The Gran Melia, and prepared to check in, change and head to the beach.
Which we did.....
After an HOUR of standing in the check in line. SERIOUSLY!!! AN HOUR! It was horrific. Mind you, there were only 4 groups of people in line and only 2 people working behind the desk. Everyone seemed to be upset about their room or something because we were in line forever. I definitely got pissypants face on because I saw other attendants hanging out not behind the desk. Seriously, if this was a hotel in the USA someone would have jumped behind the desk for better customer service. I was NOT happy and was probably not the nicest to the lady behind the desk, which I am sorry for, but we had been traveling all morning and I just wanted to get to my room.

FINALLY we made it to the room. Sadly we were not given an ocean view and neither C and I wanted to pay extra to upgrade since we wouldn't be there most of the time. Below are some pictures of the resort.
I am cheating and using some pictures from the second day, but I didn't want to have ALL OF those pictures in one post. So here are beautiful pictures of the resort where we stayed.
(I will give a complete review of my view of the hotel service at the end)

These vines were hanging throughout the resort. This was right outside our room.

One of the epi-centers of the resort.

View from the stairs we had to walk everyday.
Home for the week

Yep, that's a bade! No I didn't use it, but I had to share that we had one.

"Lagoon view" from our room. This is over the parking lot and the road.

We stayed near the timeshares, and walked by these boards every day.

Board hallway

Such a lovely view don't you think?
Some of the cabanas in the resort

King Size bed YES PLEASE!

After checking in and looking around for awhile it was time to hit the beach and relax. Oh, but before doing so it was time for a drink or two on the beach. Oh yeah, and we were offered cigars and POT on the beach by vendors. Ummm, not sure WHAT about me screams pot head, but we declined. The beach was soooo gorgeous even late into the afternoon.
The Beach view that greeted us once we arrived.

Hotel from the beach

Stunna shades on...maybe this is why they thought we wanted to buy pot?!?!

Helllllo PARADISE!!!
Once the sun set, we went back to the room, changed and then hit the gym for a quick workout. Yes, we worked out, it was much needed after everything it took to get to Cancun and I really didn't want to lose everything I did getting ready for the beach.
On the way back to the gym we ran into C's coworkers so we chatted for a bit. C, was very kind and gave me a heads up so I could put my ponytail up nicely and threw on some makeup. All of his coworkers were very sweet and it was nice to meet them. Let me just say though, all of them were married and had at least a 9 year old child. Yeah, C and I were the babies of the group. It definitely made for some fun talks later in the trip.

After the gym it was time for a late dinner which we took at the buffet. To eat at the restaurants you had to make reservations before 5pm that day which we didn't know about, so it was buffet. The food was pretty good and since we were all inclusive we got free drinks too! Hello free wine :)! Stuffed and satisfied it was time to head back to the room to pass out to be well rested for the next day.

Stay tuned for my DAY 2 tomorrow.


Carolyn said...

Travel days are always so hectic! HAHA :) But beach time and gym time... YOU'RE MOTIVATED! :) So proud of you.

Megan said...

I would've gotten sassy for having to wait an hour to check in! So glad everything was sorted out & you enjoyed your first night!

Michelle P said...

Looks amazing!

Holly said...

I'm so glad to hear your traveling went well. It's usually a stressful process. I know I'm really worried about it. Did you fly from BWI or Dulles? We are flying to and from BWI.

The resort is gorgeous! I love the little cabanas. And the beach... ahh beautiful! That's funny about the pot. I would have been scared haha. Looks like you had a great start :)

Jenn said...

Looks AWESOME (I like the "rich people, cant take them anywhere"...made me giggle) :)

Monica said...

Sounds great so far!!

Janna Renee said...

I HAVE been waiting with baited breath! No kidding. I too get scared that something is going to happen on the plane, but that might be because I was in a mini plane crash...You resort was gorgeous, which you already know, and I am so not surprised that you worked out! You are such a good girl ;) We don't end up working out on vacations, but we stay active and ALWAYS take the stairs. Even if it almost kills us.