February 7, 2012

Cancun Recap: Day 3

Hello lovies! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was going to post a weekend recap instead of a Cancun recap yesterday (just to keep things freshyfreshy) but never got around to it. There was almost a vlog of me cooking and dancing around my kitchen, but was a teeeeny bit too embarrassing. Sorry Charlies.

On to my Cancun Recap Day 3.

If you remember from my last post, C and I were out till way late so we were indulged and slept in which was GLORIOUS! But with the sun shining we knew we had to get up and seize the day. We got up and headed down to the breakfast buffet and sat in the outdoor veranda. So gorgeous! Let me just say the COFFEE there was amazing. The food was pretty good, nothing fantastic, but good for breakfast.  

Our gorgeous view every morning

VIP pool view

So purdy
Once breakfast was over we raced back to the room, threw on bathing suits and head to the BEACH!!!! It was super pretty outside, but there were some clouds in the distance so we jumped into playing in the waves, laying in the sand and RELAXING. Such hard work, I KNOW!

Pretty beach

See that line of rain?!!? Yep, it didn't reach us for a LONG TIME thankfully

Yes, we brought a kickball down to Cancun....don't judge me!

I am pretty darn proud of my photography skills thank you very much

My Crossfit crazy boyfriend...box jumps where ever possible!
Those crossfit jumps and playing in the ocean made us both famished so we moved up to the pool to get some food. Ya'll the chicken quesadilla's and guacamole were amazing, seriously the best I've ever had. We were happy to move up to the pool because the rain was coming in and the cabana's provided some shade and shelter. I was very happy to enjoy a few all inclusive drinks as well!
After a fun afternoon, the rain decided to come out and play.

Hello rain....you can't rain on OUR parade!

Super sad boy didn't want to leave the ocean....so mad at me!
Playing at the beach and pool all day completely wore us out so with the rain it was time for a quick nap before our workout. Yes, we worked out on vacation....hush! We had reservations at the very fancy Italian restaurant on the resort so we got all jazzed up. I wore one of my favorite dresses from Forever 21 that I've had since....HIGHSCHOOL! Yeah, again HUSH! It is super stretchy thank goodness! I love the flowers and colors, very UNPINKY but still one of my favorites. Or course I had to try and capture the super fly outfits on film.

Nice one Honey, thanks a lot!


Gotta teach that boy to look at the camera....
TEMPO was a very pretty restaurant and had some amazing items on their menu. I was torn between the Lobster (extra money) and the Chilean Sea Bass which is one of my all time favorite dishes. After much thought I chose the Sea Bass and C got the lamb chops. We ate with a different work couple at Tempo and the company was great. I was really happy to meet all of the people C works with and their spouses. It is always fun to meet new people.

Our table
After dinner it was time for a photo shoot in our fun clothes.

I need to get better at posing for pictures...any tips?

I think the camera had too many drinks

Pretty center of the resort

Me without a flash

Me with the flash....one of my favorites

Hello Casanova

So studly.....yum ;)

Couple without the flash pic....love the vines in the background

Another one of my new favorites.

Being out in the sun all day made us pretty tired so we had a couple drinks with friends then crashed out. I wasn't too upset about it though because we were up early the next morning for our Excursion to ANCIENT MAYAN RUINS! Unfortunately I did not get much sleep as anticipated because I got SICK from the Sea Bass :(! I'll spare you the details but Lil Miss Pinky was not happy. I knew I should have gotten the LOBSTER!!!

See you tomorrow for an excursion recap! xoxo


Carolyn said...

OH NO!!! YOU GOT SICK!?!!?!?? That sucks! :(

Looks like you had a great day! And I'm so stinking proud of you working out on vacation. You go girl. :)

Page Twenty-Two said...

These pics are AWESOME!! must have been so nice to wake up to that view every day!! WOW I am impressed that you worked out on vaca!! I did that once ever - and it was for about 10 minutes! haha

JMB said...

How hot do you two look!?? Love that the boytoy box jumps everywhere haha, hilarious! And that menu sounds so good from Tempo!! I hate that you got sick sissybelle :( but your pictures are gorgeous! I would love to have seen this video of you cooking and dancing!!! xo

Olivia Kitchens said...

Pictures are beautiful. Making me miss Cancun really badly

Valerie Griffin said...

Great pics!

Alyssa said...

Oh NO! Can't believe you got sick! :( The rest of the trip looks/sounds amazing though!!! So beautiful!

Holly said...

That view is gorgeous! It's too bad it rained but rain rarely lasts long at the beach anyway. Looks like you had a nice evening out for dinner. Love the pictures and your dress too. Hope you weren't sick too long.

Janna Renee said...

I totally think you should post the video...just sayin'! I LOVE your dress. It is so perfect!

Beth Dunn said...

You two look adorable!

Sabrina said...

beautiful beautiful pics!!!amazing blog!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!

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*Butler, Party of 2* said...

Girl, y'all look GREAT!!! Your pics make me SO ready for a vacation! I love Mexico!