February 13, 2012

Mix-Mash Weekend Recap

Hello lovely ladies, it's Monday and it's a doozy over here, but more on that later.

This weekend was a mix of relaxation, sadness, good food, Le Beau time, kickball practice in the snow (WHAT?!), skipping church (bad girl) and cleaning. WOW, that's a super random sentence of mishmash words.

I believe I have mentioned my parent's are redoing the kitchen, which morphed into redoing the floors on the main floor, which has morphed into new things for the family room. Well, I received this picture text from him with the caption below.
____ Girls TABLE!
 Now, BEFORE you judge and think we are bunch-o-weirdos (which we are, who am I kidding) there is a long story behind this. Which I will share at another juncture in the future, because, well it's LONG! Long story short, SportySpice and I used to tell BabySpice she was adopted until that word was OUTLAWED in our house. Being the creative genius that I was AM, I changed orphan to dolphin and told BabySpice she was from the dolphanage. MEAN BIG SISTER AWARD OVER HERE! So now, dolphins are an inside joke with my familia....So there you are..welcome to my world of weird.

You will be happy to know (hopefully) that C and I's lil tiff was nothing and things were fine on Friday. I played the nice GF and texted first (Patonthebackthanks). The Safeway by my house completely over-ordered Lobster and they were selling tails for $5, I'm not kidding. Well I grabbed a bunch and take a look at the beauties before baking!

We did dinner then watched the #2 POC movie because C hadn't seen the whole series. I'm not a big fan of the 2nd Pirates movie, it's much too dark and deathy for me. I LOVE the 3rd movie the best <3

Saturday IT SNOWED! And this girl went to kickball practice. Yes, I'm a dummy! Yes, I'm a loser! Yes, I should have stayed home! But darn it, someone sent out a motivating text and I COULDN'T be that girl. I got some good reps in and feel much more confident for our big tourney on Saturday.

Oh yeah, did I mention....FLO-RIDA ON THURSDAY!!!! Super stoked! Bring on the sun BAYBAY!
not bragging...don't hate me! I love you lots..k thanks

For dinner Saturday, I finally tried out my Crock Pot and made an amazing Chicken and Mushroom meal. OHMIWORD ya'll, best thing ever. Prep the food and have it ready when you come back home?!?!? YES PLEASE! We watched the 3rd POC to finish the trilogy (yes I know there is a 4th, I just don't have it yet) and called it an early night because we were both super tired. The cold will do that to ya folks!

Even though I slept in Sunday, I was feeling kind of off and didn't want to leave my apartment. Which meant, no church. Which meant BAD GIRL! I knew I should have gotten up and gone to church, but for whatever reason I didn't. And I suffered for it most of the morning. Lent is coming and I'm SOOO unprepared :( That needs to change ASAP!

C and I decided Sunday was going to be our 'cheat day' and made pasta with homemade meatballs (a la yours truly!). We decided to invite Sportyspice since she's kind of cool, but she turned us down. We wuz hurtz! Oh well more food for us. WAIT WHAT!?!?!? 10 minutes before the meal is done she changes her mind?!?!?! I think I need to rename her SNEAKYSPICE! Dinner was delish of course and during ice cream time we watched a bunch of those "Sh3t ____ Say". Good times, ya'll good times.

Batting lessons in the kitchen...but of course!

While writing this post I decided to quickly email Sportyspice "GOT HEEEEM", because that was our joke after dinner, due to "Sh$t Baseball Players Say" video watching. (C is a ball player as is BlackOps so we like to make fun of them.) Anyway, 5 minutes later I receive an email from her saying this...

Chicks dig ball players!
Seriously she made my day! Love it!

I am in need of some humor and an extra hug or two today. For whatever reason I'm feeling a lil low, overwhelmed and icky. (Thanks in part to mother nature...TMI sorry!) I think I'm still feeling bad for skipping church yesterday and for not getting everything done I wanted to. Not trying to be a whiner, but keeping it real in Pinkland. There's a lil friend issue that has been bothering me for awhile that I just don't know what to do about. Right now it's too personal to share, but I will probably be looking for advice in the sometime future. Thanks in advice <3

I hope everyone had a good weekend and ya'lls Monday is going well. This girl is pumpin up the attitude and the cubicle with some KUMBIA KINGS and I'm gonna OWN the rest of MONDAY! BOOOOOYAH!!!!!!!!


Page Twenty-Two said...

You're going to Florida?? You lucky lady - you are having lots of fun in the sun! LOVE the dolphin joke - that cracked me up! Looks like a great weekend:)

jessica said...

ok seriously i want that dolphin table right now! and dolphanage! so funny and clever, love it.

hmmm i want one of them lobster tails right now!

oh and i super jealous you're going to florida. have fun for me, too!

Jenn said...

Sending you TONS of hugs!!! *muah muah*

I love dolphins,and that table is awesome! haha

Carolyn said...

OH NO!!! I'm sending you some bright pink sparkle hugs right now. Love you!!! :)

Don't beat yourself up about not going to church... everyone needs a break now and then!

JMB said...

OK, you are my BIG SUPPORT SYSTEM when I feel sad so I AM IN YO CORNER SISSSYBELLE!!!! CHEER UP LOVER DOVER!!! I thought about skipping church yesterday {but ended up skipping last night} and I think I payed the price for it because I had a wild Monday morning and was late for work and ALL that good stuff so JUST know, your sister in Kentucky is having her typical Monday as well :)
Here for you! Whatever you need!!
Love the baseball in the kitchen!!! You know that's my sport!! Ready to guest blog for you this Friday! YOU KNOW I DIDN'T forget this time!!!

Monica said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend, You can't be happy happy all the time. Hope everything works out soon and would be happy to offer any advice :)

Alyssa said...

Hope you feel better soon, that time always sucks! :( Don't feel guilty for skipping church! There are three pastors in my family and I've done my fair share of skipping! :)

Holly said...

Sending hugs your way! Glad you had a good weekend. And Florida?! You lucky duck you :)

Caitlin C. said...

Hahhah - the dolphinage! How CUTE is that! Your blog is adorable :)

Ashley said...

the dolphin table story cracked me up. you have the silliest family stories - love it!!

hope you're weekend is starting off great and you have an amazing V-day with your spicy man! :)