February 9, 2012

Cancun Recap: Day 5 (Our Last Day)

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! It's my last Cancun recap! Siiiiiiiiiiiiigh, last day in Cancun!
Le Sigh!
Le Sigh!
Le Sigh!

What?!?! My trip is almost over? Iz u kiddingz me?! Iz one sad bunny :(!

Okay, don't hate me, I know I shouldn't be whining. But seriously, the trip went by in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden we were going "wait, we leave tomorrow? We are going back to the real world? Will they serve all inclusive drinks whenever we want? NO?!?! DARN!"

We got back from Chichen Itza pretty late in the evening the night before and so we didn't have any dinner reservations. C was a sweetheart and agreed to try the sushi place on the resort. Sadly, he said that was the last time he was eating sushi, and I really can't blame him. There was NOTHING for a first time sushigoer and I really was NOT impressed with their rolls. After dinner it was early bedtime because we were wiped.

With the previous nights early bedtime C and I were up and ready to go around 7ish the next morning. SO guess how we started our day?!!?! If you guess THE GYM...winner winner chicken dinner!
Yes, we didn't want to deal with working out later so we got up and headed to the gym for a quick workout.
*In lieu of full disclosure I will say at first I was NOT FOR IT! I just wanted to lay around and be lazy. I'm very glad my honey convinced me otherwise because I felt AWESOME after*

We continued with the usual routine, gym, breakfast buffet then back to the room to get ready for the beach. It was GLORIOUS outside, absolutely the prettiest day in Cancun. Lots of sun which meant LOTS of sunscreen. Caffinated, sunscreened and excited as children we head to the beach for a day in the sun.

G to the ORGEOUS VIEW! Who wants to leave this EVER!?!? Not me!

My boo ready for the last day on the beach

Blue skies, blue water and beautiful sand

Le Sigh

Token toes in the sand shot
If I had to describe Le Beau in ONE word it would be ATHLETE! The kid does NOT like to stop moving around (unless he's playing  stupid his favorite computer games) especially if there is an open space anywhere. Laying on a beach chair soaking up the sun, SO not his thing. Playing in the waves and body surfing for hours, right up his alley. Can you guess what we did first?!!? Yep waves!

We even started a trend of other people venturing out to the sand bar to surf too. A few of them got in my way (how rude) but some of C's coworkers came out too. We bought an underwater camera and I can't WAIT to see the pictures of us playing in the water or bodysurfing, they should be a hoot and a half.

Those waves were AWESOME to ride

Beach picture!

Darn person swimming!

Someone went to copy my kickball idea....(ps.com check out the hotty in the speedo yowza)
We were bodysurfing for a good 1 and a half before our tummies started to rumble. I had to to basically drag the lil boy OUT of the water, such a kid. We both felt we needed some food, more sunscreen and shade so we headed to "THE CABANA" spot all of the company people migrated to. Time for some DRINKS and QUESADILLAS! Oh wait, did I just hear the MC say beach volleyball?!!?? Welp, there goes my boyfriend. Homie played 3 games (after I re-applied sunscreen, mom in training here) of beach volleyball and I read my Kindle, drank some drinks and TRIED to find a waitress for food. Everyone seemed to be out on the beach so they waitresses/waiters were running around like crazy. Which made me even hungrier so I may have ordered 2 chicken quesadillas, a cheeseburger and chips...SHH, it's vacation!
While waiting for our food, I ventured over to watch the boytoy in action. Hubbahubba, he's a pretty fabulous athlete. Too bad the other dudes on his team were European and on the larger side. His team lost but he had a blast so that's all that mattered. I also did a photoshoot to pass the time while waiting for our food. Please enjoy!

View from pool to the ocean

Artsy....maybe?!?! No!?!?

Look at those waves

Beautiful shades of blue

Hey you, pay attention to me!!!

Much better honey

Blue as faaaaaaaaaaaaar as the eye can see


The red flag means NO PERSONAS! We got yelled at the first day playing around that area, oops

The food arrived and we stuffed our faces because we were famished. Of course as soon as we finished eating homeboy was all "let's go back and play in the waves." Um no way JOSE (hahaha funny cause I'm in Mexico), we MUST wait at least 25 minutes so we don't cramp up. Old wives tale or not there is NO WAY I want to pull his hiney through a riptide because he got a cramp. So, it was C naptime and Pinky read time until the timer went off. The other couples were too tired to come play with us so I asked if they would take pictures of us bodysurfing. We finished our drinks, reapplied sunscreen and ran back down to the beach for the last session in the water.

There we are walking on the sand bar

Seee the people in the water?!?! Yeah that's us!!!

BODY SURFING....or in C's case flying...haha

This session lasted about 2 hours as well and lil Miss Pinky was getting pretty tired. I think I swallowed half of the ocean the last 3 waves. I was a good girlfriend though and let C continue to play to his hearts content. It wasn't until my tummy started rumbling again that I pulled the I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired whine. Okay, it wasn't really a whine, but he would have stayed till dark. We rode the last few waves and walked back up to the pool to swim around a bit, have a few more drinks and basically say goodbye to the beauty that is Cancun.

Yes, one more shot of the Kickball

Sun setting sky over the sea
LE SIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH again! The last day on the beach was amazeballs and I'm heartsick looking back on my pictures. Seriously, that last picture is so beautiful I could cry. Sad face times a billion!

Despite the constant sunscreen application throughout the day, I am sad and very embarrassed to say Pinky....well she got PINK! I was bizzleburrned and crispy :(! I believe the culprit was playing in the sun so early and having the rays reflect off the water for the first 2 hours. Darn darn double darn, I was a really good girl the whole trip, stupid sun reflection. (oh and sidenote....guess who's peeling now?!?!?! yeah GROSS! So mad! Ugh) Luckily it was more of "super pale skin hasn't seen the sun in forever burn" and not a "you were out in the sun for waaaaaay too long and really did damage burn" {Okay, I know a burn is a burn is a burn is possible skin cancer, but I WORE SUNSCREEN don't yell at me}

Our last dinner was "Al Fresco" and delicious. I had my heart set on Lobster but sadly we were there 2 lobsters too late, poopsicle (checkitjenn)! I enjoyed my meal and the company and the wine too, le duh! We went back up to the room after dinner to do a little packing then came down to join the group for one last group drink session. YEAH SIKE! I think collectively in a 10 person group there were 7 unfinished drinks on the table when we left. Everyone was soooooooooooo tired and just ready for bed and NO ONE wanted to drink anymore. There was no way THIS girl was riding home on a plane hungover.

Last couple picture before we left Cancun. Please don't judge the pink skin
We had to meet the bus at 9am the next morning so we got up, finished packing, had breakfast and then went to check out. Which, of course took FOREVER AGAIN! Shesh, Gran Melia.....ya'll really need to do something about that situation, that's all I'm saying. Oh and wouldn't you know, they bumped us to the 8:45am bus, which meant we were late (WHICH I HATE TIMES A GOOGLEGOPLEX) but finally we were on the bus to the airport. Customs and the first flight was a breeze, although it was super packed. I wrote quick bullet points about the trip to make sure I didn't leave anything out for ya'll :)!

The flights were fine, we were just super exhausted when we got home. My fabulous family came to pick us up and Sportyspice was a looney toon as usual. I am so blessed to have such funny and helpful family, they made the trip back the apartments much more enjoyable. Then it was time to unpack do laundry and PASS THE HIZZZECK OUT!

Cute couple on the flight back to the good ol USA!
Our trip to Cancun was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better vacation or a better person to vacation with. C and I had a blast and it was truly a wonderful experience. If you can get down to Cancun or any beach front area DO IT! And just once in your life try and book an all inclusive, I PROMISE it is worth it. Not having to worry about food or drinks the entire time was such a relief and the staff does a great job pampering. Also, if you are ever near ANY HISTORICAL or ANCIENT RUINS do yourself the honor and GO look at them. History is fantastic and you will never forget stepping on ancient soil, I promise.

I hope you enjoyed the recaps and they weren't too long winded! I enjoyed sharing my trip with ya'll and again a special shout out to my fabulous guest posters!

Have a fabulous Thursday sweets!


Michelle P said...

What underwater camera did you use? I had a disposable one from Walgreens last year, and they turned out ok, but not great. I'm also thinking about just getting a waterproof case.

Great pictures!

Jenn said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! And, I totally want to borrow the last dress in this post! Ok? Thanks!! haha

Page Twenty-Two said...

Awesome pics - that water is soo blue and soo gorgeous!! I'm one who can't sit still either! I can lay out for a bit but then I get bored! Bet you are counting down the days til you can take another vaca!! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

Great pictures!

Ashley said...

you guys CERTAINLY got your fun out of cancun!! love all these pics - you truly look so happy!

Holly said...

What an awesome trip! I'm loving all the blue in your photos... so gorgeous! I cannot believe how active you and C are. When we go on our trip I think I'll be putting on the pounds from eating all the yummy food and laying on the beach all day haha. That's what a vacation is for, right?! Glad you had a great time & a safe trip home :)

Carolyn said...

Sounds like such a great trip! It makes me miss Maui. :( Vacationing with your boo is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

And you are brave. I did not go further into the ocean than my waist. Jake kept calling me a chicken. So what if I was. HAHAHAHA

Janna Renee said...

Le sigh is RIGHT. I want to keep living vicariously through you! haha. At least you only got crispy on the last day! I'm bad about sunscreen, so it would have been the first day for me!