February 10, 2012


Oh sweet Confession Fridays it's been too too long! So glad to have you back in my life...

1. I am 2348903850358% happy Cancun Recaps are done. They were so much fun to write, but there were also 3048 other things I wanted to blog about. Did you miss them....no worries you can check em out *here*, *here*, *here*, *here* and *here*!

2. Last Saturday my sister and I went out to a club to celebrate a good friends birthday. He got a table and the vodka and bubbly was flowing. Even though I KNOW straight hair isn't IN right now, I busted out my straightener. Must say I was very happy with the resultes. And I MAY have dressed a lil slizzy since I hadn't been out in FOREVER!

3. My bff's birthday was yesterday and I still haven't found the right gift for her. So, I stopped by CVS to find small and fun things to compliment the bigger gift I have YET to find. Guess who walked out $50 in the hole on NAIL POLISHES for herself?!!? Essie line you SLAY ME!

4. Dear Married Ladies....I don't know HOW you do it! C and I had a stupid lil spat (no worries nothing major just egos and stupid stuff) last night on the way home from dodgeball. I can't not express HOW AWESOME it was to go to my own apartment and have him go to his. We needed space and living a part is seriously the best thing during arguments. Ladies, I don't know what I'm going to do if we take it to the next level and have to walk into the same house pissed....Lawd help us!

5. Building him a doghouse out back sounds like a good idea....no!?!!? Come on!


8. I'm not a huge Valentine's day girl...SHOCKER I know! One holiday all about PINK!?! I love the colors, but really don't like the pressure everyone is under. A card and a single flower would be sweet, but ehhh not the biggest deal in the world to me. Sorry!

7. Reading the book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" has completed changed my mind on food. I will be going hungry because now I only wanna buy local. Book review coming soon.

8. I am 320480348230 kinds of excited for my Florida trip next week! BRING IT SFKO!

9. Last night I made my OWN protein bars and they are DELISH! I used the Fitnessista's recipe found *here* but made a few tweaks because I didn't have all the supplies. Make sure you  have applesauce and plain butter works just fine instead of Earth Balance. What are you waiting for, go bake!

10. Finally...since I received multiple requests, here is the video of me dancing in the kitchen before making dinner. Yes, it is embarrassing, but it's what the people want apparently! (hey MISS Kentucky Priss...the shirt I'm wearing is a shout out to you sissybelle!)

I'm also linking up with my girl Shannon for Fun Photo Friday! The top two pictures represent a SUPER FUN night with awesome friends. I definitely felt like it was 2007 and I was partying like no tomorrow!



Carolyn said...

Um. Here's hoping straight hair is at least semi cool since mine is as straight as a board and doesn't like a curl very much. HAHA :)

I wish I could watch that video. Stupid work. Maybe tonight!!

Essie polish is the best. LOVE IT.

Page Twenty-Two said...

Love it! and especially love the pink leggings - rock it girl:) Happy Friday! Thanks for linking up!!

Monica said...

Great post!! That video is awesome!

Jenn said...

The video made my day :)
Snap yo fingers! :)

Heather said...

Fearlessness! Love the video!

Alyssa said...

Gotta love Essie!! They'll get ya every time!

Courtney Johnson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the video...

bonbon said...

I"ll be interested to read your review of Animal Vegetable Miracle. Is it nonfiction? I read Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver and really liked it. I didn't know she had written another book. Can't wait to hear the review. and P.S. Cancn looks like it was a blast!!! So jealous!


Janna Renee said...

OMG I LOVE your video!!! Made my night, and not in a "laughing at you way", more like a "laughing with you" ;) About your little spat, I used to want to "be alone" when we would argue, but then I started realizing that I didn't like time away from him and ESPECIALLY when we were fighting. I wanted to fix it and move on. It took several years to get to that point, but once we did- fights grew less and less. Now I can't even remember our last fight. Now it's just blissful <3

jessica said...

just found your blog. you are rocking those pink leggings, girl.

following you now..hope you follow me back.