February 3, 2012

Cancun Recap: Day 2

Hey lovies it's FRIDAY!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Usually I do a Confessions post but wanted to keep the ball rolling with the Cancun Recaps.

Day 2: First full day in Mexico

We weren't able to sleep in too much Thursday morning because C had a morning meeting from 9-12 and we wanted to eat bfast together. So, it was up around 730ish then breakfast outside on the patio then he left for the meeting I went around to get some things settled. The resort had a buffet running throughout the day, but they also had restaurants to eat in aas well. However, you had to make reservation so I made all of the reservations for the week. GO ME! Alas, that only took 10 minutes which meant I still had hours to kill before Le Beau could join me on the beach. If I had been tanner, I would have just chilled on the beach or at the pool, but PALENESSMONSTER didn't want to get burned the first day.

So I went upstairs changed into the swimmy suite and walked around the resort to take pictures. All of the resort pictures you saw yesterday were taken on the second day because I was bored. WOW, I sounds so lame.

Behold the beautiful coverup SportySpice let me borrow. SAWEEEET!

When I finished walking around, I still had time to kill, soooooooooo instead of just getting hammered, I got a few drinks and then GOT A PEDICURE! Since I didn't have time to get one done before I thought, "no time like the present right?!?!" (Thanks for the suggestion Carolyn winkwink). The spa was very very pretty and clean. I was only able to take a few pictures before the lady came to take care of my toes. I didn't want her to think I was a weirdo.

Once I was done I took my pink tootsies to the pool, because darn it, I was ready for the sun and the sand and the surf.

Helllllo swim up pool bar

Purdy pink toes!

Pretty surf

C had to do some work after the meeting so I went to the room and dragged him down to the beach to play. We played in the waves, got some drinks and tanned. As much fun as it was hanging out at the pool by myself, it was so much more fun with my love next to me.


After a fun filled day in the sun it was time to get cleaned up for dinner. Our first night we went to a Mexican restaurant and it was super delish. We ate with one couple from C's work and had a really good time. Let me just say, words are freeflowin when there's unlimited wine to be drank. There may or may not have been a conversation about C and I getting hitched while in Mexico. (NO WORRIES, I am still a  Miss heehee). The staff was wonderful and the company was great too.
Another super cute dress SportySpice let me borrow.

yeah, she might not get it back ;)

Our couple pic try = FAIL!
Despite not wanting to leave the resort,  C and I along with two other couples made the trek down to the CLUBBING district. One of C's colleagues told us we had to join them to go to Coco Bongo because it was one of the best clubs around. Getting dressed up to go dancing, I'm in! We had to wait for a bit in line, because it was a ZOO out there. We all bought wristbands for $50 for all you can drink all night, which I thought was steep, but just went with it. One of the guys in the group was a super smooth talker and he actually got us VIP status for free, oh haaaaaaaaaay! Security in this clubs was the shizz! For real! Our bags were checked, the guys were patted down, I had to throw away my eyedrops (!) and then they scanned our bracelet bar code.

What they call "Little Las Vegas"



Waiting in line
Apparently I did NOT notice the signs outside that said "SHOW" and was completely confused when we walked in and there was a stage up high. I was only able to check that out quickly before being distracted by the ladies dancing on the bar. There was a square bar in the center of the floor and we were at a table right in front of it. THANK YOU SWEET TALKING MAN!

C immediately said wow they have on a lot of makeup.....glad he notice that and not the dresses ;)

Dudes like to dance TOO!

The show was basically a Cabaret show and it was fantastic. The reproduced different scenes from different movies and portrayed different singers. Elvis, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, The Mask, Lady Gaga, BeetleJuice, Pirates of the Carribean, Cirque, Beyonce....and the list goes on.

In between sets they would pull girls up on the bar to dance and spray down confetti, smoke, blow air horns, drop balloons, it was insane and so much fun. I must admit Lil Miss Pinkness made an appearance or two on the top of the bar, but I was pulled up there by one of the wives. I kept it classy though, don't worry. There was a mother daughter team up there and OHMIWORD that was crazy. I will say it was awesome being able to see everything while up there and MORE DRINKS!!!
Ladies on the bar and the show in the back



Crowd shot

If any of you ladies show up ANYWHERE sporting one of these...I will hunt you down and burn it before your eyes. I am NO FASHIONISTA but that's a hellllllllllllllz NO!

Elvis was in the HOUSE


They ended with a John 3:16 verse, incredibly moving.
C and I had a blast for real. It was a rockin good time and I loved having him with me because it was really crowded. Even though I wanted more personal space I was so comfortable because he was watching out for me. Around 1ish we were both over the drunkies running into us and being pushed around so we left. The cab ride home was hysterical because the driver thought we were married and when I told him we were only dating he was like "WHY NOT, HE'S A GREAT GUY!" The entire trip was about convincing me to marry C, too funny. That guy was working for a tip!

My poor feet were tore UP from all the dancing right after a pedicure. I used to do this in college when I was out for too long in heels. I swear by it!

Day 3 coming up next week! Happy Friday Ladies!


Page Twenty-Two said...

HAHAHA my man would also notice the "too much makeup" on the dancers at the bar!! Love your pink pedi:) Those pics are awesome!!

Jessie said...

COCO BONGO! COCO BONGO! OMG hahaha! I went to Cancun my sophomore year of college for spring break! Totally remember that club! ahhhh! This post had me smiling!

Looks like you had so much fun! Your ourfits were adorable! LOVE IT!!!!!


Michelle P said...

Looks like such a good time! LOVE IT!

Monica said...

awww I am loving reading about your trip!! I love the clubs in Cancun :)

Carolyn said...

Love this! It looks like you had an absolute blast!!!!! And I'm so proud of you for getting a pedicure. :)

That club sounds like so much fun! And that last pic of you two is ADORABLE!!!!! LOVE IT. :)

Ashley said...

love all your sassy outfits chica! AND that swim-up pool bar - AMAZE! looks like you and your man had such an amazing (and WELL-DESERVED) trip!

Janna Renee said...

Um..you are SUCH a fashionista thus far! Plus every picture, I was like "Dang- you so fly!" J/K, but seriously- you were glowing! No wonder every one thought y'all were married. I love how you two are cultivating your relationship <3 I LOVE that last picture as well...