November 13, 2012

Guest Post: Busy Bee

Today's guest is from the far away land of Minnie ;)!
Minnesota for you non Minnie peeps!

Kristin is absolutely precious.

If all is well, right now she will have
her first born in her arms.
[Hope you cooperated baby nugget]

I love her wit and girl takes some awesome pictures.

Go check her out!

Hello Pink Persistence enthusiasts! 
My name is Kristin and I live at a fun little blog called Busy Bee which is all about me and my new little family. 

You see, I was married on November 5th 2011 and by the time you are reading this I SHOULD have a brand new baby girl (due November 8th). We also have a 4 year old fur child name Bailey who is the teeny little cutie face in the above photo. 

I "met" the adorable and hilarious Pinky through blogging quite some time ago, and while I think she is pretty great we vastly disagree on something very important.....our favorite color.

If you've read even ONE of Pinky's posts you know that homegirl is OBSESSED with the color pink...her name is frickin' PINKY for crying out loud. 

Me on the other hand....I am NOT a fan of color. I get critized for it all the time and I've tried to incorporate color into my life, and while I've been getting better and making some strides, I am always, always, always going to gravitate towards black, white & gray.

Exhibit A:
My Wedding
Every last detail of my wedding was either black or white...the tables, the flowers, the cake, the wedding party, the shoes, the favors, the invites....EVERY.THING.

Exhibit B.
My Wardrobe.
Pretty sure I can count the number of colored clothing items on one hand.

Exhibit C:
My blog.
I swear, my blog is really fun...despite the lack of color!

Exhibit D:
My Nursery. 
No, you're not going blind, there is yellow in the baby's room! Yellow is pretty much the one color I can handle...and I felt like a terrible mother passing on my color-phobia to my baby, so splashes of yellow is about all I could muster.

Exhibit E:
My whip.
I bought this pretty little lady in August (needed a mom car people). Her name is Harlow, and SURPRISE, she's black and white.

OK, I think you get the picture.

The only pink item I own is these sweatpants:
Granted, they are my favorite sweatpants!
Somehow, Pinky still likes me enough to let me take over her blog for a day! What a gem!

I hope all of you will be as sweet as Pinky and embrace me (and my blog) despite my lack of colorfulness.


Jenn said...

It's ok to rock the colors you love (even if it's black and white). All the better to have accent colors to make everything pop!

Carolyn said...

Love it! Two of my favorites in one spot! SQUEAL! :)

Janna Renee said...

First off...she is GORGEOUS and second, I just want to eat up that dog!!

Jamie said...

LOVE your nursery!