November 20, 2012

Mach Zero to Mach Five Zillion

The past 48 hours have been insane.

I've gone from not doing anything
to doing everything.

Basically I've gone from


Want to light your hair on fire without matches?

Leave work for 6 days straight right before a holiday.

Trust me, it works! ;)


try having your dad's side of the family

come into town for a SURPISE
birthday for his mom

Thanksgiving week!


And, ohemgosh I gotta get everything ready?!

In two days!?!?

Normally I'd spend a week getting my apartment
ready for my aunt and uncle
to use instead of a hotel.

But, now, I only have 1 more day!


Sooooo not enough time for a hospitality perfectionist!

However, I'm not complaining.

I love my family and am super excited to see everyone.

Normally our family Thanksgiving is just
immediate family with a bf or two.

So, having everyone around is super fantastic!

C is even going to be in town this year
[so stinkin' excited]
which  makes it extra special.

Since I was away in paradise last week
the fact Thanksgiving is THURSDAY
has me baffled.

Wasn't it just summa summa summa time?!?

I digress.

Sorry, this post is all over the place.

You know what else is all over the place?

This morning has been nutzo.

I spilled my blueberries
Left my coffee [went to grab it]
Was late to the gym for morning workout with C
Packed the most random lunch
[tuna and 5 types of fruit]
Almost forgot my purse
and the kicker
FORGOT to pack a regular BRA in my gym bag.

Thank HEAVEN for 3 layers and itty bittys today.


Yep, I'm a mess.

But I'm a happy mess!

I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

I'll probably pop in on Thursday to be thankful,
but otherwise I'll catch y'all next week!



Carolyn said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! OMG. Most random post ever!!! :) I love it! Have so much fun with all of your family!!

Nikki said...

OMG you really are all over the place! LOL!

I love the "itty bittys" I love the fact that I can do that too! More power to us!

Jenn said...

Aww poor girl--it'll all get done, don't worry. Just focus as much as you can on whatever is high priority! You can do it!!!!

Janna Renee said...

Oh man. My sympathies about only having one day to get ready for fam. I'm sure you will do great!!

Holly said...

You seriously crack me up! It's always hectic this time of year. Hope your day got better yesterday :)