November 16, 2012

Guest Post: Messy Dirty Hair

HAPPY stinkin' Friday.

Well, I'm sure y'all are rejoicing, but this lil girl is pouting.

Friday means my vacation is ALMOST over, #wah!

Anyhoo, today my girl Kelly is visiting.

Kelly is responsible for helping embrace my inner Messy Hair.

Because of her, I've gone 3 days without washing my hair,
what what!

Read on and embrace the MESS kids!


Well hello there pinky readers! I'm Kelly & I blog over at Messy.Dirty.Hair.. While the pinkster is gone I'm here to fill in for the day! But don't worry your pretty little faces she'll be back soon. But in the mean time I just wanted to talk about life real quick. It moves fast. Too fast....& sometimes we are all so wrapped up in our own lives that we don't ever stop to actually enjoy life. 


Life is hard, really hard. We just keep going & never stop. With all the constant interaction we have at our finger tips its no wonder we all get so wrapped up in the hustle & bustle of life. Personally I annoy the hell outta myself when I am actually relaxing & I check my phone & then literally 5 minutes later I check it again. And for what? It's not like something drastic has changed in those 5 minutes.  I need to realize it's okay to disconnect. It's okay to take a moment out of my everyday just for me. 


So I challenge you to all take some time this week for yourself. Put down your phones. Get off the computer.  Get disconnected. Don't worry it will all be there when you get back. Do something for you. Take a break from your hectic life & just enjoy being alive. 
Thank you so much Pinky for having me & I hope to see you all around The Mess


Jamie said...

It's OK, ladies!... Have a great weekend!

Janna Renee said...

Oh how I love you both!!!!!!!