February 27, 2014

Paging Wendy Worrier

Normally I'm not a worry.

I mean I'm a woman, so of course I worry about things.

But, I'm not known as a worrier.

I'm the optimist, expecting and hoping things
will work out in the end.

I'm who the worriers express their worries to
and then tell them it will be okay.
 But, there are times I find myself worrying about things
that absolutely ridiculous.

Things that I have no control over.

Recently I started watching the show Parenthood.
[Oh my goodness it's amazing. If you aren't watching
you need to start ASAP!]

Anyway, in the show the family is constantly dealing
with issues with siblings and kids.

Which somehow got me thinking about
my future [future] rugrats
and the joys and trials that are parenting.

And all of a sudden a flood of WHAT-IFs
started rolling around in my brain.

What will I do if I have a super girly girl?

How will I parent a lil boy?

Will my daughter talk to me like I talked to my mom?

Oh Lawd, will I survive teenage years?

What if they have a major attitude?

What if they are the school ho-ho or pimpdaddy?

What if they get bullied?

Or worse, what if they are the bully?

What if they aren't the least bit athletic?

What if they only enjoy drama, something I know NOTHING about?

Who is going to give the talk?

What if they are really picky eaters?

What if they go through a Gothic phase?

Or a I hate everyone phase?

What if it's not a phase?

Strangly, Le Husband and I have talked about different scenarios
and I'm lucky to have such a cool headed guy.

Obviously, when the time comes, we will do our best
to figure things out as most parents do.

But, parents or future parents out there,
have you ever had these worries?!?!

Am I crazy?!!?

Happy almost FRIDAY friends!


Jenn said...
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Illegally Blonde said...

Holy worrywhort... talk like 5 deep breaths. No I worry too and I am not even married anymore. its normal, I mean we are women, its our job to freak out.

Sarah said...

I'm a Huuuuuuuuuge 'what if' person as well and it's just so bad for our soul, let alone our hearts! Just try to focus on the here and now and not worry about the future so much!

{Jessica} said...

I am a huge worrier - and now with Caleb around, I have even more to worry about. I just have to tell myself, "One day at a time." After all, Caleb won't grow up and face all of life's challenges in one day. Thank God!

Courtney B said...

I've been wondering if I should start watching that show!!
Honestly, you are TOTALLY being normal! But I'm finding out that this is why they come to us so tiny, innocent and pure! And this is why we need them to depend on us for everything at first. You love the ones you serve the most, if that makes sense. The more you do for someone, especially your little, the more your love grows! And although they grow so quickly, it's in small stages so that we are able to take things day by day and you learn how that child needs to be parented. Does that makes sense? So it's still TOTALLY scary, but once you have your babe, the awesomeness totally outweighs the fear and unknown!

Brittany said...

Whenever I think about my future kids I have these thoughts. Parenting seems so scary! There is so much to learn and to teach to your kids and omygoodness I just hope they will turn out okay.

And yes Parenthood is the absolute best show ever

Janna Renee said...

Haha we still don't plan on having kids, so I'm super happy I don't have to worry about these things. Either way, you will do GRREAT. Don't fret.

Carolyn said...

Being a mom is definitely a pass to join the worry club. It's not always fun, but the love you feel makes all the gray hairs worth it! HAHA