February 28, 2014

Lust List {swim suits}

Last weekend I was in SUNNY, warm, beautiful Florida 
for a kickball tournament and I LOVED IT!

It made me think of my favorite season, 
and all the joy she brings.

And while I am in no way shape or form ready to be in a swim suit,
it got me thinking about a new suit for 2014.

I decided to look through Pinterest for some inspiration.

Here are my top five picks.

1] I love the stripes and the detail on the top. I'm mega into the crisscross right now.
2] I've always loved the look of a classy one piece and this neckline and color is EXACTLY the kind of suit I would love to rock.The open back is the best part!
3] Being a member of the ittybitty club, I'm constantly on the look out for a top that 'poofsup' the ladies. The frills aren't just functional, but super cute too. And I love them on the bottoms too.
4] Personally I think every girl needs a classic red, white and blue suit to rock on July 4th and any other day you're feeling patriotic. However, I'm not a fan of a trashy American flag suit, so this bandeau top and bottom is the perfect, classy, combination.
5] Nothing screams summer like neon and bright colors. While this swim suit will require the most work at the gym to rock, this one is my favorite. I love the top and the crisscross bottoms are fabulous. I just wish this chick's body came with the suit, haha! ;)
What swim suits do you have your eyes on this year?

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{Jessica} said...

Loving the criscross suits in the first and last picture. And hoping that I am in swimsuit shape by June - when we will be heading to the beach:) Happy Friday, sweet girl!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Love the crisscross suits. These are all so cute but #1,2 and 5 are my favs. Have a great weekend!

Tattered To Taylored said...

Thanks for sharing a one piece! I just don't rock bikinis anymore but I love that one piece!

Have a great friday!

xoxo Tattered to Taylored

Tattered To Taylored said...

Thanks for sharing a one piece! I just don't rock bikinis anymore but I love that one piece!

Have a great friday!

xoxo Tattered to Taylored

Jenn said...

I love the first and last one (especially the neon color), just not sure I'd want those tan lines haha.
The ruffled one is really cute, too--I could definitely see you wearing that!
Fingers crossed for warm weather sooner rather than later!!!

Caitlin C said...

Loving this whole post! Swimsuits have been on my mind for weeks! I'm so ready for great weather and sunshine again!

Caitlin C

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

ooo I'm loving the bows or the neon pink/green!!

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

Loving that once piece! So awesome--do you know who makes it?! Happy Friday, sweets! Xx.

Illegally Blonde said...

love me some neon. I have one from Lulu from last year with neon and crosses... but alas my body may not be quite there yet or ever if you really want me to be honest. But then again when are we ever really happy with our bods? I think you could totally rock the ruffle top!

Ang Samp said...

I'm stopping by from the linkup. These suits are all so cute. I totally wish I was bikini ready though. Got a lot of work to do, but looking at suits is good motivation!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I want all of these! I have an ungodly amount of swimsuits that I probably shouldn't buy any for like 5 more years.. but I can never help myself!

M. said...

found you via the link up ;) I am in swim suit mode too... I blogged about one today too. not nearly ready to shimmy into one yet, but hiding behind the comfort of a computer screen whilst shopping feels pretty okay for now! :)

have a great weekend!

Janna Renee said...

I'm obsessed with Montce swimsuits this year! I just love them.

Carolyn said...

Oh man. Swimsuits. HAHA I better go find my mom suit now. :)