March 3, 2014

A Migh-TY Monday

This weekend....

I might have drank too much sangria celebrating a sissy's bday.

We might have rode to the bar in our parent's mini van.

Le Husband and I might have felt a bit old at the bar.

might still have boogied down like I was 24.

Saturday morning might have been a bit rough ;)!

might almost be caught up on Downton Abbey.

might have finally seen my best friend L's third child.

She might be the cutest lil thing in the world.

might have held her for three hours. 

She might have slept on me the whole time. 

It might have been the best feeling in the world. 

might have put out a spring towel, even though it's snowing.

might have almost reached a personal record lifting.

might have worn a headband a la Ke$ha at the gym.

It might have been to make Le Husband laugh, which he did.

There might have been a dance party in our kitchen while cooking dinner.

might have actually turned on the Oscar's last night.

They might have been vetoed three minutes later ;).

might have stayed up a bit too late reading a new book.

might have done the snow dance Sunday night. 

It might have worked and today I might be working from home.

How was your weekend?

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The Pink Growl said...

I might be jealous if you are working from home!

Lora Ashley said...

Ah working from home! I should've done that today too!

Illegally Blonde said...

Love you mights. I snowed here, but also I am at work. boo!

Jenn said...

YAY! Im glad you got to stay home today and enjoy it! :)
Sounds like you had a good time celebrating with the sisters--dancing like you're 24 is awesome :)

Noor said...

Owh , your towel looks great!!!

Jamie said...

Snow day! Hope you're staying warm.

Katie said...

Haha, I should put out some spring towels and decorations! Anything to trick me into thinking that it will one day be warm again!

Becky G said...

Cute list of mights! Thanks for linking up with Funday Monday!

Bella said...

I also have bright kitchen towels! I'm ready for Spring to get here already.

You can never drink too much celebrating a loved one's birthday! :)

Thanks for linkin' up!

{Jessica} said...

I might think this is the most fun post ever:) Love it!

All about the spring towels, regardless of the weather outside! Spring will come eventually:)

And I love, love, love that you all rocked the minivan for a night out on the town. That's the way to do it!:)

The Rachael Way said...

I absolutely approve of all of these! Thank you SO much for linking up!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

The dance party in the kitchen sounds like a blast. Working from home is the best, minus the snow part.

ItsTheNewTwenty said...

I might have gotten drunk at the bar last night banking on a snow day. As of 5 am, they still hadn't called it. I thought I might die. Luckily by 6 we were closed!

Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie said...

I have a weakness for sangria, too! My towels that are hanging up on the oven are fall themed, but some spring ones would be nice. I'll just go ahead and forget that winter ever happened. :) Thanks for linking up for Weekly Wrap Up!

Janna Renee said...

Haha I can relate to all of this! This is how I feel when I go out with my sister to celebrate!

Carolyn said...

I MIGHT be really wishing that we could be drinking sangria together. HAHA

Pam said...
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Pam said...

I might love the way you used "might" in all of your sentences! Sounds like a great weekend!