March 14, 2014

Hair today....

Gone tomorrow.
Well, at least my hair will be gone.
Or different.

It's been a long time since I've change my hair up,
mostly in part to my nuptials last year.

I've taken big risks with my hair, in the past.

I've been blonde, brunette, slight red head
and dark brown on top with red engine color on the bottom.

Man, I loved that look.
Please ignore the sweaty ponytail. It was the only picture I could find
that displayed the color difference well.

But now that I'm 30, I feel like I need to keep it a bit more,
toned down in the office.

In the past I've chopped it off around my bday,
for a new, fresh spring look.

However, this year I ask Le Husband his opinion,
just for funzies and he said "Why not keep it long? And dye it dark".

Well alright then, long and dark we shall try.

And that's where I need some girl help.
[no offense honey].

What color do you like best?
I don't want to just do DARK with no dimension,
but I don't want to have too much blonde.

Below are the five styles I found on Pinterest
for inspiration.

Numbero Uno
[dark brown, with light ombre effect]
Numero Dos
[dark brown with light, small blonde highlights]
Numero Tres
[dark brown with caramel highlights]
Numero Cuatro
[Kate Middleton brown with natural highlights]
Numero Cinco
[all over brown hair]
Which look is your favorite? What should I go with regarding color?

Le Husband has told me what he likes, but sometimes dudes
don't always know best haha ;)!

Dance party...
*linking up here again!*


Jessica said...

Of course I love all things Kate, so I don't think you could ever go wrong modeling anything after her!:) BUT, that said, that first picture of Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous, and I think you could def pull of a bit of ombre. I say go for it! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Happy Friday, sweet friend!:)

Caitlin C said...

My absolute favorites are one and two. I can't wait to see which one you go with!

Caitlin C

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I am going through the same dilemma right now! I'm leaning towards the Kate Beckinsale ombre look...looking forward to seeing which one you select!

Jenn said...

Number one and number 5 are my favorites for you!
Hope the decision is easy! :) Im sure you'll look great no matter what you end up picking!

Tattered To Taylored said...

I love number 1! Its the nice amount of light brown!

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Hoolllyyy hairspiration. All of those looks are beeeaaauuutiful! xx

Illegally Blonde said...

I vote 1. Its also bc I am sporting am ombre as well now and I love it! I kept some small highlights around my face just to avoid shock of all darker blonde. And nice thing is less touch ups and you can always easily add blonde back in. Send me pics!

Alisha said...

I would say either Kate's. :) I adore anything KM, but really love the look of KB, and think that would look amazing!! Good luck! Hair is so tough to decide sometimes!

Jamie said...

I like number one. I want to look like a model like that when I grow up.

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

Love both the Kate's! Just gorgeous! Good luck & happy weekend!

Hope @ Hope in a Blog said...

Ohhh how FUN! I love Kate's natural highlights or the first option with the ombre...ya can't go wrong! Xx.

Anonymous said...

I love Kate Beckinsdale and I think it would look good on you. I am thinking about letting my hair grow just so I can do all kinds of stuff to it. :)

Courtney Sweet said...

ooooh, hm I like 1 and 3, and obviously Kate M is flawless!

Morg Harp Nich said...

Is that your hair in the selfie? if so, i totally love it! i love the mila kunis look, and you could totally sport that. judging by the picture you hair seems to wave so beautifully and naturally!

newest blog lovin follower! :)

- morg harp nich
friday instagram link up at if you want to join! :)

Monica L said...

I like the brown with caramel!

Bitzy said...

Ombre, hombre!

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Ombre for sure!!! I started darkening my blonde to be more age appropriate.....kinda sad about it ;-)

Pink and Fabulous said...

I am still loving ombre in a big way! Definitely worth a shot!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Forget the hair can I have Kate's body. Haha! Love Dos and Tres where hair is concerned.

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Number one has my vote!

Thanks for linking up with us :)

Ashley said...

I'm getting my hair done tuesday!! We are twins. And I like number one!! I need pics when it's done! Are you on IG? I'm waayyy better on keeping up with peeps there. :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Okay well I definitely love all of them so this is a toughie! I'm actually getting my hair done in a couple of weeks and am torn over this same decision! I think I'm leaning towards the ombre.. sort of like #1. Can't wait to see what you do! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! I love them all! I wish I could do curls like that. Teach me? :)

Christina said...

Ahhh I love your curls! I need to do mine like that. First I need a curling iron...haha