March 5, 2014

Wedding Weds: Rehearsal Video

Hello ladies!

I'm back for another Wedding Wednesday.

Over here in pinkland, we're going back in time,
to the day BEFORE the wedding.

I never blogged about it, because I haven't compiled
allllllllllll the pictures that were taken.

I'm super lucky though, because I have one talented
baby sissy aka BABYSPICE
and she created a super cute video of 9.6.13!

There will be another post with pictures, detailing all the fun
that went into our rehearsal dinner [which we catered ourselves]
and pictures of the mani/pedi time with the ladies.

But, for now, enjoy this quick lil sneak into the day before.
[I just have to say that my friends and family are hilarious.
I'm so lucky to have them all]

Rehearsal Day *VIDEO*

***Can we take a moment to check out my hand when I'm 'talking' to Le Husband. Serious much?!?!?***

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The journey to the cross starts today. 


Jenn said...

What a cute video! Love that your sister documented it :)

Kristyn said...

I can't watch this at work. Boo! I will check it out when I get home though.

Thanks for linking up!

Megan said...

What fun memories! I've loved keeping up with all your wedding updates!

Jordon said...

How cute is this idea?? love it!!!

Thanks for linking up!

Katie Elizabeth said...

This is so sweet! I want to do this for myself :)

Mary said...

Awww how sweet of your sister! That's so special to have! Also, your bow bouquet looked awesome!

Janna Renee said...

Haha that video is so stinkin' cute! I love that your sisters made it for you...such a great memory.