March 20, 2014

Adventure's OUT THERE!

What a great quote from a fabulous movie.

Seriously, UP is one of the greatest movies ever made. 

Honestly, if you don't agree, we really can't be friends.

Okay, maybe we can be, but you have to understand,
I quote this movie probably ONCE a day. 

Yes, once a day.

So deal with it.

Up is an incredible movie about embracing change in life
and going wherever it takes you.

To a new state, home, realm of happiness or
to South America in a house.

Life is meant to be lived, robustly and joyfully. 

Where we welcome new challenges, changes, obstacles with 

Even though getting outside our comfort zone might be scary,
think of how vanilla life would be without scary and new. 

Love, learn and live happy.

That is my wish for you today!

Embrace the adventure!


Alisha said...

Amen, sister! It is often times hard to step outside of your comfort zone, but, when you do, it is usually the best outcome possible!

Jenn said...

Love this post! And I LOVE Up. It's absolutely one of my most favorite movies! (So we can still be friends, right? haha)

Nikki said...

Ok confession time I have not seen this movie but I want to.

Carolyn said...

OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. Like love with a big pink, sparkly puffy heart around it!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Love this! I think I need to watch UP again :)