March 27, 2014


Because every random post needs a puppy picture.
Contrary to this week's posting, life is happenin' over here. 

It's a bit random and it's a bit whatevs, but it's happening'.

1. Not prepping for meals is happening for sure. We've been so incredibly out of it since this weekend and my calorie intake has definitely been suffering. Two nights ago we had cereal and ice cream for dinner because there was nothing in the fridge. Yup! #bikinibodyainthappenin

2. After a ridiculous amount of hassle, I finally received my beautiful Kate Spade purse. Wait, before you make a comment about me 'never buying another purse' because of my Louis, here me out. This isn't just a purse, it's a cross-body purse and it's taking the place of one I lost. Babyspice gave me a beautiful, pink Coach purse for my bday last year, but unfortunately I lost it when we were in Florida in February. I'm so mad I left it in the rental car, because it was a gift and because it was so functional. Now, finally I have a cross-body for times I don't want to lug Louis around. 

3. Kickball has been on my mind all week. I've been watching videos, sending emails and picking Le Husband's brain about what he thinks about my ideas for the women's league team. This past weekend was an incredible kickball weekend and now it's in my blood, so to speak. I can't wait for practice on Sunday #kickballnerdalert

4. It's been freezing and snowing this week and I'm so confused. Where is the warmth? Where is the sun? Why am I STILL wearing my super puff warm jacket? Will we break 60 degrees for my birthday next month!?!? I sure hope so, y'all. 

5. All of the activity over the weekend has taken a toll on Le Husband, and he's been a bit sick this week. It's nothing huge, but poor guy just isn't himself. We were catching up on one of our shows last night and poor lil muffin boy fell asleep on the couch. And stayed there all night because he was passed out cold. Hopefully the homemade chicken soup he made will help him feel better soon. 

Sooooo, yeah that's it for me right now. How is everyone else doing this week?


Jenn said...

Im with you on the cold--it needs to GO AWAY! Give me AT LEASt some 60's...PLEASE!
Your purse is SUPER cute and a great color for Spring and summer especially. You know, if we ever get the weather for it haha. Hope the hubs is feeling better--long and busy weekends can ale it out of you for sure!

Illegally Blonde said...

I have that Kate Spade in purple! its the best bag ever! I am trying to send warmth your way. Hope le hubs gets to feeling better, the cold does not help! And I wish I had time for kickball. I feel like it would be fun. Boo that you do not live here or I there.

Alisha said...

So in love with your KS purse!!

Amen on the cold weather. I am just so over it! At least let us be able to go outside without a hat, huge coat, and mittens. I would be more than happy with 50-60 degree days!

Rebecca Virginia said...

what a cute pup! I just started my blog and would love if you could check it out =] Any advice from an awesome blogger like you would be very appreciated!

Rebecca Virginia said...

what a cute pup! I just started my blog and would love if you could check it out =] Any advice from an awesome blogger like you would be very appreciated!

Carolyn said...

OMG. I totally thought you were saying you bought a puppy. HAHAHAHAHA! Cute purse! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Love that Kate Spade bag! The pink is perfect for spring.. if it ever gets here. We've had a cold, snowy March, too and I am so over it!

Jessica said...

It's Kate Spade. It's pink. It's PERFECT for you!:) Love it. Hoping the weather warms up soon so you can rock it with some cute spring clothes!

And hoping the hubby feels better soon!

The Rachael Way said...

Girl, I'm OBSESSED with that Purse! said...

I take it you contacted the rental company who said they had no purse??

It is still in the minus here but las vegas is in 2 weeks so i can't wait. Still waiting on that post from you ha ha

Janna Renee said...

Lol I knew the statement about never buying another was not true! You live in an area where you have to have name brand ish. Plus I knew you were no match against a pink purse!