March 17, 2014

A Body In Motion

Stays in motion....and man was it a motion weekend.

Definitely one of those weekends where you need 
another weekend to catch up for sure. 

Luckily, Mother Nature is pmsing and we went from 
65 degrees on Saturday to snow storm Sunday night. 

The roads are ridiculous, so I'm working from home today. 

Anyway, back to the weekend...

This weekend I....

...Had my standing Friday night date at the gym with Le Husband. I'm rocking out 95 pounds on the bench, consistently and y'all I'm feeling strong. WOOHOO for moving weight. 

...Went to the Caps game Friday after the gym and woohoo they actually won. It's been rough this season, hopefully they can kick some booty on the road and make it to the playoffs. 

....Came home, passed out and slept in until 10am the next morning. SWEET GLORIOUS SLEEP!

...Helped my Husband out and played flag football with his team. It was gorgeous on Saturday and even though we lost both games [woof] it was fun playing. I had a few awesome blocks and almost had an amazing touchdown. 

...Prepped food for the week on Saturday, because Sunday was a mess of a ton of things. Definitely a good move with everyone prepping for the storm. 

...Realized how awesome my husband is to me. Due to a miscommunication, my dinner plans got a bit, ruined, so I was left craving sushi [not prego craving thank you]. I hemmed and hawed about what I wanted to do, but since it was so late and I was tired, I didn't want to go to a restaurant. Well, that gosh darn sweet husband of mine drove me to the Tetter, so I could purchase some delicious sushi to go. At ten pm at night mind you. Yes, ladies, I do have a true winner :)!

...Passed out after sushi.

...Woke up for early service and enjoyed a good one. Lenten services can go either way for me, but this one struck the perfect cord or repentance and looking to God and Jesus after the cross. 

...Streaked home to change for kickball practice on the National Mall. During the St. Patrick's day parade. In the cold. Yeah, it wasn't super fun at first, but it ended up being really good practice for our coed team. 

...Had my FIRST women's only kickball practice. I now play on a coed team and women's team and man a four hour practice on Sunday was tiring, but fun.

...Got hooked on women's kickball. I love having more to do and love the new position I'm playing. Looking forward to a fun season. 

...Skipped the gym after kickball because my legs were dunzo. I enjoyed a nap while Le Husband worked out. #listeningtoyourbodyisimportant

...Enjoyed a scrumptious homemade meal by Le Husband. Slow cooked pork tenderloin, au jouis, fresh bread, green beans and asparagus. Delicious, double delicious actually. 

...Drove through the beginning of the snow storm for an 11pm soccer game. YES, 11pm while it was snowing. 395 wasn't even plowed and I was pissed we still had to play.

...Played three girls and guy vs four guys and two girls for the first seven minutes of the game. The other team only scored once....LADIES ROCK!

...Had a goal and our team one! At least it was worth the scary drive. 

...Came home, passed out and well, now am working from home.

How was your weekend?

Are you wearing your green today? My nails are green,
so no pinching please :)!

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Nikki said...

WOAH! Sounds like a crazy busy but fun weekend!

Brianne said...

I play on a co-ed kickball team too! I love it.

Monica L said...

That does sound like a weekend you need a weekend to recoup from!

Kelli Gilbert said...

such a busy weekend! haha! your blog is so cute!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow what a fun but busy weekend but most importantly fun!! isn't that what weekends are suppose to be about??

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun and super busy weekend for you, lady!
Glad you got to enjoy the good weather while it lasted. Hope you're huddled up and warm inside on this snowy day!!

Carolyn said...


Jessica said...

Sleeping in until 10am on a Saturday sounds like a glorious dream! That will most likely never happen again until Caleb is in high school and sleeping in that late himself, lol!

Sounds like a great weekend with a wonderful hubby:) Getting sushi for his wife late at night = one good man.:)

Anonymous said...

Visiting from the linkup -- crazy busy! But Teeter sushi is always delicious. He knows how to please :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Yay for busy weekends, and for Sushi. (=

The Rachael Way said...

Your hubby sounds like a gem! AND YOU CAN LIFT 90LBS! What a boss!! xo