February 6, 2014

What DO you say....

.....when you've got nothing to say?
 I'm sure you've noticed this week hasn't been the normal five posts. I've missed a day here and there of course, but usually I'm set with a post at least a day or two ahead of schedule. Honestly, the thought of a missed day a few months ago stressed me out.

But, that's not the case right now.

For whatever reason, I'm feeling a lack of blogging mojo.

My inspiration well has dried up. I'm not THINKING like a blogger.

I threw Monday's post together in fifteen minutes, just because I felt I HAD to get something up for the start of the week. Then Monday arrived and I spent about fifteen minuts just staring at my posts section, looking for a post for Tuesday. I literally have about thirty draft posts sitting around, waiting to be finished/started but I'm just not feeling them.

Some of t hem have been in drafts since 2011 and some were created in a whirlwind of inspiration a few weeks ago. But now, they all seem stale, boring and honestly, they seem like WORK!

Yes, work and not fun. And I have enough work in my life.

I was home sick yesterday and normally I'd use the down time to finish up posts for the week and peruse blog land. But, yesterday, I didn't open my computer until after dinner. And that was probably for fifteen minutes at the most.

It's kind of strange how eeeh I've felt about this lil space this week. The feeling has been lingering for awhile, but this week it kind of really reared it's apathetic head. While I can't find a SINGLE reason for the apathy, I do have some ideas about why I'm just not all HERE.

1] Life is good. Truly, wonderfully, happily GREAT. Marriage is the best gift God's ever given me [besides my family] and I'm basking in the newlywed bubble of joy. Nauseating right? I know those who are my friends are happy for me as I experience the wonder of marriage, but I'm sure even they can get tired of reading about how wonderful everything is right now. My life isn't perfect, and we've had our rows and annoyances with each other since the wedding, but they are very few and far between. When everything is "coming up roses" how does one keep from sounding like a broken record?

2] The wedding is over and life is enjoyably simple and easy. There aren't many lists, there aren't many To Do's, and there isn't an exciting deadline on the horizon. After the engagement, I stated that Pinkland wasn't going to become all wedding and then promptly decided to take that back. I know some ladies choose not to blog about all aspects of their wedding and strive to keep their blog  as wedding free as possible. Good for them. But, I realized I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to capture everything wedding related I could last year, so I would have a wonderful place to look back on and remember the journey. I'm so glad that I wrote out all my feelings, thoughts, happiness and stress because NOW I can look back fondly on everything. However, now the hullabaloo has died down and there isn't MUCH to report about.

3] Coinciding with #2, I'm not completely sure where this blog is going. It's mostly been an online journal, with some creative posts as well, but there's never really been a niche. I'll dabble in recipes, but they take work. I'm all about fitness, but I'm not a trainer. I enjoy fashion, but am not a fashion blogger in anyway. I'm small enough of a blogger that I don't need a niche, but I am thinking of trying to find more 'structure'.

4] I just want to 'enjoy' life. The first year of marriage is a special one I'm told and so far it's been incredible. Filled with small, special moments that I hold dear in my heart. And I want to keep living in the special moments instead of wondering if I should sneak a picture. Or if I should ask C to take a picture of something 'mundane' to post here just to have something to post. The drive to report on my life has dwindled and I'm not sure if it's going to come back anytime soon.

I'm not planning to completely quit blogging by any means. It's my creative outlet and one I truly do enjoy, even if it's just for me. But, I do think posts will be a bit more scattered around here, at least for the month of February. Some time away might do some good for the creative juices in my brain.

So, yeah, that's it I guess. A heck of a brain dump of a post huh?!!?

Hope your week is going well!! < 3


Kelly B. said...

I've definitely been feeling the same way! It's just felt like work, lately, and I haven't had much motivation to post or do anything. That's okay though, I think!

Jamie said...

Take time, take space but don't you dare stop sharing!

Illegally Blonde said...

Good for you. My motto is when something becomes work that you aren't paid for, its not fun and you are not obligated, then why do it? I get that way sometimes too, and often a break is good for the soul and good for the creative juices. Love you!

Nikki said...

You my friend have to do whats best for you. I know myself back in October/November I kinda backed off and ya know what it was exactly what I needed! Take the time do do what it is you need to do and pop in when you want not because you feel like you have to. I think as bloggers, big or small, we thing we HAVE to post daily and ya know what that is just not the truth! No matter how often you post your friends will be here for you!

Jenn said...

Ive had times where I've felt the same way, too. And if you're feeling it more regularly, then take some time away. Come back when you want or feel like it. It's totally ok. Just do you and enjoy what you've got going on!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Hope you get your mojo back. There was a point where I stopped posting on Wednesdays because I just needed a day to myself. It shouldn't feel like work. Take the needed time and hope it brings back the creative flow.

Brittany said...

I think it's normal, I go through phases where I can't get enough of blogging and then I just am not feeling it and take some time off from writing about my mundane life. I think having a slow posting month twice a year works good for me. I don't worry about it and am just enjoying life

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Enjoy your "bubble", Pinky, you're not boring at all, it actually brings up memories of this "special first year" reading about all of your "married firsts". Don't worry about the blog, just enjoy the right now :-)

{Jessica} said...

I think we all go through times where it's hard to know what to share. Sometimes a little break is all you need! Don't feel pressured, we will all be here whenever you decide to write, and will look forward to whatever you have to share:)

Carolyn said...

I totally get it! :) I go through phases too! We'll be here when you get motivated again!

Lauren said...

Yip, I've totally felt this way. I don't think there's anything wrong with a break to enjoy life!

Dani said...

I know this feeling. I took a break this summer, and now am doing my best to get on when I can, but I think taking a break is helpful.

Katie said...

I'm with ya on this! I have felt a bit ehh towards blogging lately also. I still want to blog but life is busy right now. The thought of blogging everyday is just not possible right now.

Enjoy that husband of yours!!

Janna Renee said...

I'm right there with ya girl! I love blogging and connecting with other bloggers, but we have to live in the moment! I have so much stress with this move, that I'm NOT about to stress about blogging too. Taking it one day at a time ;)