May 6, 2014

Can I Get Your Number, Baby?

Morning friends. 

How are you? Did you have a good weekend?

I sure did. 

But, sometimes the bustle of a weekend recap is just too much,
so I chose not to post yesterday. 

Here's to making a Tuesday a great day.

I saw this on both Erin and Courtney's blog a few weeks ago and thought it was a super fun post. Normally, I'm a numbers hater [ughmathbarf], but after reading their posts I realized how much you could learn from someone and their 'numbers'. 

5: The number of people in my family growing up.

10: The number of people in my family now that I'm married :)!

8: The number of years I've been at my current job.

23841: The number of miles on my car.

22: The age I was when I got my first pedicure.

8: The number of months I've been married as of tomorrow.

56: Days until something SUPERTERRIFIC!

26: The number of years I've been playing soccer.

12: The number of hours in a day I think about food.

2: The number of cupcakes I want to eat right now.

90: The amount of minutes I spend in the gym 4x a week.

115: The number I'm hoping the scale will read soon.

22: The number of states I've visited in the USA.

4: The number of continents I've visited.

4575755 bazillion: The number of times I'll replay a song I love.

7: The number of perfume bottles on my dresser.


Bitzy said...

1: The number of AWESOME P!nky in the world!

Illegally Blonde said...

Infinity +1, the amount I love my BOFF. And 115, i would love to see that number too, but man don;t think it will happen, so i will settle for 120!

Jenn said...

I've seen this post floating around the blog world and love the idea!
I'm pretty sure I spend about the same amount of time thinking about food every day haha

Alisha said...

Loved this idea. So much fun! I might have do this too, great post today!! 115 would be an awesome number to see on the scale! :)

Kristen said...

love this idea - maybe one day i'll do it.
i laughed out loud for the songs replaying - im right there with ya! and 115 would be fabulous! you can do it :) 90 minutes at the gym-man i feel inadequate ;) jk.

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

I haven't seen this but I must admit it would be fun to gather up some statistics on my life haha love it! (I'm curious to the 56 one!!) xoxo

brooke lyn said...

i would say my number of hours i think about food is closer 24. half the time i dream about it even

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Loving this number game! And I'm with you on the cupcakes.. 2 sounds just about perfect right now :)

Carolyn said...

I wish I had the willpower to only want to eat two cupcakes. :)

Courtney B said...

First pedicure at 22?? That should be a crime. And are you trying to tell me you don't dream about food? Hmmm... maybe I'm the only one who does that ;)

Jessica said...

I find that taking a day off from blogging here and there really helps keep me wanting to write. If I try to write every single day, sometimes I just feel like I'm blogging just to blog, not to enjoy it! So take your time off when you need to, sweet girl!

And 115...In high school, lol! But then again, I am 5'7 so I think I've got a few inches on you! Hope you hit your goal number soon:)

JumpingJE said...

Your flex - it's gorgeous!

Lisa Loves John said...

Love the idea of this numbers post!! I may have to do one soon!