May 21, 2014

Wife Notes...I Confess..Marriage Style

Happy hump day ladies! Today I'm confessing with Kathy…marriage style.

I confess… sharing a bed can get old, especially when someone [notme] is a mover and a shaker.
Gotta love getting a KING when we get a hotel room. 
I confess… being married has severely cut back on my girl, primping time.

 Because, I don't want to have Le Husband react to me this way…EVER!
Thank goodness for ON THE ROAD NIGHTS! Hello, a girl needs her maintenance time.

I confess… I've perfected the behind the back eye roll, to keep the peace. What he can't see, can't hurt him and makes me feel a HECK of a lot better.

I confess…I've watched more TV I don't understand [baseball] in the past 8 months, than I ever thought was possible.

I confess… sometimes I'm a brat and Le Husband just takes it. BLESSTHATMAN

I confess…I sometimes close my eyes when walking by Le Husband's office.
Men and order….it just doesn't compute ;)
I confess… marriage has cut back on my apartment dancing.

For fear of being CAUGHT by Le Husband. ::embarrassed party of ONE::

I confess… marriage TRULY is the best thing in the world.
Feel free to gag, it doesn't bother me ;)!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I confess… sometimes I just want to work out on my own! 99.9% of the time I LOVE the fact Le Husband and I have a gym routine and work out. It's so much fun working out with my best friend and having him push me to work harder. Most couples spend gym time away from each other, but we get to use it as a date night, which I love.

However, sometimes I get bored and want to switch things up and Le Husband is a creature of habit. I need to throw in some body pump, zumba, HIIT and cardio only days and let Le Husband do his own thing. Even though we won't be together, we'll still be getting our work out on and feeling good.

I also confess, that last week my running didn't really happen as much as I hoped. I got in one run, but that's it. Life and traveling kind of got in the way. I planned to go for a really long run yesterday, but yeah, that didn't happen. About a mile in my calves started killing me and I just felt TIGHT. I tried to push through it, but realized, no dice so I started walking. And almost just sat down on the side walk and pouted.

I mean, ONE…MEASLY MILE! Come on, I'm better than that, right? Ugh, I was so frustrated! But then I realized how much I didn't take care of my body this weekend and how that could still be in play. Hello, oreo pancakes, hash dump breakfasts, bottles of wine, ice cream and cookies and mac&cheese bites aren't really ::awesome run:: inducing foods. So, I picked myself up, went to the out door gym and rocked out a 15 minute work out, then jogged home.

It wasn't the plan I had in mind, but at LEAST I got some exercise in right?!? Here's hoping this week is more on track than last week. And that this is the LAST time I write that sentences.

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JumpingJE said...

It will be included in my VOWS to never let marriage get in the way of apartment dancing. In fact it will be mandatory. <3

Illegally Blonde said...

Never stop apartment dancing!! Love your confessions, marriage is hard and sometimes you just need to eye roll where he can't see it, am I right?

Kristen said...

ahhh i love all of these and they are so true. i still dance around the house like a looney, but a girl needs her alone time ;)

Lisa said...

HAHAH it soo true when married or living with someone all those dancing in the living room moment's end!! lol :)


BLovedBoston said...

These are all so true - when my husband travels for work I bust out the songs and dance like woah!! Marriage = best thing ever!!

Jackie Thompson said...

Sometimes I just dream about how nice it would be to sleep in my own bed by myself.


Krystal R. said...

These are so cool. Never been married but lived with the ex. And we did way too many taboo stuff in front of each other. haha and loved it!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

since we got a king, I WILL NEVER SLEEP IN ANYTHING ELSE. whenever we go on vacation and have to sleep in a queen, we're all MOVE OVER!! STOP CROWDING ME!!! king beds are the best

thanks for linking up!

Vodka and Soda

Alisha said...

Ugh... the sleeping in the same bed thing... TOTALLY agree. It doesn't matter the size of the bed, my husband is a total cuddle 24/7 type of guy, especially when he sleeps. I am the complete opposite. I like five minutes of cuddle time then I want to be left alone.

Also, I miss dancing around the house too. Now, I use Alexander as an excuse to have a random dance party in my kitchen. It's not embarrassing if you have a partner in crime, right?

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

I refuse to workout with my boyfriend and OMG sharing a bed with a snorer AGH!

Jamie said...

I love that you guys work out together.

Em said...

LOVE all of these confessions, especially as a newlywed! Although he chooses not to workout with me since we're on different fitness levels (he's silly) and I definitely sprawl out and take up more than half the bed leaving him a tiny bit of room on the edge of the bed hahaha. Poor guy deals with so many shenanigans of mine and still loves me.

Kenzie Smith said...

I've scared my other half plenty of times with face masks and dancing around the house, he just knows he is stuck with me ;D Love the confessions!

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Never give up on the apartment dancing! Always a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Ha I like that you confess the good with the bad :) I'm not married but I am well aware it's not sunshine and rainbows after you say I do :)

brooke lyn said...

i like to give the eye rolls straight to the bf's face!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I love when I take naps and have the whole bed to myself... and don't have to deal with snoring!

Nikki said...

I LOVE that we have a King size bed. I like my room!