May 14, 2014

I Confess.....I Work OUT!

Today I'm linking up with Kathy for a good ol confession session.

I confess... I've said good morning and good night to all of our herb plants since we've put them in our apartment. Le Husband and I are trying to see if we can keep them alive long enough to use them. Talking to plants has been proven to help them grow, so I figure a good morning and good night works well. Fingers crossed for us, please.

I confess... I ate four servings of goldfish yesterday. F O U R! I know, bad girl, but dude, they are soooooo gooooood!
26 Signs Your Addiction To Goldfish Crackers Has Gotten Out Of Control

I confess... As I've started to re-watch Downton Abbey, I've re-fallen in love with Maggie Smith. She is an amazing actress in any role, but is superb as the Dowager Countess. I feel the writers haven't been fair to her the past two seasons, but season one she was delightfully witty.
I confess... my leg looks like I fell down the stairs. Seriously, I have f i v e different bruises on my right leg, but they are all from one soccer game. I must have blocked five shots [andstillhaveaballimprinttoproveit], which makes it hard wearing skirts during the beautiful weather.

I confess... Weather complainers drive me batty. It's too hot, it's too cold, it's too humid, it's too rainy, blah blah blah. Pick season to dislike and stick with it. Or got live in California. We've had a horrible winter here, but apparently many people long for the days of cold weather because it's "already too hot". Zip it, or move, thank you very much!
I confess… even though it's only May, I feel like my summer is almost over. Le Husband and I pooled our planners together and realized starting this weekend, WE ARE BOOKED EVERY WEEKEND UNTIL JULY 19th!!!! JULY 19th people. That's halfway through the summer!!!!! I have no idea how we became this busy….MIND = BLOWN!

I confess... I had the supreme urge to yell these insults at someone yesterday. Yup, I'm a pottymouth! hashtagSIKE!

I confess... I tried this ab exercise I found on pinterest and couldn't manage HALF of it. These girls are wicked strong, they aren't even breaking a sweat. Le Husband chuckled at my, um, antics in the living room when I attempted the video, Monday night. [I may have said 'I'm dyyyyyyyyyying' 100 times]. Give it a whirl, let me know what you think....


 Today, I'm also linking up with my BOFF for Workout Wednesday's.

I've kept the same workout routine for the past five months. 

It's all about lifting more weight, to get stronger. 

And, I'm reaping the benefits, with strength.

When Le Husband I first started working out this year,
we both super sluggish and weak. 

Since January, we've both seen a dramatic improvement in our lifting. 

::Here are some of my stats::
Max chest in January [8 reps]: 65 lbs
Max chest in May [8 reps]: 100 lbs 
35 lbs stronger

Max squat in January [8 reps]: 75 lbs
Max squat in May [8 reps]: 140 lbs [plateclubholla]
65 lbs stronger

I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty impressed with myself. 
And I feel STRONG! 
Which I LOVE!

But, I've realized that I need to re-introduce cardio only days
and also incorporate some circuit training too. 

I'm stronger now, but you really can't see it. 

So this week and next week I'm going to start
trying to run twice a week. 
It's going to be tricky since I now play on three kickball teams
and two soccer teams, but no excuses right?!

Hopefully next week I'll be back with a positive report. 

Do you have any fitness goals this week?


Jackie @ Our Nashville Life said...

Maggie Smith on Downton is the best.


Illegally Blonde said...

Love getting stronger! I have never watched Downton Abbey and people think i am crazy... perhaps a netflix binge is in order for me soon. I am so booked too, but near as bad as you and C. Lordy woman! Keep up the talking to your herbs and those run sessions will pay off! thanks for linking up!

JumpingJE said...

That ab workout, there is literally no way I could even make it through the first minute keeping up with them. Wow.

I am not jealous of your busy weekends AT ALL. I'm pretty sure this one coming up I have zero plans (happy dance!)

BLovedBoston said...

I'm not even going to say anything about the 4 servings of goldfish because I totally over eat those - just so good!! As for being over booked - well that's because you guys are popular DUH!!! Weather complainers are rampant here in Boston...never happy!!

Alisha said...

My goodness, that is way stronger than in January! Way to go girl! We are super booked this spring/summer too!! I am already feeling a little overwhelmed! But, it will be fun, and I am excited to see friends and family!

Kristen said...

i freaking LOVE Maggie Smith - she is absolutely brilliant, isnt she! in everything, for reals. but they really need to give her more awesome-ness in Downton, I agree she was so freaking cool in the first season. Well, I just loved the first season in general. Ok, I just loved everything with Matthew and Mary.
anywho. i will need to try that ab video tonight, but if you couldn't do half, i doubt i will be able to do 10 seconds haha.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Jealous of all your plants! I have been growing basil but now i want to add a lot more after seeing what you have!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i tried the plant thing and i keep killing them by accident. i don't know what to say except that they all hate me so i'm not allowed to touch any plant in the house :(

thanks for linking up!
Vodka and Soda

Krystal R. said...

I must be a glutten for punishment but Im going to try that workout even though it looks like pure hell!

brooke lyn said...

man i actually listened to a 45 min interview yesterday with one of the national gymnast coaches who has a website for gymnastics training. those people are SO STRONG! that ab routine looks legit too

Kelli Gilbert said...

you are so funny! i love this post!

~Dawn~ said...

Have you tried those new puff godfish??!! I'm such a toddler when it comes to snack food and these have my 100% approval! SO GOOD!

Teh Megan said...

Maggie Smith makes Downton addictive for me. I watch just to see her snark people.

And weather complainers! OMG YES! When people bitch about the rain, I like to counter with, "Well, we could be having a draught, which is much worse." I'm a snow lover so when everyone in MD was bitchin' about all 6" of snow we got I'm doing happy dances cleaning off my car to go to work (when we had to go). You don't get free days off of work for it being too hot people. Duh!

Miche said...

Oh man, goldfish, I literally had to stop buying them because I would eat the entire bag!
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Cece said...

Gymnasts are strongly awesome. The conditioning is off the chain. I'm not saying that because I used to be one of 'em. : )

Brittany said...

I love that you talk to your plants! I have little flowers growing that I call my babies and take pictures and send them to my friends haha

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

holy shit that workout....challenge accepted

The Rachael Way said...

So excited about your week in workouts post!!

Jamie said...

Goldfish are seriously one of the best foods. Cheese it's too. Mmmmmm.

Brianne said...

I feel the same way about my summer!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh man, I could eat an entire bag of Goldfish in one sitting! They have so many good flavors out now, too! S'mores, Birthday Cake... GIMME ALL THE GOLDFISH!

Janna Renee said...

Haha I'm trying to work out less and you are trying to work out more! You are a sexy beast. Just sayin'.