September 30, 2014

Monthly Motivation #2

Morning ladies, how are you doing? I hope the week is treating you well. Today I'm recapping my September goals for the second Monthly Motivation linkup. Join Lynn, Carolyn and myself and use this linkup to hold yourself accountable for all those fitness and healthy eating goals. Let's get this check in started.


+Three sets of eight pull-ups or two sets of fingertip pull-ups.
I conquered both, WOOHOO!  I struggled the first two weeks in September, but the last three attempts at pull-ups I've either done fingertip or regular. It's still going to be awhile before I can do the six sets all the way through, but slowly, I'll get there. 

+Comfortably squat 135 pounds.
WINNER WINNER, I'm squatting 145 now, whoop whoop. Going from 35s on each side, to 45s is still a big jump and I think I'll always have a deep respect for plates, but I'm no longer 'scared'. It's kind of cool keeping one plate on while lifting with Le Husband. Makes me feel a like a lil bad ass.

+Complete two a days at least twice a week.
I rocked out two a days, four times a week, every week but one, WOOHOO! I've started craving my lunchtime workout and it's been a great switch up from just regular lifting. I started just doing cardio three days a week and yoga one day, but now I'll do a yoga class twice a week, body pump once a week and then a cardio session. Yoga has really helped my sore muscles and so far I've been feeling great.

October GOALS
+Four sets of pullups, unassisted.
+Dead lift 135
+Yoga three times a week.


+Consistently track my macros [I'm so bad at this].
UGH! I did so well for two weeks and then it all went down hill. :(! Planning is tough and it's the first thing to go when things get stressful. I was starting to see some success on the scale, but then things got derailed. UGH! UGH! UGH! Anyone have any tips?

+Stay on track on the weekends.
We did better this month than we have done in the past, but still I wasn't clean and good on the weekends. There were some Menchie's runs and bad snacking. I know living life happy is important, but consuming Oreos or Goldfish just because isn't worth not getting to my goal. Time to buckle down.

+Try two new healthy recipes.
Le Husband and I tried two new recipes, I loved one [which I still need to share] and he created a very tasty and healthy pico de gallo for salads and to top our tacos. I know pico isn't NEW in concept, but it wasn't something we have used int eh past, so I'm counting it :). 

October GOALS 
+Consistently track macros
+Stay on track on weekends
+NO CHEATING at lunchtime at work.
Fingers crossed I can stay on track this month. What are your goals for October?  Tells us below in the linkup!


BLovedBoston said...

Congrats on hitting all your September goals! I'm trying to get at least one two-a-day at the gym a week, but it's proving to be a lot harder than expected lol!! I'm also trying to keep what I eat in check - and try to take it down a notch on the sugar!! You're going to do so great in October!!

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i dont track my food; i did for about 3wks to see where i was at and if i was eating what i should (in terms of caloric consumption) and when i discovered that i was, i stopped tracking. also, tracking is boring and annoying!!! to me, as long as one eats clean, no crappy foods and eats clean consistently, they're good to go :)

Vodka and Soda

Katie Elizabeth said...

Yay for accomplishing all of your goals for September! I know you've got them for October, too :) Good luck lady!

Shannon Jenkins said...

Congrats on accomplishing your goals! That will make Oct a lot easier! :)

<3 Shannon

Pamela {Sequins and Sea Breezes} said...

That's awesome you hit all your September goals... I need to set some October goals since I'm going on a cruise the first weekend in November!

<3, Pamela

Kristen said...

congrats on being so awesome for your fitness goals in september, i struggle with eating clean on the weekends as well, and cheating at lunchtime at work! oops! lol. good luck for october!

Carolyn said...

DUDE! You're awesome!! :) We already knew that, but I thought I should reinforce it. :) :) :)

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Damn girl that is impressive. I really need to start tracking my fitness goals!

Illegally Blonde said...

You shoulda seen me try a pull up saturday with J. It was pitiful!

Cece said...

You are such a bad ass. My dream is to do a pull up again!! I look so called buff but I can't do one. I've improved my strength a lot over the last 3 months or so and I'm still working towards that goal.

Jamie said...

My goal for Oct is just to get back on track. I'm totally lost it over the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Good for you girls! Weekends are the undoing of my week a lot of times, and regular workouts are definitely a goal ha.

Nadine Lynn said...

Girl you were rocking your goals!!! Food is my biggest downfall, especially the weekends. I just want to eat all the bad things. I have got to clean it up! I need someone to walk around and remind me how much I hate getting dressed in the mornings when I grab something bad to eat haha.

Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren said...

What an excellent idea! I was just thinking about tracking my progress on the ol' blog so that way I can stop talking myself out of working out and making up excuses. But awesome on the pull-ups! I'm super jealous.

Tricia Coniglio said...

You are doing great with your training!! I have found weekends to be tough for tracking, planning and staying on track.

Erin LFF said...

You go girl!!! :) Can I ask, do you do free weight squats or use the Smith machine? I always use the machine- I'm scared to try without it yet! Can't wait to hear what healthy recipe you loved- always looking for new stuff to try! :)