September 11, 2014

The Day The World Stopped Turning

Today marks the 13th anniversary of September 11th 2001. Today, 11 years ago a heinous man orchestrated a heinous terrorist attack, killing thousands of innocent Americans and people from all over the world. That man is DEAD, and I honestly have no sympathy for him or his family.

September 11th always evokes many emotions for me. Sadness, utter disbelief, empathy, sympathy, hate, anger, distress, fear and TEARS upon TEARS. I cry for those lives lost. I cry for those left behind. I cry for the firefighters who died trying to save others. I cry for the firefighters who live today, without their brothers. I cry for the police. I cry for the military. I cry for the leaders and the decisions they had to make 11 years ago. I cry for America.

I also get ANGRY at Americans. I am ANGRY because so many people have forgotten. I am angry because SO MANY PEOPLE want to forget. I get SOOO SOOO SOOO MAD when I see facebook status or blog posts saying and I quote, "I'm tired of seeing programs about September 11th".

I'm sorry....but WHAT THE F*&^!

Why don't you call up the widow who's husband died in the World Trade center and say that to her face? Oh wait, because that would be wrong. Personally, I think even thinking that statement is wrong, but obviously there are people who don't agree with me. We need to remember, because we need to honor those lost. Everyone writes about how they remember where they were and what was happening, but do you remember on September 15th? November 1st? April 23rd?!? I have a friend who has an alarm that goes off every day at 9:11am and 9:11pm. I think TV stations and radio stations should do the same. Make Americans remember what they have and how quickly life can change.

What baffles me the most is our nation's disinterest in ISIS and what kind of world we are living in today. People care more about the kardashians, celebrity gossip, the newest tv craze and reality tv more than care about the news. I am scared silly for our children, as our world is getting more and more dangerous. Al Qaeda was a KNOWN terrorist group, but it took September 11th before they were taken seriously and hunted. I pray every night that our nation doesn't have to suffer another tragedy, before we, the people take notice of ISIS and demand our government take action. We can't be passive anymore, we need to become aggressive and remove those that would try to harm our nation and our people.

A few years ago, I wrote how September 11th should be a movement and not a day. I hope today, y'all take a moment and remember. Remember those lost, remember America's fighting spirit and remember you ARE ALIVE so do something amazing today in honor of those that can't. Our nation is great and we must continue to learn from our history, to create a powerful and strong future for generations to come. 

LAND OF THE FREE...                                               
                                      BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!





Kristen said...

I almost understand why people 'want to forget' but that is cowardly. We can't pretend it didn't happen, much like we can't pretend the bombings in London didn't happen, or in Bali so many years ago. I was such a kid when this happened, and on the other side of the world actually, and it was crazy. I'll never pretend to lay claim to something like this as my own, it wasn't my country and I didn't know anyone even the slightest bit involved, if that makes sense. I can't imagine how people could forget this.

Julia said...

As much as it hurts to see and remember what happened that day, I NEVER "get tired" of seeing it or want to forget. And as much as it was a devastating tragedy it was also a time of great courage, strength, and unity in America. Words can't express how much I respect and admire all of those who ran into those buildings to help, those who comforted, those who served in any capacity, and those who fought for us here and overseas. I know some probably want to forget because it scares them or it is painful (I hope not because they are callous and don't care) but sometimes we must face pain and fear head on, and embrace a painful memory in order to honor it, grow and learn from it.

Katie Elizabeth said...

I can't believe it has been 13 years already... it feels like just yesterday. I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news. Praying for everyone that was involved and for our country today!

MakeMeUpMia said...

I can't believe 13 years have passed, I remember the moment so perfectly. Praying today for peace for everyone who suffered a loss of a loved one.

Jessica said...

It's upsetting that so many people go on about their day without stopping to remember what happened 13 years ago. If we - the ones who lived through that horrible event in human history - can't pause to remember, how can we ever expect our childre (who weren't even born yet) to understand the significance of this day, and know how important it is to always stand up for freedom, no matter the cost. I will do everything in my power to ensure that Caleb, and any future children we have, grow up knowing that September 11 was a horrible day in US history. A day in which terrorism was able to take down two of our tallest buildings and thousands of our wonderful people. But I will also tell him that after September 11, the US shined brighter than ever. We came together as a country, and loved one another and supported those who lost loved ones. And that is something that I hope will always be remembered.

On another note, I am also terrified of ISIS and the future. If aggressive action is not taken - which our president is always so hesitant to do - they will continue to grow and multiply. They now have land and support like never before, so they need to be eradicated before they become uncontrollable.

~Dawn~ said...

It's crazy reminiscing about that day 13 years ago. Where everyone was, how they found out about the news, the 'to close to home' stories..ect. I'll never forget!

The Siberian American said...

It is so crazy to think that it has been 13 years. I get so angry at people saying they want to forget too, and it is scary to me that so many are not interested in ISIS. At work today, I asked people if they listened to Obama's address yesterday. None of them had. I couldn't believe it. I don't care if you dislike the president- you need to know what is going on with your country, especially with a threat like this. Like you said, if no one cares, we won't take action!

I've been reading Ari Fleischer's twitter feed today. He was Bush's press secretary, and he is "live tweeting" what was going on with the president, cabinet, and onboard Air Force One that day.

Amanda Elizabeth - Meet @ the Barre said...

Damn girl this post gave me chills. I 100% agree with you. I can't believe people would say they don't want to hear about it anymore.....are you kidding me??? It is definitely a much different world for those growing up then it was for us....

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

Honestly, I totally agree on the stand on the IS militia. But it's not the duty of the USA to act, it's everyone's duty. I want to see an army of Germans, British, Polish, Swedish, American soldiers to crush these madmen and demonstrate that there is no place on this world for people who disregard others like that.

Courtney B said...

People may want to forget... but that doesn't mean they will! And we shouldn't! Not only to honor those that passed away, but to remind ourselves that we can't EVER put our guard down... and that it's so incredibly important for our country to stand united, despite our differences of opinion, religion, race, culture, etc. *hugs to you*

p.s. Your new blog design? SO PRETTY! I love it!

Laura Marie Keenan said...

Beautiful post! Today always brings out all the tears and the feels! Never forget!

Kate said...

Beautiful post! So glad Jess (@ The Newly) sent me over! I can't believe it's been 13 years. I still remember where I was perfectly. I don't understand how people can be such cowards about it. So sad but thank you for sharing- it was perfectly worded!