June 21, 2013

Five on Friday


O*N*E My break from blog land was so nice, but I truly missed y'all. Thank you for all the sweet messages, thoughts and good vibes sent my way last week. Sometimes a step back is needed and I'm happy I'm back into the swing of things here. You ladies are seriously the best!
T*W*O: Communication is SO IMPORTANT! It is so essential in romantic relationships, friendships and with family members. Even though I majored in Communications Studies, and kicked butt at it, I still need to be reminded of the right and wrong ways to communicate, especially when there's a conflict. This week I met with my pastor, for premarital counseling, and the biggest thing I took away from the meeting was the importance of communication and making sure the point is HEARD correctly. Any married ladies out there have hints for keeping the peace the first year? ;)
T*H*R*E*E: Oh em goodness, young boys are so different than young girls. My two 13 year old cousins have been in town this week visiting, and lawd have mercy are they energetic. It's bing-boing-bazinga from one thing to another and if I had a penny for every fart, burp or bodily function grossness I would be a bazillionaire. But, the are still super cute and sweet and fun so it's been a good time.
[goobs and a half I tell you]
F*O*U*R: The Gretchen drama on the RHOC just needs to stop. She sounds and acts like a child and it's pretty annoying to watch. Yes, I could change the channel, but I really enjoy the other housewives. I think it's super funny she ALMOST didn't get an invite to Tamra's wedding and that Vicki and Heather were bridesmaids while Gretchen wasn't. KARMA
F*I*V*E: We had our "tasting" on Wednesday for the wedding and it went really well. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about the food, but the chef did an amazing job. C and I really liked him and he kind of cooked the way we do, which made us both really happy. We were also able to go over "the-day-of" logistics and I'm super excited to say I get PINK NAPKINS!!!! I've been very conscious of not making this wedding TOO PINK, but when the venue offered pink napkins C was kind enough to say yes when he saw my eyes light up. Wooohooo, thank you honey!
This weekend is going to be a super full one and I can't wait. Have a great one ladies! < 3


Anonymous said...

We missed you too!!! Aren't food tastings awesome?!

Illegally Blonde said...

Love the pink napkins! C is so good to you.

Holly said...

Pink napkins?! Love it! Glad the tasting went well.

Carolyn said...

OMG! I loved Gretchen in past seasons, but this season she's SO ANNOYING! People can have more than one friend! Seriously!