June 6, 2013

#TBT Disney Style

You ever get to thinking about 'the olden days'?

The way back whens of childhood?

I recently experienced nostalgia for my childhood days
and found myself remembering the good old times of
Disney movies.
[maybe it has to do with my job?!?!?]

 Do y'all remember the OLD Disney animated movies?

Not to talk ill of Disney now, but those movies were SO CUTE
and so good and just plan fun right?!?!

Here are a few of my faves:

Sword in the Stone 1963

This movie was one of my early favorites because of the wonderful characters. The squirrel and wizard's duel scenes are two of my favorites. Archimedes the owl is a classic Disney voice and I LOVED the relationship between Merlin and a young King Arthur.

Sleeping Beauty 1959

What young Disney loving girl DIDN'T LOVE Sleeping Beauty? The funny fairies, the handsome prince and the beautiful princess, this movie had it all. "Once Upon a Dream" was sung COUNTLESS times in my childhood, with hopes of finding our young prince [guess who found hers yay!] I remember Melfiecent & her creatures being super scary back in the day, shudder. I always loved the fact Aurora's dress ended as PINK at the end, just perfect don't you think?

Snow White 1937

Oh Snow White, you were Disney's first Princess and animated feature film and therefore will always be my FAVORITE! Mama B told me you were my FIRST movie experience so maybe that has something to do with it. The Seven Dwarfs were so cute and I LOVED their singing skills :)! I think the Queen was the FIRST MEAN GIRL and she truly takes the cake. I always loved when Prince Charming saved the day with a kiss....SWOOOON!

The Aristocats 1970

Everybody wants to be a CAT...Normally, I hate CATS! UGH EWW GROSS. But I'll make an exception for Duchess, Thomas O'Malley, Marie, Toulouse {love} and Berlious. This story is so sweet and fun and I JUST LOVE the music.....Do-Me-So So-Do-So-Me-So...a true Disney classic if there ever was one in my mind.

101 Dalmatians 1961
Source: google.com via Maggie on Pinterest

I can't pimp out cats without pimpin' the dogs too, am I right?!?!? Pongo and Perdi and their beautiful spotted 'puddle' of puppies were just precious. I loved Daryl and Anita's story and who could forget the evil Cruella De Ville? The dog barking chain has to be one of my favorite scenes in the movie, followed closely by all the puppies in a barn with the cows. I wish I had a home for 101 puppies :)

So friends, and classics that I missed?


Anonymous said...

Love this! Gotta give a shout out to Cinderella!

Jenn said...

OMG I forgot about the Aristocats. I LOVED that movie!

Janna Renee said...

I love all the classics! The Little Mermaid and Cinderella were always my fave Disney Movies, but Bed Knobs and Broomsticks is a classic too ;)

Holly said...

101 Dalmatians!!! I still watch it often and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Erin said...

Ummm, I love this post, and you and Disney entirely too much!!! :) 101 Dalmatians is my all-time fave Disney movie! We own it, and I watch it regularly, I kid you not lol!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I LOVE classic Disney movies! I've been buying them when they go on sale for like the past 10 years so I have them for my kids! :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I absolutely love watching old Disney movies!! Last year one of my friends and I had a pizza and old Disney movie night - it was a blast! Gotta give a shout out to Beauty and the Beast - my all time favorite :)

Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly said...

I love to watch all the Disney movies with the girls now. There's nothing better than a rainy (or snowy) Sunday morning, watching Cinderella with a cup of coffee for me and hot chocolate for the girls...